‘Social Distancing Worked’ Is The Lie We’ll Accept To Stave Off Humiliation

Despite what the media and even President Trump and his team will tell you, “social distancing” and “America’s disciplined response and cooperation” had nothing to do with stemming the Wuhan Virus’s devastation.

Rather, as it turns out, the whole thing truly was massively overblown from the beginning. And the fear and hysteria ensnared even the smartest and most cautiously skeptical thinkers, like Tucker Carlson. But it was Carlson who last night did a segment noting that virtually all of the models driving our panicked response were tremendously flawed. And as that reality begins to emerge more broadly in conservative circles, it will likely be buried by the media and healthcare communities who will insist the devastation never came because “social distancing worked.” And we’ll mostly be forced to go along with that lie to avoid a depressing, debilitating and lasting national humiliation, and also for political reasons that I’ll get into later.

Up until a few weeks ago I was screaming it from the rooftops…

March 12, 2020:
Media’s WuFlu Hysteria Will End Just Like Their Russia Hysteria Did
If I’m wrong, I’ll gladly eat crow. But I guarantee you I won’t be. This thing will get only as bad as the media are able to make it, and fear — not fevers or coughing — will be the most prominent symptom of the sickness.

March 14, 2020:
Journos Will Credit Themselves When WuFlu They Attacked Us With Fails To Inflict The Pain They Promised
But this terror won’t reach even a fraction of what the media has whipped our nation into a panicked frenzy believing it will. And when it fails to meet the expectations set by the media sooner than later (because it will), watch for that same media to pat themselves on the back and act as though they are the reason things didn’t get worse — while simultaneously claiming that they prevented total catastrophe in the face of what they’re already claiming is incompetence from President Trump and his team.

March 15, 2020:
What Makes The Wuhan Virus So Awful Is Most People Won’t Even Know They Have It And OMG Do You Idiots Hear Yourselves?!
Seriously. Do you?! I can’t believe that virtually everyone except for a handful at The Federalist (eg Sean Davis, Twitter here) is either completely terrified as per the media’s prescription, or too cowardly to call the terrorism and fear mongering out. Just unbelievable. Everyone, even normally reliable media watchdogs, are either lined up to virtue signal their dime-store medical expertise — or they’re cowering in the corner too afraid to utter even a shred of skepticism for this season’s entirely predictable new viral strain.

March 16, 2020:
I Don’t Take The Wuhan Virus Seriously And CNN Is The Reason Why
Now I know some of you will say, “But all the health professionals are also sounding the alarm. And so is President Trump!” I hear you. But what you don’t appreciate, from my seat, is that the massively powerful and influential media is more than capable of creating levels of hysteria that a) empower the health community to assert its worst-case-scenario authority and b) create such panic and havoc that virtually everyone including President Trump have to respond in kind or the damage — caused by fear, not the virus itself — will only get worse. But I don’t believe for a second that this deserves or merits the social panic and economic destruction it’s causing. And I’m confident that I’ll be proven right when the medical carnage left in its wake is only a tiny fraction of what’s being promised today. The economic, social and potential political carnage however will be staggering and lasting.

March 21, 2020:
As Data Becomes More Informed, The Chinese Virus Threat Becomes Less Dire
It increasingly appears clear that the entire Chinese Virus hysteria was manufactured by the corporate media as part of a last ditch effort to damage President Trump before the November elections. They wanted to create economic and social carnage because they knew they could blame it all on President Trump and further weaponize it to create political carnage.

Those were the first five pieces I wrote about the Wuhan Virus. And every one of them maintained a laser focus on one theme: the media created this national panic attack because the worse America does while Trump is president, the more ammunition they have with which to attack him. And we’d already seen, remiss as some might be to admit it, the U.S. political news media will stoop to whatever lows are necessary if it means getting rid of the man who promised to drain the swamp they rely on for survival. And if that means destroying our economy and with it the lives of millions of Americans, so be it.

When I realized nobody outside of the grassroots was going to entertain even a shred of skepticism, a fresh and hopeful perspective emerged. It occurred to me that it’s way too late to call the media out for inspiring hysteria. That ship had sailed. I could get away with it. But if President Trump did it, they’d have an easy time making him look and sound like a crazy person. And it hit me that maybe, just maybe, he was several steps ahead (yet again) all along. So I wrote this…

March 22, 2020:
Once Again Trump Was Right, I Was Wrong, And The Media Is About To Lose Bigly
I’d be yelling from the rooftops — as I have been — that the media deserve to be called out for their dishonesty and carelessness, and for the damage they caused. But President Trump, several steps ahead either by genius or divine intervention that’s repeatedly afforded him fantastic political fortune, isn’t attacking the media any more or less than he ever did before. He’s leveraging the panic they created, perhaps even knowing full well it will never manifest with the severity that the media said it would, for his own political gain. He’s going to just let their lies and deceptions stand, because in the end he can exploit it to make himself the hero who thwarted “what promised to be a once in a hundred year catastrophe.”

A few days later I leaned one more time into documenting my skepticism…

March 24, 2020:
Five Reasons Why Many Doubt The COVID-19 Hysteria
Mollie Hemingway actually shared this one on Twitter with the summary from the email I sent out.

And then a full week went by and I didn’t write anything.

Do you know why?

I had become consumed and subsequently depressed by the fear I had so confidently railed against for so many previous weeks. The media won. I lost my job. We had to cancel a visit to my parents in Ohio that we had long been determined to make no matter what. I looked around at so many friends and loved ones who were completely consumed by fear and depression. And then I, like so many other Americans, became resigned to a future that promised nothing but death and despair. I became convinced that I had been wrong and all of the media’s fear-mongering and promises for unimaginable death tolls were founded. And I was embarrassed and ashamed to have been wrong about something so serious…

April 1, 2020:
Watching The Media Celebrate Our National Journey To Fear & Pain
I feel like they’ve won because in this moment as I sit to finally write something after almost a full week of just watching — all I have left in my tank is anger, fear and hopelessness; the political news media’s most prized emotions.

But because writing is healthy and productive outlet for me, by the next day I had some of my fight back…

April 2, 2020:
Both Are True: The Wuhan Virus Is Awful, And The Media Are Exploiting It For Political Gain
While the Wuhan Virus has absolutely earned our reverence, adherence to responsible mitigation and prayerfulness — the media has at the same time earned every shred of shaming, scrutiny and scorn for having worked so hard to transform the virus into a political weapon that they can use against President Trump.

And I kept getting stronger in the ensuing days…

April 4, 2020:
The Media’s WuFlu Wish List: Shut The Whole Country Down, And Run Out Of Supplies

April 4, 2020:
Media Intensifies Push To Imprison America & Destroy Our Economy

April 5, 2020:
Even Amid A Pandemic, Media Still Dems’ Best Weapon & America’s Greatest Threat

And before I knew it, as the data became more informed and the modelers kept making excuses for why they were so wrong, I had come full circle back to where I started: This whole thing appeared to have been a manufactured crisis pushed by the U.S. political news media with help from their friends in academia (the modelers), and eventually a few assists from the media’s new best friend: The Chinese Communist Party.

April 5, 2020:
If These WuFlu Stats Hold, Media Must Be Punished Severely
If the media’s eager and uncritical deference to academia turns out to be as misguided for the Wuhan Virus as it’s been myriad times for global warming, simple humiliation and loss of credibility won’t suffice.

And that brings us today.

This is when everyone who beat our nation into submission with threatening alarm bells starts congratulating us on a job well done.

This is when they start saying “Because of your discipline and cooperation, we were able to significantly stave off what promised to be a global catastrophe.”

This is when they begin memorializing any one COVID-19 death with the vigor and sadness of 10 from any other cause.

And this is when they say “social distancing worked.”

They’re lying.

The truth is, the models on which they predicated their fear mongering were garbage from the beginning. But the media wasn’t about to waste an opportunity to create and then exploit a crisis. And that’s exactly what they did. And it backfired on them because instead of calling them out for it, President Trump leaned into it with them. And that means instead of looking like a buffoon yelling about media conspiracy theories, he’ll assume the mantle of a great, presidential leader who guided our nation through this nightmare.

That also means he’ll be among the chorus of congratulatory voices insisting that thanks to the outstanding cooperation of the American people, we were able to beat COVID-19.

And for the most part we’re all stuck accepting that lie now because if it’s revealed that this was all a fraud from the onset, the media will call Trump a stupid reactionary who fell for it.

Don’t believe me? That seems impossible given where we are today? You think there’s no way the media, who are all in 24×7 on Wuhan Virus hysteria today, would tomorrow just wipe the slate clean of everything they said and did for the last 2 months so they could present a fresh narrative to hurt President Trump? Well it was barely a month ago that they were all saying his travel ban from China was a stupid, panicked, way overblown response and probably driven by “RACISM!” And today, a mere month later, the media’s most persistent attack on Trump is that he didn’t do enough soon enough.

I don’t know when we’ll stop underestimating the media’s shamelessness and the astounding depths they’ll go to take out President Trump and his supporters. But they just eagerly manufactured a crisis that cost tens of millions of Americans their jobs and life savings, and added trillions to our debt and deficit. And for the time being, most of us are going to have let them get away with it. I’ll be here reminding people at my tiny little website, because that’s what I do. But the vast majority of America will nod right along with the idea that their cooperation and social distancing is why this ended up being exponentially less deadly than initially projected. The truth is, social distancing was factored in to most of the models that drove so much of the panic. How many times did we hear “If we do everything right, it still promises to be absolutely horrific”? What’s more, every expert out there promised that the same massive numbers of people would definitely get infected and die from this thing, and our real goal wasn’t to prevent those numbers — but to flatten the curve of how quickly those numbers amassed.

The University of Washington’s IMHE decreased their U.S. death toll projections by 30% in just the last week, now down to 60K and likely to continue dropping significantly. If this threat truly is about to die down so wildly under what was initially projected, it will have nothing to do with “flattening the curve” by “social distancing” and everything to do with pulverizing even the pretense that this was ever actually a uniquely significant threat to begin with.


UPDATE, 1/5/20: COVID-19 cured influenza, pneumonia, heart disease and so many other ailments that used to kill people and no longer do. Now if you die, it was COVID!


Slow Clap For Media Who Cleaned Up 1 Messy Story Today; Now Do These 60

If These WuFlu Stats Hold, Media Needs To Be Punished Severely

Even Amid A Pandemic, Media Still Dems’ Best Weapon & America’s Greatest Threat

Media Intensifies Push To Imprison America & Destroy Our Economy

The Corporate Media Has Made Useful Idiots Out Of Anyone Who Dignifies ‘The News’

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  1. Think you’re right that the lie that these measures were effective will prevail. Once people have sacrificed so much, it becomes pretty impossible to convince them it was all for nothing. Makes it seem like they’re the butt of some cruel and awful joke. But I think we know for certain that, the projections were ludicrous and we weren’t going to get anywhere near those numbers if we practiced even moderate precautions.

    Every single extra projected death is a result of projections that we’d run out of hospital beds — not some, or most, every single one. If hospitalization projected numbers are grossly inflated, we don’t save any lives by doing this according to the models which are the only reason we did do it. But in the the Bill Gates funded model that was so influential, hospitalization projections for April 4 if we adopted these measures were almost 10 times what we really got. So it’s pretty much impossible that hospitalization projections about what would have happened if we’d just treated this like a severe flu weren’t also massively inflated, meaning, this was all a waste of time. Literally the only way we could’ve wound up saving any lives is if we would have had a massive shortage of hospital beds if we hadn’t done this. And that’s clearly not the case.

    But the other completely insane thing about all this is there’s not even any reason whatsoever to think what we subjected ourselves to had any effect at all. We pretty much know it didn’t save any lives given massively inflated hospitalization projections, but there’s literally not even any reason to think we even slowed down how fast the virus spread. None whatsoever.

    I’ve looked at the studies the CDC sites as evidence that social distancing will slow down the rate at which the COVID-19 virus spreads.
    1) They all concern the flu except for one after the fact speculative case study of the Ebola virus’s spread in Africa in which didn’t involve the restrictions we used. So even if these studies established social distancing works, it would be for the flu and we’d have no proof they would work for the COVID-19 virus.
    2) Even the CDC admits that these studies aren’t conclusive. The studies on the measures we’re using implemented individually (e.g., just school closing and nothing else, just business closing and nothing else, just event cancellation and nothing else) actually conclude, as the CDC explicitly admits, that NONE OF THEM WORK even for the flu. The CDC sends you to a list of other studies they say provides some evidence they might work if all done together, but they don’t say it’s conclusive.

    The lists of studies are very long and buried in the middle of much longer documents. So it’s a pain to even find and sort through them.

    But, once you do, it simply isn’t true that the other studies they list provide any evidence that the measures which didn’t work individually would work jointly.. The vast majority of the studies on their list concern hand-washing or mask-wearing and have nothing to do with social distancing. None of the 10 or so that do concern social distancing provide a shred of evidence what we went through would even work for the flu, which, again, is all they make any claims about. There are some purely speculative after-the-fact case studies in which the measures we’ve adopted weren’t even used. And there are some totally speculative made up computer models that never have been and never will be empirically tested. So, there’s actually no reason at all to think the oppressive measures we’re suffering under would even do anything to slow down the spread of the flu, let alone COVID-19.

    For all anyone knows, the main method of transmission could be between people who were never even close to each other at any time. For example, the infected transmitter might typically cough, or sneeze, or speak fifteen 15 feet away from some surface which the virus then makes it’s way to through the air and that the infection-receiver touches a day later. We literally have no reason to believe that we’re doing anything to slow the virus’s spread and certainly no reason justifying destroying people’s lives, subjecting them to social isolation, and risking an economic catastrophe to rival the Great Depression. We’re suffering certain hardship and heading towards an economic collapse without any reason to believe it’s even doing anything.

    Fauci and a number of others ought to be tried for terrorism and subjected to the severest possible punishment if, as seems certain, they deliberately pushed us into this nightmare. But, not holding my breath till it happens obviously. It’s equally certain that Fauci will keep his high salary and body guards, be hailed as our savior, and everyone will not only believe with absolutely no justification that these authoritarian measures did something, but falsely believe they saved us from some projected massive death toll that, in reality, never had the slightest chance of materializing.

    However, with that said, I’m much less forgiving of Trump than you are. Apart from the damage caused, the precedent set here is terrible. If the economy doesn’t melt down so much that we’re in Mad Max territory, the next time the Dems hold more power they know they can get away abridging our rights in ways that literally make the casus belli of the American Revolutionary War look like small potatoes. It seems to me that a lot of very bad things of varying different kinds and at various different levels are going to result from all this and, though I see it would have been tough for Trump to buck the tide, I think he was went with it way too much.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I believe the antidote to this pandemic madness is found in the number of flu victims each year ( record for many years) that in many cases are a far greater risk to publicly safety than COVID19, and here is what I mean?

    Next year, or the year after, each of us who have been forced into social distancing, staying at home, closes business, declaring a national disaster in 50-states; not allowed, be at sports events in large crowds or to go to church under the threat of fines and jail time by politically correct business, government, municipalities, and above all the news media.

    Should bring civil laws suits under the equal protection clause of the United States Constitutions. Based upon the seriousness of flu and colds virus establish by the government numbers that they have not keep us safe putting the public at substantial risk of death in not using the same measure they had used with the COVID19, which will be proven to have a much lower number of a risk to public safety.

    The United States of America now has a legal obligation by law to protect us each year from any pandemic it is on record it has become a new civil liberty. Moreover, those business, i.e., corporate that are so eager to exchange the truth for the lie to promote their political agenda are equally liable when not shutting down, where they have marked social distancing lines in their businesses or the police have, washing food carts, and wearing mask and gloves during flu season.

    Moreover, those local municipalities who shut down schools, parks, beaches, restaurants must by establish law each and every year uses the same measure during flu season as they did for COVID19

    With that in mind it might will stop the outlandish and foolish publicly and the politicians from acting like fools over what is trending on social media and the news media which prosper and feeds off what is trending on social media from enacting arbitrary and fallacious laws.

    Furthermore, it will point up the true selfish agenda people who will use every opportunity to shamelessly promote themselves. Money is the key follow the money lay a fine upon the fool because they will not listen to truth.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. My thesis is that this Pandemic was scripted by Hollywood. So life imitates, in this case, bad art. The movie is based on a kernel of truth, then the rest of the story is made up to communicate some, generally, “progressive” agenda. Alternately, one could say it was an experiment on us rats as we run around a maze to be rewarded at the end while the superior being looks on and observes how easy it is to train the rats to whatever it is they want by enticing them with a treat. The masses, are led to believe Covid19 is beyond anything we’ve had in the recent past or even present. They then make absurd comparisons to hype the danger. Consequently they say all of the facts are in when, in fact, it’s almost all guesswork. That is why the estimates for worldwide yearly flu deaths is 250,000-650,000 and no way they can estimate the percentages since that’s virtually impossible without large and varied population samplings.I’ve had the flu 6 times or more and only once did the I go to the Dr. because that one would have likely killed me at my present age. Thankfully I did not get pneumonia so didn’t have to go to the hospital and maybe get it there (HAP or VAP) Maybe samplings from sewer outflows for seeing an uptick in viruses can help. Not sure how accurate those are either. Now the guy, some other arrogant expert, that has promoted the social distancing theory says there is proof it works. What else is he going to say? Modern science now doesn’t bother testing the theory, it becomes fact so long as it’s marketed properly so that the masses are manipulated into believing it. It becomes a normative operating principle or idea that can no longer be questioned or if you do, you get vilified for being a skeptic. Then you have the actual lab scientists who test sneezing distance, etc. and they say social distancing needs to be 27′ and they advocate it also needs to be for many months or a lifetime. Anyway, most of those people have no concept of the real functioning world. So they don’t care that extending 20,000 lives could end up with millions of destroyed lives, civil strife, mass starvation or maybe ultimately in major wars. They can’t study that in their labs. We now have a glimpse of the future and the wonderfulness of modern technology; where smart devices are used to control people who think they are in control because they can control their toilets with it. There is always a price to pay for convenience and idiocy. Gotta keep the masses entertained to prevent them from thinking for themselves and realizing that if you live something is gonna turn you back into dust at some point and odds are it isn’t gonna be Covid19. So how high are we going to jump?

    Liked by 1 person

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