Watching The Media Celebrate Our National Journey To Fear & Pain

Right now I feel like they’ve won.

“They” being the politically activist media who have spent decades trying to combat American exceptionalism subtly, and the last four years doing so aggressively as they admit they’re no longer even pretending to be neutral while putting targets on the backs of any American who dares to support or defend our nation’s duly-elected President.

And I feel like they’ve won because in this moment as I sit to finally write something after almost a full week of just watching — all I have left in my tank is anger, fear and hopelessness; the political news media’s most prized emotions.

As of last week I lost what I was certain was my own very secure job. I’m watching my loved ones lose their livelihoods. It’s only a matter of time, I’m told, before exponentially more of us start losing our lives.

I’m an introvert of the most profound order (INFJ) and have always valued my time alone in the familiar surroundings of my own home. And having been blessed for the last 6+ years with gainful employment that allowed me to work from home, the “self quarantine” aspect of this didn’t bother me in the slightest.

But there’s an ugliness to knowing that the rest of the world — all of those critical extroverts with whom I’ve partnered over the years to realize so much professional success and personal fun — there’s an ugliness to knowing they, and everyone else of all personality shapes and sizes, are effectively on house arrest.

The world is shut down.

There is no business for anyone outside of the healthcare community.

My entire LinkedIn feed, minus my own which has become unapologetically political since losing my own job, is nothing but once uniquely-versed leaders and individual contributors now all hocking in unison their ability to help others learn how to work from home.

Work for what?

Hunters and farmers alike are pursuing game that no longer exists and scavenging fields that are almost entirely barren.

All anyone can do is keep telling each other that it will get better, while trying to put a positive spin on how great everyone’s positive spin is.

Positive spin for what?

Of course we’ll survive. Of course at some point there will be an end in sight. But the carnage en route to that finish line is already like nothing our nation has ever seen.

And we’re just getting started.

Some of your absolute favorite small businesses have already shuttered. And you don’t even know it because you haven’t made your daily commute in weeks. They tried to stay afloat. They cut hours. They cut workers. They cut prices. You and a few others bought a few gift cards or got some takeout or tipped extra big that one time you were able to extend your patronage. But it wasn’t enough. By a mile.

And now it’s gone.

And hundreds of thousands of small business just like it will cease to exist in the coming month. Millions of Americans will lose their jobs, and tens of millions have already lost their life savings.

My best hope to stay positive was to write this off as a media-driven panic attack manufactured like all the rest of the media’s false alarms: exclusively for partisan, political gains. And amid all the other sadness and death and destruction and hopelessness I see, there that media is — booming because all any of us have left is to stay glued to every second of this.

And if you visit the media’s locker room, aka Twitter, you’ll find their entire team popping champagne and high-fiving while yelling “GRAB ‘EM BY THE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION!” Go scroll through the last few weeks of tweets by the most high profile “journalists” you can think of from NYT or WaPo or CNN or NBC and you’ll find a long papertrail of giddy hit pieces and snarky attacks on Trump and his team, along with plenty of pro-China propaganda and a smattering of “feel good” stories to help conceal the broader joy they’re experiencing amid our national pain.

The media couldn’t be happier about all of this. Because despite President Trump’s approval overall going up, and his approval for handling the Wuhan Virus being a net 33 points higher than the media’s — they know they’re still ultimately winning.

Think of the media as a group of bullies you have to face when you walk home from school each day. Only in addition to being the neighborhood bullies, they also publish the newsletter that’s read by your whole town. And every day you walk home from school, you have to walk through their section of the neighborhood. And every day you walk through their section, they attack you and beat you and call you names. And then when you wake up the next day, you and your family all sit around the breakfast table having to read about the bullying in stories written by the bullies themselves. Then one day you find another route home. You can still hear the bullies beating and berating other poor souls who still walk through their section, but you’ve found a safer and healthier path home. And soon word spreads and nobody walks through the bullies’ part of the neighborhood anymore. But the bullies are still there, loud as can be, yelling to each other about how dominant and effective and important they are. And every morning, even though they’ve lost virtually all their power and their stories are now devoid of any actual substance, you still have to read about how dominant and effective and important they are because they still write the stories. And that’s the story they’re telling, and nobody will ever be able to convince them otherwise.

That’s the political news media in 2020 America.

They are soulless bullies hellbent on terrorizing our nation through attacks of their own making that they in turn tell us about (“report”) in great detail from a single, highly partisan perspective: their own. And even though they lose every fight they pick and every battle they wage, they still believe they’re winning the war because they’re the ones who write the war stories and that’s the one they’re sticking to.

And as someone who’s seen and written about this for years, I’m tired and nearly broken by it amid a time of actual crisis. It’s been a week since I’ve written anything of my own. And during that time I’ve been hobbled by much of the fear that everyone else had already succumbed to. And you can throw a lot of sadness and hopelessness on top of the pile because that’s what happens to me when fear starts to win.

I don’t hide, cower, fidget or flinch.

I mourn.

And then, at my very best, when I’m lucky, I pray.

And when I pray, things become more clear.

And I’m able to lift my head a little higher and remember, as I’ve told myself before every “biggest election of our lifetime,” that no matter what happens — it’s all in God’s hands; that no matter what happens, He is still in control and can snap His fingers and change everything as we know it, if He so chose.

But He doesn’t do that. Because that isn’t the world He gave us. That isn’t the life He gave us. And no matter how dire things may seem to us, He knows better.

And that’s where I’m headed next. I’m headed toward prayerfulness, and I expect to come back stronger and better for it.

But I’m also angry as I watch the media celebrate our nation’s fear, and congratulate each other for having incited this national panic attack. I’m angry as I watch the media yet again jump at every opportunity to trash America in support of our foes.

They spent four years doing Russia’s dirty work by inspiring more disunity, distrust and discord than Putin could ever dream of in ten lifetimes.

When our military forces took out one of the world’s leading terrorists (Qasem Soleimani), the media called it “murder” and deified the sadistic spawn of Satan. The U.S. political news media literally sided with Iran and its terrorist leaders because it meant a fresh opportunity to snipe at President Trump and his administration.

And now when our nation begins to rot by every meaningful metric while assuming a humiliating fetal position with no end in sight to the myriad carnage, our media blames us while promulgating the propaganda of the Chinese government that’s responsible for this havoc. (There are literally thousands of examples but Stephen Miller aka @redsteeze has been relentless calling out all angles of it. You can scroll through a comprehensive sampling by clicking here.)

And the media do it with smiles. And they do it with glee. And they do it under the assumption that their journalistic Jihad is actually a moral good and someday they’ll all be celebrated for wearing their suicide vests to work every day and bombing into oblivion the very free press they exploited in pursuit of their social and political aspirations.

As if all the pain and sadness I’m watching our nation go through weren’t bad enough, I have to also watch the media celebrate it while congratulating themselves and looking for new ways to make it all worse.

And I don’t know what to do about that. And I don’t know how to write about it. And I don’t know how to combat it “one story at a time” from my little space here at LBA.

But after a week of quietly watching it all play out, I had to start somewhere. And now I’m going to pray. And I’m going to count the many, many blessings I have in my life. And then I’ll return and get back to the business of helping put America first, draining the swamp, and calling out the disgraced and discredited media who are so obviously and shamefully threatened by both of those endeavors.


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  1. Just like any virus, everyone in the world will have to deal with it eventually. If you survive or not is dependent on your body’s handling of it. I see a connection with 1973. Perhaps the person who would have had the answer was aborted in 1980.


  2. Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not: nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not: the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.

    Calvin Coolidge


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