Slow Clap For Media Who Cleaned Up 1 Messy Story Today; Now Do These 60

The Washington Post’s Philip Bump tried to win back at least a shred of outside-the-beltway credibility on Tuesday when he refuted the paper thin conspiracy theory about President Trump promoting hydroxychloroquine for financial gain.


And I’m sure others in the media are following suit, using this as an opportunity to at least pretend to be neutral and fair-minded. It’s a move they may have learned from watching Resistance Jake [Tapper].

But if earning back credibility is truly something they suddenly care about, great. Here’s a simple challenge that will give them an opportunity to prove it.

Now do:

Trump is a Russian spy

The Obama-era IC lying and colluding with foreign agents to spy on candidate Trump and later obstruct President Trump’s ability to govern was just innocent “sloppiness” even though the myriad errors and omissions they made all went in the same direction

Trump admitted to Lester Holt that he fired Comey to end the Russia investigation

Trump said there are some “very fine” Nazis

Trump’s delinquent response to the Wuhan Virus propelled its devastation

Trump’s January 29th travel ban on China to mitigate the Wuhan Virus’s spread was “racist” and “xenophobic”

The Chinese government is credible and their unbelievable reporting should absolutely be believed

The Chinese government is showing compassion and global leadership and their defective masks and ventilators actually serve to humanize rather than discredit them

It’s racist to call it the “Wuhan Virus” despite the medical community’s long track record of naming viruses and diseases for the origin from which they came

Suggestions that “Wuhan Virus” is a racist phrase have nothing to do with wanting to divert blame from China so there can be more of it to lay on Trump

Trump is a rapist because every one of his accusers say he made the first move and when they told him to stop he <checks notes> stopped

The vast majority of the media — ABC, CBS, NBC, WaPo, NYT, AP, etc — treat people and perspectives who support President Trump with the same respect, fairness and visibility that they afford those who oppose him

The media were just as hostile to Obama as they are to Trump

When contributing to one of CNN’s panels wherein you and 6 other people (including the host) are all sitting around taking turns talking about how terrible Trump is, the public should believe you’re not being biased

When the Sunday talk shows (MTP, This Week, Fox News Sunday, CNN SOTU) have a combined total of 16 panel members and around 94% of them (all but 1) oppose or otherwise trash Trump either explicitly or implicitly when it comes to literally every angle of every story, the public should believe the media isn’t biased

You were right not to say a word when Nancy Pelosi’s daughter, Christine, told her Twitter followers that violence is an acceptable response to speech as long as that speech isn’t sufficiently anti-Trump

Had Donald Trump Jr. tweeted “Cesar Altieri Sayoc Jr was right,” you’d have ignored that too

Had Donald Trump Jr. tweeted “Cesar Altieri Sayoc Jr was right,” literally every elected Republican wouldn’t have been chased down and cornered until they renounced not only the comment but the person who made it

You and your peers haven’t wittingly or not spent the last 5 years putting targets on the backs of every American who supports or defends the duly-elected President of the United States, Donald Trump

Violence against Trump supporters hasn’t become normalized

The reason violence against Trump supporters isn’t widely recognized has nothing to do with the media persistently dismissing, downplaying or just wholesale ignoring it

You’d feel perfectly safe going bar hopping in any major U.S. city while wearing a MAGA hat

You cover President Trump fairly

You and your peers don’t give deference exclusively to stories and story lines that you think will damage President Trump

You tell both sides of the story

The NeverTrump / Conserving Conservatism movement along with its 962-strong membership base is one of the most powerful political vehicles in America and deserves greater amplification and visibility than does the movement that supports President Trump

Don Lemon is an impartial journalist, and doesn’t lean heavily into his bias against Trump

Anderson Cooper is an impartial journalist, and doesn’t lean heavily into his bias against Trump

Jake Tapper is an impartial journalist, and doesn’t lean heavily into his bias against Trump

CNN employs even just one impartial journalist who doesn’t lean heavily into his or her bias against President Trump

The Twitter timelines of your WaPo, CNN, NBC and NYT peers won’t reveal 4 years’ worth of anti-Trump hit pieces and snarky attacks on anyone who supports or defends him

If you changed nothing about your professional work but started forcefully defending President Trump and his supporters in your personal time (including on Twitter), while admitting you voted for him and you’re excited to vote for him again, you wouldn’t lose a single one of your allegedly impartial journalist friends

Nancy Pelosi receives only fawning coverage from you and your peers because your objective is to speak truth to power and as Speaker of the House she actually doesn’t have any power

Nancy Pelosi “rolls” Trump every time

The 2008 housing collapse didn’t stem from government forcing banks to create lending instruments so people who otherwise couldn’t afford homes would be able to buy them

Maxine Waters and Gregory Meeks weren’t central figures who helped cause the 2008 housing collapse

The 2008 housing collapse happened because of “the Bush tax cuts”

If it’s alleged to have been done by a Democrat and it happens overseas, it can’t be corrupt or criminal

If it’s alleged to have been done by a Democrat and it happens overseas, a Republican president deserves to be impeached for wanting to learn more about it

That list of “lies” your friends at The Washington Post are keeping and that the rest of the media loves to weep over, couldn’t more accurately be described as a list of subjective opinion and/or political spin that you don’t like or agree with

Joe Biden is as mentally tough as ever and clearly isn’t suffering from cognitive decline

Donald Trump is obviously insane and rapidly deteriorating

You and your peers are doing a good job by pretending Brian Stelter is a legitimate voice of neutral reason when it comes to diagnosing media strengths and weaknesses

You and your peers are doing a good job by pretending Brian Stelter is a legitimate voice of neutral reason when he says “Trump’s insane” 25 times in an hour but hedges it against “Some people say” and “It’s a tough conversation” and “But it’s one we have to have” because really it’s totally believable that he’s not actually trying to push a perspective and instead just thinks it warrants “a conversation”

Accusations of sexual assault made against Joe Biden don’t warrant a conversation

Putting the word “credible” before “accusation” means the rights of the accused should be diluted

Every Republican who is accused of something is “credibly” accused

No Democrats who are accused of anything are ever “credibly” accused

The only words that matter are the ones that come after the word “but,” unless you’re talking about killing the world’s most notorious terrorist. And Donald Trump is president. And he’s the one who ordered the killing. In that instance, simply noting that he Qasem Soleimani was a bad guy is the important part. The media’s 3-week long and entirely in unison “but” that followed it had nothing to do with their hatred of Trump and everything to do with just trying to be honest and fair in their coverage

You and your friends spend so much time looking at Trump’s team and playing “count the colors” because it’s actually good when we judge people by skin color instead of by character

Kellyanne Conway was the first female campaign manager to win a presidential election and Ric Grenell is the first openly gay presidential cabinet member but they don’t really count because Trump is a sexist and a homophobe

Trump called the Wuhan Virus a “hoax”

You and your patriotic media peers care a great deal about Russian meddling in U.S. elections and to prove it you can quote chapter and verse all the time, attention and coverage you gave it before 2016

Donald Trump wasn’t the happenstance beneficiary of Russia’s goal to sow disunity and discord in an election they were 100% positive Hillary would win. Rather, Russia’s primary goal was to get Trump elected. And they wanted to get him elected because <insert thousands of conspiracy theories that are just as idiotic as the one you so courageously refuted today>

Russia’s greatest tool to sow disunity and discord in America isn’t the exact same one Democrats use to win elections: identity politics

Trump hates black and brown people so much that he wanted them all to have gainful employment and more money

Black people inherently lack the capability to get and keep an ID

Hispanic people are inherently less capable than others of immigrating legally, and therefore they need a pass

Anyone who rejects the last two statements is clearly a racist, and anyone who agrees with those statements is a beacon of progress and enlightenment

If you care about something that isn’t the Wuhan Virus then you’re an evil person because the modeling is based on rock solid science and only greedy a**holes think it might be okay to assert a modicum of skepticism in light of the massive social and economic carnage that isn’t part of a worst-case-scenario model but is actually happening right now

Donald Trump fed that lady a tiny dose of fish tank cleaner and forced her to give her husband a lethal dose of it

That’s off the top of my head and I’m sure I left a few thousand out. But anyway, kudos again to all of you in the media for having so courageously pushed back on that one insane conspiracy theory that one time.

Now if you can just get around to the rest of these, that’d be great too.

Unless, of course, you actually believe all of the above statements that you and your media friends spend all day, every day, dutifully pushing and giving each other awards for. And if that’s the case, then please be advised that your efforts today to earn back at least some credibility aren’t nearly enough. You are nothing more than a marketing arm for the Democrats. It was that way long before Trump came along, but it’s amplified now because he’s the first one with the guts to call you out for it and the courage to withstand your massive campaigns against him.

And when he wins again in November, we — the otherwise compassionate and vengeance-averse Americans who support him — will watch with glee as hundreds of your media vehicles shutter and thousands of you lose your jobs.

I realize this isn’t widely known in your bubble, but when Trump promised to “drain the swamp” — we weren’t thinking about people who spend too much money on drapes.

We were thinking in large measure about you.

And you earned every bit of our ire. And if you don’t believe me, then put that MAGA hat on and head out for the day in any major U.S. city. You won’t do it because you know you won’t make it past lunch without being viciously assaulted.

You did that. You put the targets on our backs. You made violence an acceptable response to speech, so long as that speech supports or defends President Trump. And your laughable claim that “We’re totally impartial! We’re just doing our jobs!” is why the once-revered Fourth Estate will have lost its value and credibility for generations to come. You’re parasites in the swamp. America is the host off of which you feed. And your mission to stop the man who promised to drain your swamp isn’t a matter of principle. It’s a matter of survival. We see you. And even though you can’t actually hear us inside your bubble, that bubble is about to burst. And you’ll find our response to the greatest lie you push — wherein you claim to be fair and impartial — will be deafening.


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  1. The sarcasm was notably right on the nose. Along with the straight-out truth of the situation we find ourselves in.
    We need to repeal Citizens United, and get large corporate donations out of politics, entirely. Corporations are not people, they don’t vote, but at this point, they totally control our government.
    Any elected representative found in the presence of a corporate lackey… lobbyist, should be permanently removed from politics and banned entry into any hall of legislature. Any corporation lobbying the legislature, should be fined 100% of annual profits for two years, and forced to pay it, in two years.
    Our government is about representing the PEOPLE and doing THEIR WILL. Not about delivering benefits to deep pockets created by 100’s of employees, who can’t agree on where to eat for lunch, much less march in lock-step about any political player or legal policy.
    At this point in time, less than 15% of all legislation passed is supported by the majority of people of the nation.
    This corporate control would stop, if the reps weren’t picking winners and losers according to campaign donation prospects. Term limits and the denial of eligibility for lawyers to make laws are absolutely necessary to put our government back into OUR, the PEOPLE’s, hands.
    Stop the 50+ years of career (far too powerful) politicians. Stop the life benefits for being elected once or twice. Stop the corporate cronyism, or this nation will NOT survive as a Republic.


  2. Media bosses expect their employees to be biased, “or else.” Its not going to change. Both sides, right or wrong, and dug in. America’s days as it was founded are numbered. Secession of red states from the union is inevitable.


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