Media Intensifies Push To Imprison America & Destroy Our Economy

Naturally unwilling to let a crisis in part of their own making go to waste, the media kicked off the first weekend in April with a smear campaign of any governor who refuses to comply with the media’s authoritarian demands.

Thanks entirely to efforts by what’s become quite literally the least trusted name in news (CNN), “8 Republican” [governors] was trending on Twitter this morning with tens of thousands of eager little liberal activists doing their best to shame Republican governors who have not issued “stay-at-home” orders for their respective states.

Underscoring the idiocy of the national panic attack incited by the U.S. political news media, this unhinged demand for a one-size-fits-all solution reinforces one of the media’s key goals: they won’t rest until every American job is lost, and the elites in the media are the only ones allowed to move freely about our nation.

Just last night I wrote about the media’s two goals above and beyond their standard attacks on President Trump and anyone who supports him…

It’s become abundantly clear after weeks of watching and listening that the media desperately want a) the entire nation shut down and with it every job terminated and every freedom revoked, and b) for the federal government to deplete every healthcare-related resource it has until there’s literally nothing left to give.

It’s that first goal that’s being pushed with additional vigor and bloodlust by the media this morning. They’re encouraged because they claimed two more scalps on Friday and Saturday when Governors Kay Ivey and Mike Parson imposed the statewide stay-at-home orders in Alabama and Missouri respectively.

And that’s what this is all about.

It’s surely not about safety and/or science, at least not for the media. For the healthcare community and His Highness Fauci, sure: the best case scenario would be a global stay-at-home order where nobody on the planet was allowed to leave their home until every last case of the Wuhan Virus is accounted for and we have proven means and delivery mechanisms with which to treat, cure and/or prevent it.

But that’s not going to happen, nor should it.

So we look more closely at our own backyard.

New York City, for example, responsible for nearly 40% of America’s Wuhan Virus cases, merits a stay-at-home order if that’s the means by which their state government in coordination with our federal government seeks to mitigate the spread.

Others argue that quarantining the elderly and immunocompromised would do far less damage to our nation’s social, economic and mental health and far more damage to the virus’s potency as herd immunity is realized — but that’s no longer a viable option because the media has won that battle. As a result, anyone who actually leans in to promulgating herd immunity and targeted quarantining as a solution would forever be branded a war criminal and personally responsible for literally every death that followed his or her orders.

So instead we’re doing what the media lusts after and the healthcare community will always promote if given the authority to do so: worst-case-scenario authoritarian rule that demands total submission from everyone. And honestly, I package it in stark terms there but it is one on an extremely and unfortunately short list of reasonable solutions from a healthcare standpoint when it comes to mitigating a pandemic.

The fact remains, that’s not why the media is so uncritically enthusiastic about it and ferociously opposed to the mere mention of any additional solutions. The media wants it because they desperately want to exploit every angle of this crisis that they can. And that includes getting to blast “TOTAL NATIONAL SHUTDOWN” headlines and chyrons, while shaming and marginalizing any governor or other individual who stands in their way. And they want to blast “TOTAL NATIONAL SHUTDOWN” because they want to impose as much damage as possible to our nation’s social, economic and mental health. And they want to impose that damage because they want to blame it all on President Trump. And they want to blame it all on President Trump because they are parasites in the swamp that he promised to drain and so for them stopping him isn’t a matter of principle. It’s a matter of survival.

And Twitter is the media’s locker room. It’s where they meet to rally their troops (ie, The Resistance) and arm them with talking points.

NOTE: Twitter several months ago did away with the one feature that would let users actually audit what words or phrases were truly trending with organic mentions: the ability to click a trend and watch the ensuing number of times the word or phrase was actually tweeted about. It was auto-populated and real-time, meaning you could open the trend “#TwitterRocks” and in a separate window open the trend “#TwitterSucks,” and then watch in real time to see which one truly was getting more mentions. (After a few minutes, “#TwitterRocks” would show “1,274 tweets” while “#TwitterSucks” might show “1,622 tweets,” for example.) But when you click a trend now you see only the most recent mention and have to refresh the page to see new mentions; an obvious step backward by any measure (highly suspect for a tech company), and one that deprives users the ability to actually see for themselves just how many mentions a trending word or phrase is truly getting. And ever since they took the obvious step backwards, the only words or phrases they’ve allowed to actually appear in their top trends listing are those that comport with the leftist media’s preferred narratives. I digress…

And so today we see “8 Republican” [governors] trending because the media wants to make sure all of their troops in The Resistance get the memo: “It’s time to start attacking those 8 Republican governors who refuse to submit to our demands, so we can get on with the business of creating as much carnage as possible that we can weaponize to use against President Trump.”

It won’t last long on Twitter because it’s as uninspiring as everything else the media and left manufacture in 2020. (Think “Joe Biden,” for example.) But it will remain their focus for the days and weeks to come until every governor has submitted.

And my money says they will submit. Because common sense and federalism and rejecting authoritarian one-size-fits-all approaches be damned: as the number of hold-outs gets smaller, the pressure will mount on those who remain. And the media has made sure this will be a political battle. It’s one of the reasons that I’ve suggested President Trump has decided to play along. (Of course he also has to play along at this point because if he didn’t, the media would claim he’s personally responsible for literally every death that followed. There can be no solution that isn’t “Shut America down and kill every job and destroy our economy,” because the media managed to win that argument. In fairness, “Do this or you want people to die!” is a pretty easy argument for one side to win, and a pretty tough one for another to argue against.)

Regardless of who submits or doesn’t, this will be the media’s newest and shiniest object. So buckle up and get ready for yet more unhelpful politicization and regressive groupthink from the once-revered and valuable Fourth Estate, disgraced and discredited for generations to come by the political activists masquerading as impartial journalists at CNN, NBC, NYT, WaPo and the rest.

CORRECTION, 4/4/20 at 2:01PM ET: An earlier version incorrectly cited Georgia as a state newly imposing the stay-at-home mandate. It was actually Alabama that did so, as noted by a helpful reader (Tim) noted in the comments section. If I get something wrong, thanks in advance for letting me know as I’m my own editor!


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    • I corrected myself twice before publishing but for entirely inexplicable reasons had GA on the brain and never actually made the change. Thanks for the kind feedback, and better still the helpful editing!


  1. Always Bolshevik Communism (ABC)
    Communist Bolshevik Soviet (CBS)
    Clowns Not News (CNN)
    Faux (FOX)
    Nothing But Communism (NBC)
    Pure Bolshevik Scum (PBS)


  2. Basically they have ended freedom to assemble/communicate beyond that which can be monitored online, freedom to trade/engage in personal economic activity beyond that which can be monitored online. Soon they will ditch the FRNotes and go cashless so they can monitor everything we spend, what we buy, and control how much we get.


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