Can Media Seduce Fauci Into Attacking Trump Before November?

The media’s adoring fixation on Dr. Anthony Fauci means he will likely have quite a bit of power to wield in the upcoming presidential election, which leads me to wonder if and ultimately how he might use that power.

Quick caveat that some of you may not know about yet…

Among the trove of Hillary Clinton emails that Wikileaks published, there were two from Dr. Fauci praising then-Secretary of State Clinton. It’s been argued that these emails prove he’s a die-hard liberal and Hillary supporter, but I’m not so quick to accept that conclusion based on the emails alone. My skepticism rests mostly on the fact that he could very well have been angling for favorability, and simply trying to butter up one of the most powerful people in the world who herself had aspirations for even higher office. So I’m not so quick to use the 7-year old emails as proof that Fauci loves liberals.

Now his smugness, sanctimony and highly accomplished career in what’s become the notoriously liberal and intolerant world of academia, that gives me a lot of pause. It’s become an unfortunate but obvious reality that nobody ascends the ranks in academia, as Fauci has, without strict adherence to liberal dogma. And tack on the fact that the ferociously liberal media have deemed him to effectively be infallible (something they’d never do if they thought were even a small chance he’d cross them), and I have very real doubts about even his tolerance for the right let alone any shred of political objectivity.

And so it goes that I’ve dubbed him His Highness Fauci, because that’s how the media treat him. They’re in love and lust with him.

Mark my words: If he were to ever come out during one of those press briefings and truly give the media a stern rebuke for terrorizing our nation with their persistent attempts to incite fear and create lack of trust in our leadership, every single one of them would head straight home and spend the next 2-3 days sucking their thumbs from a fetal position while on the floor of their shame closets.

But of course he’d never do that. And I think the media know that. And it’s part of why they love him. There are many inside-the-swamp open secrets that the rest of us never hear about, and I’m guessing “Fauci is a lib” is one of those.

And so the media not only love him, but are recruiting him to do their bidding. Their deification of him likely serves two purposes: It 1) reinforces to the public just how infallible they want us to believe he is, while 2) stroking his ego so that he may be seduced into doing what the media wants in pursuit of yet more of their accolades.

So let’s assume this all plays out the way I originally thought it would (you can check out my receipts if you’d like): by July the Wuhan Virus will be a humiliating memory marked only by the national walk of shame we’ll all be engaged in to recover from the social and economic carnage left in its wake.

Now add in the Fauci factor: His Highness Fauci is off the radar, replaced by Cognitive Decline Joe Biden who can’t have a conversation more than 5 minutes long without metaphorically and sometimes literally walking straight into walls.

The media, having sobered up after their drunken reign of COVID-19 enabled terror, are again freaking out at the prospect of President Trump crushing them in the 2020 election.

Russia isn’t working anymore. Ukraine never did. “He’s a racist!” and “He’s a rapist!” and “He’s literally insane!” just aren’t landing at all anymore.

Where can the media still turn?!

Oh that’s right: Shifty Schiff is still poking around that whole Wuhan Virus thing. Maybe we can weaponize whatever scraps he and his team of desperate Democrats put together and pretend it’s still a really big deal and then use that to attack Trump! But we need a supporting cast to help out. Someone fresh. Someone new. Someone infallibly credible. HIS HIGHNESS FAUCI!

Can’t you see it? I can, clear as day.

So then Fauci gets to make the choice:

1). Return to the spotlight amid endless media fawning, book deals, late night TV appearances, Congressional hearings where he’s the star, doting SNL skits where he’s played in a recurring role by a young and handsome Hollywood superstar not because that person looks or sounds like Fauci but just to humorously reinforce how much they all love him, and of course 5-10 cable news appearances a day where he’s being celebrated not just as an able-minded Doctor but more like a God.


2). Be intellectually honest and fair about his experience on President Trump’s team, and reject the media’s advances in favor of noting that the team did good work and Trump did a good job, thus not necessarily becoming an enemy of the media (they know better than to turn to viciously on the man they so aggressively deified) — but forever being cast aside as a has-been with no future anywhere near that glitzy celebrity status he came so close to enjoying.

The first seems like the obvious choice, especially since I believe he’s a liberal and would love to do his duty just like, for example, Christine Blasey-Ford tried to do. But it’s entirely possible that like so many other Americans, living through the media’s unhinged and unattractive efforts to stoke distrust, disunity and discord in our nation, Fauci might end up sincerely respecting and even liking President Trump.

It’s the unintended consequence of an over-zealous media that in the age of Trump has done exponentially more harm to their own brand than they have to their political opponents’.

So we’ll see. But I have a feeling it’s coming, and it was worth getting down on paper. Of course as my friend Rron (yes, two Rs in his first name) noted: It won’t matter at all, either way. He believes, like many of us do, that Trump will win in a landslide and no newly-minted media superstars are going to have any meaningful impact. And Rron is probably right. But I still wonder about His Highness Fauci, and I think it would be pretty cool if he surprised us all and came to President Trump’s defense once this is all over and the media level their last ditch attempt at weaponizing it as part of their ongoing efforts to resist and obstruct our America First and Drain The Swamp agendas.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Apparently this was my 500th post here at LBA. (I wasn’t keeping track but WordPress notified me after I published it.) I started this site back in September 2015 (you can read why in the About Me section) and wrote every word you’ll read here, except for one piece from a few weeks ago that a business leader in Cleveland, OH penned and asked me to publish. Had nobody every visited or read, I probably still would’ve written because I’m compelled by passion far more than prominence. But to all who have read over the years and recently, thank you so much. You honor me with your time and consideration.


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  1. Trump needs to bounce this clown before it’s too late. We need a doctor who can admit that hydroxychloroquine works. How can we put our faith in someone who touts being a scientist but won’t accept science? Trump doesn’t need an “expert” who sides with Democrat governors rather than the doctors in the trenches.


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