How The Grassroots Knew Before You: Overblown COVID-19 Hysteria Edition

I pleaded many times on these pages and in emails with conservative media heavy hitters to at least entertain my belief that the Wuhan Virus hysteria was overblown, but never really explained how I knew. And since a lot of others in the grassroots felt the same as I did, and handfuls of them have over the years thanked me for helping get our not-always-easy-to-articulate thoughts and feelings on paper, I figured I’d take a stab at it here…

The real giveaway for me was the irrationality and narrow-mindedness of the hysteria, especially given how little we actually knew about the virus. It was just extremely suspect from the onset, made more so by the media’s well-documented determination to hurt President Trump.

Every few years a virus pops up that earns a name and makes national news. And the simple truth is that for most of us it becomes nothing more than a punchline. A few of your friends pretend to take it real seriously for a few days and there’s a healthcare worker or the spouse of one somewhere in your social network opining from the warm glow of the spotlight, but pretty soon we realize our lives were never affected by it. And then we start viewing it as someone else’s problem. And then it just falls off the radar completely.

It’s basically clockwork; the result of the media translating nature’s whispers into shrieking cries of “WOLF!” And someday our apathy — an understandable response thanks to a profit-driven, partisan and sensational media — may burn us. But then again I’d be a hypocrite if in the morning I scoffed at those who purport an ability to control the weather, and in the afternoon nodded along with the idea that we can “beat” a deadly virus that’s hellbent on wiping out millions or billions of us.

And the Wuhan Virus had all the same earmarks of the media’s prior attempts to woo us with their unfounded fear-mongering: unclear and obscured transmission story alleged to have involved some gross or exotic animal in a foreign country, academics on cable news shows promising the sky will fall if we don’t do exactly as they say, subsequent evidence-based uncertainty on said academics’ part with regard to its actual dangers or scope, conflicting stories about the virus’s every element with experts and newly-engaged virtue signalers nevertheless insisting we believe and conform to their clearly uninformed conclusions, and finally reinforcement of standard hygienic protocol as the best immediate safeguard — an entirely underwhelming suggestion treated as newly-emerging science.

Most of the time we endure the litany of fear-mongering but ultimately move on.

This time we didn’t.

And for me and a lot of other ultimately voiceless Americans, the immediate and irrational submission to the hysteria appeared very transparently contrived.

The media’s initial reaction, back when they wanted to paint President Trump as a racist who was overreacting to the virus, was the right one: this isn’t actually that big of a deal, and is probably about as dangerous and deadly as the flu.

But at some point in early March when they believed they could do more damage to President Trump by holding him to account for every death that followed, they went all in with their perpetual fear-mongering and on-screen death tickers. And the rest was history. Everyone was forced to follow suit.

I’ve already written about it at great length (feel free to check out everything I’ve written on COVID-19 by clicking here) so I’m not going to rehash it all again in this piece. The bottom line, simply, is that this entire time there have only been 4 useful points that we could claim to “know” with any confidence regarding the Wuhan Virus…

1) It, like most viruses, is particularly dangerous for those with declining or already compromised immune systems

2) Many or even most of us will contract the virus with very mild or no symptoms at all, and barring some freak anomaly will develop immunity and thus no longer be able to get or spread it again (a freak anomaly that many, to keep the fear going, are today pretending without evidence is something we should expect)

3) The data we’ve relied on to impose the draconian response is wildly uninformed and persistently misses the mark in the same direction: away from rational calm that would negate the collateral damage, and toward the fear that inspires more of that collateral damage

4) The media would gladly manufacture a crisis if it meant a) Securing fresh ammunition they could use to attack President Trump, b) Distracting from the wins he carved out for America during his first term, and c) Wiping those wins off the map completely. And those 3 items might sound the same but if you study the media closely enough then you come to learn that each one is its own carefully-guided pursuit

That’s what many of us knew from the onset. And the points would be reinforced for us with each passing day. We’re not scientists or epidemiologists and as noted in a previous piece: 20 years ago I couldn’t have argued my way out of a paper bag with a climate scientist who promised terrifying calamities by 2020 unless we did everything they said. But I would’ve been extremely skeptical of that hysterical fear-mongering. And rightly so as virtually every doomsday prediction those much-smarter-than-I-am climate scientists have ever made, failed to materialize in even the most marginal of ways.

The sad reality: bastardized in pursuit of social and political engineering often with bad faith funding at the fore, academia and all its once-revered intellectual value has, like the media, squandered its credibility for generations to come.

And thus the net result of what we truly knew, and what we’ve come to know about the media and their partners in academia (2 of the 3 pillars that, combined with Hollywood, converge to create the “Institutional Left” that’s for decades shaped our culture) — the net result was well-founded skepticism for the COVID-19 hysteria from its onset.

That’s how I and so many others in the grassroots knew this was all being overblown, and that the social and economic carnage could never actually be justified. Unfortunately we were the only ones as literally everyone else — from the conservative media to the elected Republicans — got sucked in to the virtue signaling and either ignored or scolded us for daring to question their certainty. And while it’s great that a few of them are finally starting to emerge and at least question the wisdom of what we just went through, it doesn’t inspire much confidence that after all these years and everything they’ve been there to witness with us, they still don’t seem to understand or care about how far the media and their allies will go to reclaim social and political power.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: The virus obviously is real. But what we did to combat it was ridiculously ineffective and predicated entirely on wildly overblown fear. Check out this piece for more on what we can expect, and what to do about it…

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  1. The media, has proven itself to be as credible as the ancient soothsayers. They told us for a year that Hillary was best qualified and certain to be President. They scoffed and told us that Trump would never be President. Then they told us he was falsely elected by Putin collusion, then they told us he was coercing Ukraine to hurt his political rival, they told us for years he needed to be impeached, they hid every single achievement during his tenure, they robbed him of his dignity at every turn. They tried every dirty trick in the book to discredit him. They attacked his family, his marriage, and his wealth. They damaged his public image to the point of disgracing their profession. Now we should believe them? They have inflicted historic harm on the public they are sworn to serve. False prophets of our times.


  2. couldn’t agree more with your article. thanks for putting into writing what many of us have felt for the past few months but haven’t quite been able to articulate.


  3. If the media were really interested in enlightening the public there would be more discussion of why people die from the flu every year. The reason is not that Merck has not been able to sell every single person on the planet a “vaccine” which must be taken annually. The reason is that viruses are really, really small and as such incredibly difficult to track with precision. Indeed, most tests are for antibodies, not the virus itself. Add to this the fact that viruses mutate fairly quickly and you get flu shots of which half are for the wrong strain.


  4. Well, I couldn’t find that brilliantly worded comment I made that would be appropriate to post here so I’ll try to recreate it as best I can.

    I grew up in East Los Angeles and can’t remember an earthquake occurring while I was in school, not a crime being committed against any of my extended family. Hmm. “We’re all going to die!” just hasn’t happened to the VAST majority of the population on EARTH.

    Perspective isn’t news. (While others have said that, I’m using it as part of my definition of news.)

    This whole pandemic panic is happening for just ONE reason and it isn’t because the Wuhan Flu, Chinese Virus, whatever you call it is deadly.

    It is because the WORLD hates Trump. Period. End of reasons.

    China hates Trump because he’s kicking their @$$es economically.
    Europe hates Trump because he’s told them to pay for THEIR own defense.
    The Spanish speaking countries in the Western Hemisphere hate Trump because he has told them to make THEIR own countries great so THEIR citizens want to live THERE and NOT sneak into America. (Side note: Do we ever hear about Brazilians sneaking into America? I’m looking into that. That’s why I say “Spanish speaking”.)
    The Muslim world hates Trump because he is trying to make them into a “religion of peace” by brokering a deal with Israel.
    Not sure if Africa hates Trump, but I’m sure plenty of those countries do because they are dependent on China.
    Putin is just happy Trump isn’t calling him out every day.
    That leaves the Asian Sub-Continent. India seems to like Trump. Vietnam and the other Vietnam War Era countries seem to be playing nice because they do NOT want to become subjugated to China and Trump is trying to prevent that.
    North Korea is silent.
    So who did I miss? The English speaking countries of the British Commonwealth? They aren’t exactly in love with Trump, but they know which side of their crumpet is buttered and know that Trump is their only hope to ever relive the Greatness of the British Empire.

    PS – I just discovered the “Love Breeds Accountability” and “Blue Collar Perspectives” blogs. Yet again the Internet has proven that I’m not as crazy as everyone thinks. The writers on these two blogs share the vast majority of my worldview and perspective. I look forward to NOT reading their posts because they will get lost with the hundreds of other articles I find daily that interest me. I will however at least TRY to read them.


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