If These WuFlu Stats Hold, Media Must Be Punished Severely

If the media’s eager and uncritical deference to academia turns out to be as misguided for the Wuhan Virus as it’s been myriad times for global warming, simple humiliation and loss of credibility won’t suffice.

Earlier today I wrote that even amid a pandemic the media are still the Democrats’ best weapon and our nation’s greatest threat.

But I left out one critical observation…

If the numbers turn out to be wrong and the Wuhan Virus doesn’t leave nearly the carnage that our nation and world have spent months being terrorized to believe, nobody will be held accountable. Why? Because the media, while almost entirely disgraced and discredited, somehow still remains the judge, jury and executioner when it comes to our national focus and public demands for accountability and recourse.

It’s why half of the people who worked for President Trump’s campaign are now in prison for the FBI equivalent of jaywalking…

…while the Obama-era intelligence community criminals who colluded with foreign agents to manufacture and plant evidence which was subsequently used to spy on a political opponent and later obstruct that political opponent’s ability to govern, are all walking around scot-free with book deals and contributor gigs on CNN and NBC.

As previously noted, the massively powerful media ecosystem as we know it today will never let the right win or the left lose…no matter what.

We’ve all seen it a million times. But “climate change” is the most apt example here because, as is the case with the Wuhan Virus, it highlights the cozy intersection between the corporate media and what’s become the notoriously intolerant and politicized world of liberal academia.

How many global warming doomsday predictions — promises — did the brilliant scientists and modelers in academia get grossly wrong? I’ll give you a hint: Literally every single one.

For decades we’ve been promised by hysterical liberals who were empowered by junk science that [X] climate catastrophe definitely awaits us unless we submit to [Y] demands by [Z] date.

And every single time we’ve wholly ignored both Y and Z but for lofty speeches from Hollywood idiots at awards shows and finger-wagging lectures from Democrats and journalists.

But X never came.

And nobody was ever held accountable.

They just keep changing the X, Y and Z variables and hoping if nothing else they — media, Hollywood, academia — will keep at least pretending to take each other seriously.

But if the same turns out to be true with the Wuhan Virus and the dire predictions promised by academia and pushed uncritically by our unhinged media, simply pointing and laughing at them won’t be enough.

This will have been a war crime committed by the media and enacted on our nation. And while we can’t possibly indict the media as a whole for that war crime, the entire American right needs to band together and focus on nothing ever again until the media is prosecuted and found guilty in the court of public opinion for what they’ve done.

The evidence I present that merits opening the investigation comes from the revelation that the revered University of Washington modeling appears so far to have been dramatically overstated. And while it’s excellent news for the future, it’s a potentially terrifying bit of news given all the social and economic carnage our nation has already endured.

The model projected that New York State would need 69,000 hospital beds at this point, when in reality they needed less 25% of that: 16,500.

The model projected that New York State would need 12,346 ICU beds at this point, when in reality they needed only 4,376.

President Trump, who has publicly embraced the worst-case-scenario modeling for a variety of reasons that I’ve explored in the past and will likely explore further in the future, is right now hoping for less than 100,000 U.S. deaths. That’s despite Imperial College modeling that the media eagerly hyped for weeks insisting that it’s more likely we’ll see over 2 million U.S. deaths.

And that is the real metric: death.

Of course we all hope and pray that those numbers are way off and that there will be exponentially fewer deaths than even President Trump has laid out as a best case scenario. And that will be great news if it comes to pass.

But if it does, we must not let our celebration cloud our duty. Especially since, as I predicted weeks before the media finally scared me into submission as well, the media will not only make sure they avert accountability for the social and economic carnage they caused — but they’ll take credit for our nation having averted greater human carnage as well.

And we simply can’t let that happen.

So I hope and pray the modeling is wrong because I’m a human being with a brain and a heart and I want as few deaths as possible across the board, including amid purported pandemics. But if the modeling does turn out to be drastically overstated, because the media have yet again behaved so irresponsibly and so eagerly terrorized our nation with social and economic carnage that they created for purely political reasons aimed at damaging President Trump, we cannot let them get away with whitewashing it the way they always have and will unless we take more pointed action against them.

I’ve outlined what a lot of that looks like in pieces over a period of months that largely went unnoticed because it seems like too much work to the powers-that-be in the GOP and conservative media. But this — if it holds up and this whole thing does turn out to be way overblown — this cannot stand and will require a much stronger and more pointed response.

If you want a good idea of how we must shift our thinking and focus to hold the media accountable, you can get started by reading this and trying to get your head around the renewed reality we must as a movement embrace if we’re ever going to truly hold the media accountable.

As bad as the media’s recent transgressions have been in collusion so many others both foreign and domestic to meddle in our elections, usurp and unseat the duly-elected President of the United States, and promote and enable violence against any American who supports or defends that president — this is even far worse than any of that. This will have been a war crime, and We The People must not let off the gas or go back to playing the media’s game until they are all held accountable for what they did.


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  1. Defund academia. Don’t watch MSM and the stations that broadcast them. Take the money away and they will either go broke and fade away or change.


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