The Media’s WuFlu Wish List: Shut The Whole Country Down, And Run Out Of Supplies

While the U.S. political news media have spent the vast majority of their time and effort trying to create distrust, discord and disunity by attacking President Trump and his team, they’re using whatever is left over during this crisis in pursuit of two additional goals that have become so glaring that it’s now worth pointing them out.

It’s become abundantly clear after weeks of watching and listening that the media desperately want a) the entire nation shut down and with it every job terminated and every freedom revoked, and b) for the federal government to deplete every healthcare-related resource it has until there’s literally nothing left to give.

The media’s primary goal, as has been the case for the last four years, is to attack and destroy President Trump along with any American who supports or defends him. And because they think everyone outside of their NYC-DC bubble is an idiot, they believe we’re oblivious to the seething hatred they have for President Trump and the flagrant partisanship with which they cover him.

But when they’re at least pretending not to be the Resistance’s most dangerous and powerful marketing arm, the aforementioned two pursuits are the media’s way of more subtly hastening what they hope will be President Trump’s demise.

Right now I’m watching Anderson Cooper and Sanjay Gupta — two partisan, political hacks who work for CNN — take turns angrily complaining that President Trump won’t just tell all the nation’s governors to kill off the few jobs that Americans still have and insist nobody leave their homes for any reason unless they can prove that their lives depend on it. And we’ve seen this happening for weeks all across the media landscape. Everywhere you look, when the Jim Acostas and Yamiche Alcindors of the world aren’t asking brilliant questions like “This is all your fault. Why are you so stupid?”, they’re pushing for more drastic measures to revoke more freedoms and create more social and economic carnage.

There isn’t a single voice in the mainstream media responsibly asserting any level of skepticism whatsoever about the one-size-fits-all approach the rest of them have spent weeks barreling toward. In a single voice, as they do so often, every one of them wants to make damn sure they’re the only people still employed and able to move about freely in America. And they won’t let off the gas until or unless they get their way.

The second angle they’re all uniformly pursuing is for the federal government to empty its shelves of every healthcare-related resource it has. I first noticed this several weeks ago and have since seen it time and again at the press briefings and the center of discussions on CNN, NBC and the rest.

“What do you mean the federal government still has masks and ventilators that they haven’t given to that one governor or that one mayor or that one state or that one city that we’re so focused on this morning even though by this afternoon we’ll all be weeping over the lack of masks and ventilators in that other city or state? Why does President Trump want people to die!?

If you audit all the coverage over the last month, you’ll find some caliber of that sentiment happening no less than 10 times every day.

The goal isn’t to help these cities and states get the supplies they so desperately need. If that were the case, then the entire media universe wouldn’t have taken to Twitter so they could mock and attack My Pillow’s Mike Lindell for <checks notes> converting 75% of his manufacturing facilities so they can produce masks to help our nation during its time of need.

The goal, rather, is to crybully President Trump into exhausting literally every resource the government has so they can shift the narrative to something like:

“What good is the federal government under Trump anyway? Not only has he shown us what an irresponsible leader he is by ripping through literally every resource the government has, but now he has nothing left to give anyway. And by the way — what if there’s another outbreak or a different virus!? Why does President Trump want people to die?!

Watch for it.

When they’re not playing “Gotcha!” or asking insanely loaded questions that no Democrat ever has or will have to endure once let alone 50 times a day for four straight years (“Everything is awful. Why are you so terrible?”), they’ll be trying to push President Trump into inflicting more pain on our nation while also attacking him for not having ripped through literally every resource at the federal government’s disposal to help alleviate anxiety over the media’s endless supply of “what if” worst case scenarios that we’ve been promised every day for the last 30+ days will definitely happen tomorrow.


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