We Have 2 Choices: Fight COVID-19 Head On, Or ‘Stay-At-Home’ Indefinitely

The only thing social distancing has truly defeated is our collective good sense, courage, and economy. The cold hard reality that some are ignoring and others are dancing around is that as far as we know the Wuhan Virus itself is still sitting out there waiting for us.

Nothing has changed. Nothing. All we’ve done all this time is to have hit pause and destroyed our economy in the process. But nothing else has changed.

Granted it’s possible that tens of millions more of us already got the virus and didn’t even realize it. For my part, I had a 2-day fever in late February / early March that was more severe than any I had before (there were a few times during it that I needed a blanket to walk around the house) followed by an infrequent dry cough that lasted about two days and really only showed up at night when I’d go to sleep. And that was it. It was weird. It was different. But it wasn’t hell. I’m 42, not in great shape and quit smoking in 2015 but had a 25-year history of it before then. That could have, for all I know as I look back, been the Wuhan Virus.

And it’s possible that tens of millions of other Americans got the virus and didn’t even know it. After all, infecting people and not revealing any symptoms is said to be one of COVID-19’s most readily known characteristics.

So if tens of millions of us got it and didn’t know it, and tens of millions of us got it and had very mild symptoms that we never thought could’ve been this monster that everyone is freaking out about — then there’s a chance we’ve already established herd immunity in much or even most of the country.

And that might explain why academia’s modeling has, like their climate science projections, been so wildly hyperbolic and wrong.

It’s possible. It may have already happened.

But if it hasn’t, then that means the virus is still sitting out there waiting for us and we really only have two choices…

1). We stand up and fight this thing. We recommend the most vulnerable among us take extra precautions, but the rest of us get on with our lives. And in doing so we defeat COVID-19 with nature’s vaccine: herd immunity.

2). We continue lying to ourselves and each other, pretending that it will magically go away on its own if we just stay home for a few months. And we watch that few months become a year, or longer, as the reality sets in that we won’t actually be able to get back to work until a vaccine and cure are developed and approved and then a delivery mechanism is found that can serve all of us basically at one time.

Those are the two choices. They can be calibrated but those are really the bottom line.

Because nothing has changed since February. Unless we developed herd immunity and just don’t know it yet, then the virus is still sitting out there. And if President Trump and the governors and the business leaders decide to let us get back to work, we’re in for a big shock when the numbers spike exponentially right out of the gate.

It would be better if we were prepared for that. And to be prepared for that, we have to be honest about it. And so far nobody’s been honest with us: The media (like they always do when a Republican is president) have sensationalized every shred of this while trying to create even more fear and destruction that they and their Democrat allies can politically weaponize. Academia has yet again leaned into hysterical modeling that — go figure — insists only total submission by rubes bowing to a massive government solution can cure us and if we don’t do it then we’ll probably all die within months. The politicians haven’t been honest and apparently think they can just “nudge” us with hopeful sidebar distractions that still culminate in a year long standstill they’ll roll out 1-2 months at a time.

It’s time to be honest. And the truth is there isn’t a ventilator big enough to save the USA if we have to just sit home and watch this thing kill our country for the next year. And if we do it right, then standing up and fighting it likely won’t be even a fraction as bad as the media and their friends in academia have long promised it would be.


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One comment

  1. This would be all well and good if only our President could do something about getting widespread testing to everyone. Until then, Herd immunity is an abstraction.


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