Spectacular Failure: Joe Biden’s Teleprompter Broke & It Was Hilarious

While the corporate media are busy pretending that President Trump is an incompetent dolt and Cognitive Decline Joe Biden is the most stable and capable leader in the history of the world, reality has a different perspective.

Earlier today Biden was giving one of his pretend press conferences where he doesn’t actually talk to any reporters and everything he says is scripted and he’s put back in his box immediately upon completion lest our nation get any more good looks at just how quickly and painfully he’s deteriorating. (I’d be a lot more delicate about the reality and sensitive to his plight if the corporate media who support him hadn’t spent the last 4 years putting a target on my back and normalizing violence against anyone who supports or defends President Trump. So forgive me if I’m not as gentle as some of you might want me to be with respect to Biden’s glaringly obvious mental devolution.)

But today was unusually fun because they couldn’t even get that right.

Watch and enjoy as Biden’s teleprompter goes down, demonstrating every bit of the incompetent amateur hour that the media desperately wants you to believe only Cognitive Decline Joe can save us from…

It’s just too perfect.

And we’re going to see a lot more of it as this campaign unfolds, especially since — mark my words — this whole Chinese Virus thing will disappear as fast as it arrived. And President Trump will absolutely come out on top despite, sadly, the very real damage that the media’s campaign of fear will have done to very real American individuals, families and businesses.

Still, soon enough, we can all go back to watching Biden spectacularly fail while the corporate media is left doing their best “Weekend At Bernie’s” impression to try, however unsuccessfully, to keep their disaster of a candidate propped up.


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  1. I honestly believe God has a hand in this. Trump doesn’t even have to try Biden is destroying himself. The best part is if he makes it to the democrat nomination he’ll be arrested before the election. We can’t have corrupt and mentally depleted Joe as president. Nope


  2. The people that this guy surrounds himself with must be total buffoons.

    His virtual town hall meeting was an absolute disaster.

    It took them a week to outfit his house with video equipment so he could speak at home.

    And now his teleprompter doesn’t work.

    And Dems want him to run this country??!!!! Yikes!!!!!


  3. He just looks old and worn out. If he were a boxer the corner would have thrown the towel in already. He’s out-cold on his feet.


  4. I am a staunch conservative but I actually feel sorry for him. Maybe this is his ploy. He knows President Trump will be brutal on him and he will get the pity vote.


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