Media Will Sabotage America’s Reopening; Here’s How Trump Can Stop Them

The go-forward strategy for America has to be that we get back to work and knock out COVID-19 by using nature’s vaccine (herd immunity), but doing so ensures a 24×7 media meltdown during which President Trump will be blamed for literally every death that follows.

And say what you correctly will about the media being a joke and having lost all credibility: If we reopen the nation and let the virus spreads like wildfire (because all indications are that it will), it will be very easy for the media to incite a national panic attack while blaming President Trump for the hundreds of negative stories they fabricate and manufacture.

It’s a tough spot for the president and our nation to be in. Of course it would be great if we had an intellectually honest and fair media that we could rely on during crises, but that’s just not the America we live in today.

So here’s how President Trump can accomplish our most immediately critical goals of a) Defeating COVID-19, b) Getting America back to work; our economy going again, and c) Preventing the intellectually dishonest and unhinged media from making things worse, which has clearly been their only goal ever since Trump won.

The good news is that by simply doing “b” we’ll also accomplish “a.”

You read that right.

Shutting our country down did nothing more than hit a pause button on COVID-19’s spread. We did nothing to actually thwart or defeat the virus. On the advice of liberals in academia and with help from the fear-mongering media, all we did was run and hide from it. So unless we already established herd immunity and didn’t even realize it (which is entirely possible), then the Wuhan Virus is still sitting out there waiting to pounce as soon as we get back to our lives and give it a chance to.

And that’s not a bad thing. Because all the models have all been wrong. Just like the climate science modeling, they’ve all proven to be hysterically overblown in their dire predictions. We should have, from the beginning, just let this thing run its course. Because we know that many or even most people who get it won’t even have symptoms. And many more will have only mild symptoms that last just a few days. A tiny fraction will have more serious symptoms and a much tinier fraction of them will die.

Just like with the flu.

But once we all get it, it can no longer spread and that is when we’ve won. It’s called building “herd immunity” and it’s actually very simple.

The problem is, because we have a such a dishonest media that’s so intent on spreading disunity, distrust and discord across our nation — they will inevitably reject the very simple science behind herd immunity, and sensationalize every piece of collateral damage so that it becomes shrapnel they can use to tear through our country. The media will treat every one COVID-19 death like 100 deaths from any other cause. They will memorialize every victim and won’t stop interviewing that person’s friends and family until they find someone who will blame President Trump directly for the death of their loved one. Every story every minute of every day will paint our nation as a nightmarish pit of hell with bodies piling up on the streets and helpless victims unable to protect themselves and/or get accountability for the murder of their loved ones. Every question they ask President Trump and his team and every story they talk and write about will be fixated on looking backward and affixing blame for the thousands of deaths that will occur.

The part they won’t tell you is that those thousands of deaths were going to occur no matter what.

All we tried to do by shutting our country down was make sure no otherwise preventable deaths occurred due to lack of hospital beds and/or ventilators. (“Flattening the curve” meant spreading the numbers out; not lowering them.) But now that we know the numbers were way overblown and we’re now over-prepared, we can get back to work and let the virus run its course.

The question is how do we do it without letting the dishonest and dangerous media inflict even more damage to our nation than has already been done. And the answer to that is actually pretty simple, too.

President Trump gives a quick speech about the media’s power in America, and asks their leadership to come to the table. It might sound like this…

To the people of America: We are ready to start fighting back against COVID-19 and also get our citizens back to work and our economy again working for you. The question is how, and when. Over the next few weeks, with the help of Republicans, Democrats, healthcare experts and others, we will get answers to those questions. And we will televise much of the discussion so that the American people can be assured we are working together to move forward with our nation’s best interests in mind. But in order for our efforts to be successful there is another group we need at the table for these discussions. As many of you already know, the media have become one of our country’s most powerful political forces. They decide what stories they want to cover. And they decide how they’re going to spin those stories and characterize them. And too many times they spin and characterize those stories in blatantly partisan, political and dishonest ways that actually do more to harm our nation and create problems, than to help our nation and solve problems. They do this because they don’t like me personally. If Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama or Joe Biden were president, and everything else was completely unchanged, the media would be celebrating the great job being done by the administration while also helping calm our nation so we can get past this virus without additional and unnecessary pain and suffering. But because they don’t like me personally, every story they pick and every narrative they attach to it is meant to incite disunity and fear. But now is a time that our nation can’t afford the media’s pettiness and gamesmanship. And so I will be asking the heads of several very powerful media outlets to join us at the table for these go-forward discussions. People will die as a result of COVID-19. Many tragically already have, and many tragically will. But we really have two options: Either keep our nation shut down indefinitely — possibly a year or longer — until vaccines and cures are developed and approved. Or get back to work and let the free people of America make their own decisions about the risks they want to assume. We already know that the vast majority of people who get COVID-19 will either have no symptoms at all, or very mild symptoms. But as is the case with any virus, some will have more serious symptoms and others — especially among the elderly and immunocompromised — will tragically die. But the alternative, keeping our nation shut down for a year or longer and just hiding from it while the health of our nation and its people deteriorate in so many other completely preventable ways, doesn’t seem wise to me and I don’t think most Americans would view it favorably either. So we’re going to discuss it transparently with lawmakers, healthcare experts, and the massively powerful media leaders who will decide exactly how their newspapers and television stations will report on this once we’ve made our decision and begin rolling it out. I want Americans to see the heads of these media organizations there at the table with us so that they’re held accountable for the additional pain and suffering their reporters will seek to cause our nation once this is underway. Because just like they’ve done for four years now: their reporters will invest 100% of their time and energy into trying to convince the American public that any decision I make is the wrong one. But if their leaders are there at the table as these discussions take place, and they’re seated with us while we weigh all of our options and decide together on the best path forward for our nation and its people, their reporters will hopefully have to at least pretend to be a little more intellectually honest and fair. That’s the goal anyway. We simply can’t afford to do this and have the media sensationalizing every negative consequence as if it’s one we didn’t see coming, and didn’t weigh against an exponentially more dire alternative. And if their leaders are at the table with us, I’m confident they will agree with whatever our go-forward strategy becomes. And if they don’t, then they can go on the record in front of the American public with their own opinions. But our nation is dying. And the United States of America itself must not be one of COVID-19’s victims. And so we’re going to try to start healing our nation, while at the same time defeating COVID-19 with help from nature’s vaccine: herd immunity. Thank you very much. We’ll look forward to seeing you all for our first roundtable discussion which should occur in the next day or two.

And that’s it. Not only will this help diminish the media’s power as America tries to move past what will come to be known as the great COVID-19 national humiliation of 2020, but it will also more broadly expose the media for their bias and pro-Democrat partisanship. So we get their leaders at the table with Trump for these critical conversations. If they want to say that our nation should stay shut down and we should all suffer and watch America itself die, let them. But more likely, they’ll agree that while people will continue to die because of COVID-19, there’s a way to open our nation again and get people back to work while also limiting the damage done by COVID-19 (both directly and collateral) and simultaneously working diligently on a vaccine and a cure. And when these media leaders go back to their newspapers and television stations, their employees will know that President Trump raised the bar and made it harder for them to lean completely into their dishonest and destructive agendas. Granted, they’ll still be hacks. But President Trump will have very clearly warned the nation about what the media would do, and put egg all over the faces of the media’s most powerful leaders, thus making it at least slightly more difficult for the media to do it and exponentially more easy for the public to see through it. And that’s a good thing. And we’re going to need all the help we can get to move forward now that so much damage has already been done, and so little progress ultimately made.


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  1. Northeast and Northwest states that are “planning how to reopen” their economies are really just a plot by the DNC and those states Democrat governors to take the restart of the economy away from Trump to make him look bad. Typical Democrat. They don’t care who gets hurt as long as they retain their power.


  2. Great advice – I hope PRESIDENT TRUMP sees this and adds it to the plan they already have. Another thought – the EO he issued a few weeks ago dealing with disseminating false information. I think we might get to see some of these “nitworks” dealt with! Wouldn’t it be GLORIOUS to see cnn/mslsd/cbs all be fined heavily or have their licenses revoked until they presented plans to operate LEGITIMATELY!


  3. Democrat states that ‘revolt’ and refuse to open for political reasons in order to cause the most damage possible to the Administration should just be ignored. They will have to explain to their residents why the states next door are open and working while theirs are not, creating sufficient pressure on the humiliated governors to open.


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