Twitter Refuses To Delete Public ‘Execution’ Of Vox & Politico Employees

Two Democrat activists masquerading as impartial journalists were metaphorically murdered Friday on Twitter, and the notoriously censor-happy liberals who work at Twitter have as of this writing declined to remove the graphic slayings from their pages.

First was Politico’s Natasha Bertrand who, despite claiming to be a neutral reporter objectively covering the news, has spent her entire career attacking Republicans while defending and/or promoting Democrats. She works primarily for Politico but also moonlights for NBC News; both notoriously left wing and perfectly suited vehicles for Bertrand as she contributes daily to the U.S. political news media disgracing and discrediting the entire Fourth Estate for generations to come.

Not for the faint of heart, the tweet below shows Bertrand’s untimely professional demise:

The image on the top left is Bertrand claiming it’s “wild” that the Navy hospital ship docked in NYC to treat patients who don’t have the Wuhan Virus, is only treating patients who don’t have the Wuhan Virus. I’m pretty sure everyone on the planet knew that was the original intent for the ship, but somehow Bertrand — who is constantly looking for new ways to attack President Trump and his team — didn’t get the memo.

The image on the top right is an excerpt from an NBC News piece (where Bertrand works) noting that the ship “will serve as a hospital for non-COVID-19 patients.”

The image on the bottom left is an excerpt from a Politico piece (where Bertrand works) noting that the ship “will not treat coronavirus patients.”

And the image on the bottom right, the murder weapon if you will, is Bertrand’s own bio boasting her role as a National Security correspondent for Politico and a contributor to NBC News.

In her zeal to exploit our nation’s pain and use it to bludgeon President Trump, Bertrand gutted herself and bled out all over everyone else in the room with her. “Embarrassing” is an understatement.

The second metaphoric execution happened later in the evening and showed Vox’s German Lopez meet his maker despite a flailing and pathetic attempt to cheat his way out of it.

Lopez is among the U.S. political news media’s newest brand of activists who don’t even pretend to be neutral or impartial. They effectively admit with enthusiasm their hatred for President Trump, and staunch commitment to leftist causes and politicians. But they still operate under the banner of “impartial” because their employers, like Vox’s Ezra Klein, still claim with a straight face that they and their publications are in fact fair and balanced (they’re not) and thus deserve to be treated and respected as straight news outlets (they don’t).

Nevertheless, Vox employees are tonight no doubt mourning the loss of Lopez whom they may remember fondly as the little liberal that couldn’t.

The image on the left is a post from Vox one month ago, March 2nd, insisting that “you do not need a mask to avoid coronavirus” and railing against any derelict who says masks may help thwart being infected by the virus.

The image on the right is from this evening. It’s Vox’s German Lopez claiming that if it weren’t for his personal recommendation, the federal government would have never suggested the public start wearing masks. According to Lopez, he’s been a lone crusader urging the government to embrace the importance of masks, and it’s because of him that they finally did so.

The murder weapon is in the tweet itself, where it’s noted that the author of the piece from a month ago — the one railing against those dolts and rubes who think masks are a good idea — was written by Lopez. Yes. The same Lopez now claiming that he’s been saying all along masks were important, and that he and he alone is why the federal government finally came around to saying the same thing.

Some people may take issue with my use of “murder” and “execution” here. The terms seemed fair given the levels of humiliation and devastation of Bertrand’s and Lopez’s credibility. And as long as (for example) Nancy Pelosi’s own daughter, herself a highly influential public figure, can get away with actually promoting violence as an acceptable response to speech — which she did just a few short weeks ago and no journalist covered it and no Democrat was forced to answer for or repudiate it — then I’m not going to apologize for using analogies that liberals will pretend offend their delicate sensibilities.

It’s 2020 America and thanks to the media, violence has become an acceptable response to speech as long as that speech is in any way supportive of President Trump. And so-called “journalists” like Natasha Bertrand (NBC and Politico) and German Lopez (Vox) are central figures in creating that disgusting, shameful, unfortunate reality.

But don’t worry. Even after being shamed and called out and caught and exposed, just like so many of their equally disgraceful friends in the U.S. political news media, Natasha and German will climb out of their graves and just keep soldiering on like the zombies they are: completely unaware of what’s happening around them, and laser focused on their thirst for the blood of President Trump and any American who dares to support or defend him.


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  1. These Leftists don’t understand one thing. We’re Pissed. And when this is over. We hunt the enemy down like dogs and make fish food out of them all.


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