Nancy Pelosi’s Daughter Promotes Violence Against Republicans, And The Media Won’t Even Report It

Nancy Pelosi’s daughter, herself a highly influential public figure, recently said on Twitter that violently assaulting people with whom you disagree politically is the “right” thing to do.

As some of you will recall but most of you sadly won’t, in November 2017 Senator Rand Paul was violently attacked by his neighbor who was/is also a card-carrying member of The Resistance. Senator Paul was mowing his lawn when his neighbor, in the midst of an unhinged meltdown likely brought on from watching too much CNN, charged at him full steam and broke six of Paul’s ribs in the ensuing assault.

Senator Paul eventually needed to get a portion of his lungs removed as a result of injuries sustained during the felony attack.

And Nancy Pelosi’s daughter, Christine Pelosi, thinks that’s the right way to respond to someone if you don’t like their political views. And she said so in plain sight, for all to see.

And nobody batted an eye.

The media didn’t cover this.

Not a single Democrat was asked about it or disavowed it.

And the liberal 20-somethings who run Twitter and spend their entire days permanently banning people on the right for exponentially less, thought the promotion of violence was a perfectly acceptable use of their platform and well within the community guidelines and standards. (UPDATE, 3/24/20 at 12:30PM ET: It appears that a full 2 days later, the liberals at Twitter did finally remove Pelosi’s tweet. But her account is of course still in good standing while anyone on the right who promoted violence against elected leaders would be banned for life so fast their heads would spin!)

Because if you’re a peaceful, loving, tolerant liberal then apparently you’re allowed to promote violence as an acceptable response to speech without any pushback or repercussions.

Of course, unfortunately, we’ve known for this many years now.

When Resistance Jake Tapper and his gal pals at CNN are forced to cover left-on-right violence, they’ll offer an obligatory 15-second lecture about how violence isn’t okay.

And then they’ll go right back to their regularly scheduled programming wherein they encourage their viewers and anyone else who will listen to hate and fear any American who dares to support and/or defend President Trump.

They’ve spent a solid 4 years at this point putting targets on the backs of Trump supporters, while simultaneously ignoring or even defending the now-normalized violence regularly perpetrated against Americans who publicly show their support for the President.

But if a Trump supporter even glances in a less-than-friendly way at a member of the media’s revered Resistance, it’s a story for several days if not weeks. And literally every elected Republican is forced to respond to and renounce what the corporate media collectively insist is (accurately paraphrasing) “a total breakdown of civility and shameful acceptance of violence that is promoted and often celebrated by President Trump himself.”

I would love to see Resistance Jake or NeverTrump Chuck Todd or any of the rest of the media who have spent 4 years inciting violent hatred and then ignoring it when it happens, even try to wear a MAGA hat for a full day in any major city.

They’ll never do it.

And they’re smart not to.

Do you know why?

Because they know they wouldn’t even make it to lunch before they were viciously assaulted.

This is the environment they created.

And the only reason Nancy Pelosi’s daughter Christine feels empowered to promote violence and political assassination is because she knows the media will sit back and let her.

Twitter won’t reprimand her for it.

The media won’t cover it.

Her mom’s Democrat friends won’t be chased through the halls of Congress forced to respond to it.

She can just put it out there and nobody will do a damn thing about it.

And if reading this makes you angry, it should. But do not allow yourself to become the monster the media insist you already are, and do not give them ammunition with which to make it look like we’re the violent ones. If you want to shame Resistance Jake Tapper and NeverTrump Chuck Todd for creating this environment and only commenting on disgusting threats like Pelosi’s tepidly and when they’re forced to, then do it. Tell them they should be ashamed and that we’re not stupid and that we see them. You can reach Resistance Jake here on Twitter, and NeverTrump Chuck here. And share this piece far and wide to shame Pelosi and all the Democrats who stand by idly while they level these threats. In 2020 we have the opportunity to do the work that the media won’t do. Not that of the justice system. That remains well outside of our purview, and unlike the left — we are all punished when any one of us forgets that.


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