Rare Find: Master Class In ‘Fail & Then Make It Worse’ From Two MSM Journos On Same Day

It’s not often that you’ll find a corporate media journalist whose shamelessness sunk to such incredible depths that they actually become cognizant of their humiliation.

It’s even more rare to find a journalist in that position who manages to make things worse with their clean-up effort.

And to find two on the same day…

…forget about it.

Granted the entire U.S. political news media basically does nothing but humiliate themselves all day, every day. And everyone outside of their D.C. and NYC media bubble knows it. But this was extraordinary because the alleged journalists — Peter Baker from New York Times and Kelly O’Donnell from NBC News — failed so hard that even they couldn’t deny it. And when they tried to make it better, they just made it worse. And their humiliations were entirely independent of each other. And on the same day.

Quick note for people who aren’t familiar with Twitter: A good tweet is typically judged by the number of retweets it gets. If a tweet gets more replies than retweets, the author of the tweet is said to have gotten “ratioed,” meaning the replies-to-retweets ratio was heavier on the reply side and you can safely infer that users were more motivated to leave negative feedback than they were to help promote the tweet. Got it? Good.

So first we have Kelly O’Donnell who in her zeal to package news in a way that’s damaging to President Trump, mistakenly thought she landed on a bombshell observation. Spoiler alert: She didn’t.

It had everything: all caps, multiple quotes that were alleged to have contradicted each other, and all in a simple 3-line tweet from a famed blue-check journo.

But one thing it didn’t have: any shred of newsworthiness because what she tried to characterize as “new” was actually no different than what he said before.

As this guy and thousands of others simultaneously pointed out for Kelly, “backup” is literally a contingency if something/someone else fails.

Having quickly realized her “bombshell gotcha!” was anything but, she made a hilarious attempt to mitigate the damage.

File this one under “Things that definitely happened.” To hear O’Donnell tell it, she wasn’t trying to characterize President Trump’s remarks as being inconsistent or hypocritical. What really happened is she just accidentally typed the word “BUT” in all caps right before posting her tweet. What she really was trying to emphasize was that President Trump said governors might”fail.” How the word “BUT” got in there and the entire thing was framed as a bombshell discovery that would make Trump look bad, is a total mystery.

As of this writing O’Donnell’s first tweet has 1.7K retweets and a mind-bending 8.2K replies virtually all of which are mocking her.

And her clean-up job didn’t fare much better, coming in currently at 13 retweets and 1.4K replies mocking her.


Next up was Peter Baker from The New York Times, who laughably implied that the WHO’s long list of well-documented failures weren’t really all that bad. Instead, President Trump only called them out because he’s the bad guy and needed to create “a new villain.”

As most readers already know, the WHO has a long and ugly track record of working harder to promote Communist Chinese propaganda than world health. Most egregiously, the former often to the direct detriment of the latter. And for evidence of that one only need refer to back to WHO’s uncritical acceptance of China’s lies at the onset of the COVID-19 outbreak thus ultimately enabling the virus’s spread.

Quickly realizing his blatantly anti-Trump characterization was about as appetizing as a big bowl of 5-day old bat soup from a Wuhan wet market, Baker tried to clean things up.

To quote Barack Obama quoting Joe Biden back when Barack Obama wasn’t pretending he didn’t know who Joe Biden was and Joe Biden hadn’t legitimately forgotten what a “Barack Obama” even is…

…c’mon, man!

So your evidence for initially suggesting that the WHO is an innocent bystander being unfairly scapegoated by a flailing President Trump is <checks notes> that multiple United States Senators share President Trump’s concerns? Moreover, being distracted cleaning up China and the WHO’s shared mess for the first 26 briefings and eventually getting around to pressing for accountability is, by your estimation, proof that Trump’s criticisms are in bad faith for I assume what you believe are political reasons?

As of this writing Baker’s initial tweet has 1.3K retweets and over 5K replies. A ratio for the ages. And his clean-up tweet fared only slightly better, with 178 retweets still eclipsed by 468 “You’re an idiot” replies as of this writing.

Again — we see a lot of so-called journalists fall flat on their face and never even know it. Yesterday I even made a list of 60 ridiculous stories that “journalists” like O’Donnell and Baker help push, without even realizing (or pretending not to realize) how incredibly stupid they look while doing so.

But these were unique because the pushback was so strong that they both felt the need to try to clean up their messes. And in doing so, they both managed to just make things worse. And it was absolutely hilarious and well worth documenting because I pay a lot of attention to the media and promise it will be a very long time before you find two spectacular failures quickly become four laughable humiliations from two separate “journalists” on the same day completely independent of each other but still wherein they both recognized their humiliation and are now sitting around wishing they’d really thought things through a little more.

And frankly I wanted to write about it primarily because, as they say on Twitter,…


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  1. They are Not Journalist. They are failed bloggers if anything..America is sick of their kind..They will soon be considered enemy combatants.


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