Even Amid A Pandemic, Media Still Dems’ Best Weapon & America’s Greatest Threat

If you thought a pandemic that wiped out tens of millions of U.S. jobs and erased trillions of dollars from Americans’ life savings and was purported to threaten millions of American lives would be sufficient for the U.S. political news media to start behaving responsibly, you were wrong.

Every Sunday I somehow manage to catch just about every minute of every political show…

Meet The Press (NBC)
This Week (ABC)
Face The Nation (CBS)
State of the Union (CNN)
Fox News Sunday (Fox News)

And to be clear, I don’t watch these programs.

I monitor them.

And every week throughout this crisis I’ve tuned in dismayed by the unfortunate reality that  nothing has changed.

Just as they have the last four years and just as they will the next five…

The U.S. political news media — the best that Hollywood and academia have to offer given their aggregate strengths around acting, drama, debate and general aptitude — every minute of every day they will choose only stories that they hope will damage President Trump and put targets on the backs of anyone who supports or defends him. And every minute of every day they will characterize those stories in ways meant only to inflict the maximum damage to President Trump and anyone who supports or defends him. And every minute of every day they will suppress any aspect of those stories that might bode well for President Trump. And they will sensationalize every aspect of those stories that bolster their hate-filled narratives designed to target President Trump. And when they engage with people who support or defend President Trump they will relentlessly interrogate and seek to shame or otherwise humiliate those people. And when they engage with people who oppose President Trump they will promote and empower those individuals. And when their viewers and readers start to believe that anyone wearing a MAGA hat deserves to be violently assaulted, the media turn their backs and pretend it’s not happening. If they report on it at all they do so only in passing so they can say “See! We reported that!”, and then they go right back to stoking violent hatred in their Resistance audience while vilifying Americans who support President Trump.

And it’s constant. It’s literally 24×7. Twitter can be described as the media’s locker room and if you scroll the feeds of any CNN, NBC, Washington Post or New York Times “journalist” from the last several years, all you’ll find is an array of dishonestly characterized hit pieces on President Trump, snarky attacks on people who support or defend him, and total capitulation to and/or support of Democrats and their NeverTrump whipping boys.

And you might have thought that an actual crisis — the kind the media spent years telling us would be made more horrific due to an inability to trust Trump, when in fact for many of us it’s been made far more horrific because we can’t trust the media — you might have thought the onset of that kind of crisis would’ve inspired the media to rise above their trashy, snarky, immature, entirely transparent partisanship and perversion of the powers afforded to them by the First Amendment.

But you were wrong.

So far this otherwise beautiful Sunday morning I’ve only gotten through one program: CNN’s State Of The Union. But it was, just as it’s been every other week, another full hour of Resistance Jake Tapper piling on in every intellectually dishonest and divisive way he and his producers could muster to characterize the news in a way designed to damage President Trump and make anyone who supports or defends him look like dangerous idiots who deserve to be shamed and attacked at every turn.

And I know when I get through the rest of them — NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox News with Chuck Todd-Wallace — it will be more of the same.

Don’t let the media fool you. I know with Trump’s approval for handling the Wuhan Virus being a net 33 points higher than the media’s, increasingly large numbers of Americans aren’t fooled by the media. But this 22-second video that parodies one of CNN’s earliest “#FactsFirst” ads, tells the story pretty well. The media tell you they’re coming at the news from an impartial perspective. They’re not. They’re coming at the news from a leftist (anti-Trump) perspective. And that partisan characterization they use to pick, package and deliver their reporting, is the most pervasive and unfortunate quality you can use to spot today’s unfortunately pervasive “fake news.”

In 2020, there is no greater blight on our nation’s progress and unity than the U.S. political news media. Vladimir Putin and the Russians couldn’t in their wildest dreams hope to stoke the persistent levels of distrust, discord and disunity fomented every minute of every day by our political news media; an unmistakable marketing arm for the otherwise feckless and toothless Democratic party. They are the Democrats’ best weapon and our nation’s greatest threat. They are the enemy of a united American people. And anyone who thinks they’re merely guilty of infrequent errors or omissions but are otherwise operating in good faith, either isn’t paying attention or doesn’t care.

Thankfully, in no small part due to President Trump’s refusal to be bullied or intimidated by them, more Americans are beginning to the see the truth. And as that happens the cesspool of snobs and bottom-feeders who comprise the U.S. political news media slide further down the swamp’s drain. And very few of us will lose a wink of sleep when Trump wins this November in a landslide, and within 6 months thousands of these little liberal soldiers masquerading as impartial news professionals lose their jobs as hundreds of their media vehicles crash and burn. To the contrary, millions of otherwise good-hearted and vengeance-averse Americans will have to smile at least a little bit while we watch this clique of lying, divisive, destructive monsters get exactly what they’ve long deserved.


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One comment

  1. MAGA does not watch any of those programs and MAGA does not monitor them neither. They will never convince us of their FAKE NEWS. MAGA does not lose energy or time with Lemon, Wallace, Tapper, Fredo, Mica, Joe etc. Good luck for you, monitor these losers have to be exhausted.


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