Once Again Trump Was Right, I Was Wrong, And The Media Is About To Lose Bigly

While just about everyone has been busy virtue signaling their appreciation for “the seriousness” of the COVID-19, I was ferociously documenting my certainty that the only real carnage ahead would be political in nature and manufactured by the media expressly to damage President Trump before the November election.

And I was right.

And as the threat of the virus becomes less dire and the media’s attempts to weaponize it against President Trump become more obvious, Americans everywhere are emerging from their panic rooms and nodding along with the small handful of us who were sounding that alarm early on.

Despite being a well-documented germaphobe, I think President Trump probably knew the truth also.

I should note: Having spent 20+ years as a salesperson often selling at the C-level in the business community, I’ve learned a lot about the importance of “overcoming objections.” And one thing I like to do is manage objections before they’re even leveled. So in several of my pieces this past week I responded to this easily anticipated “objection” from those who would disagree with my assertion that the virus would never net even a fraction of the damage that we’d been led to believe was imminent…

“Yeah but even the integrity-rich healthcare community is sounding the alarm. And even your boy Trump is!! If the virus wasn’t really gonna be a big deal, then why would they all be making it a big deal also!?!?!”

My best response came in the first piece I wrote about it…

I hear you. But what you don’t appreciate, from my seat, is that the massively powerful and influential media is more than capable of creating levels of hysteria that a) empower the health community to assert its worst-case-scenario authority and b) create such panic and havoc that virtually everyone including President Trump have to respond in kind or the damage — caused by fear, not the virus itself — will only get worse.

That, I believe, is why President Trump ended up diving on the panic button right alongside the media.

But as we start turn the corner on this and I don’t see him even begin to budge from that position, something else is starting to become clear.

He’s a showman. And I know this will come as a shock to many of you but I’m one of his earliest and strongest supporters so please don’t shoot the messenger — but the fact is, sometimes, he’s a little fast and loose with the truth. And sometimes he exaggerates in order to score points and earn capital and one-up his opposition. And I’m pretty sure that just like he turned “fake news” around on them (it was actually a term that CNN’s Brian Stelter first made famous until Trump stole it from him and eventually began claiming he invented it), he’ll turn the media’s Chinese Virus hysteria around on them too.

I predicted several days ago that when this whole thing was over and it didn’t net even a fraction of the death and medical destruction that the media said it would, that the media would take credit instead of being held accountable for creating the panic that decimated our nation’s economic and social order.

Now I’m watching President Trump, instead of leaning into the notion that the media created this national humiliation to hurt him in two ways (first by destroying the economy he planned to run on, and second by giving them fresh leverage to call him incompetent and unserious) — instead of calling the media out for that, he’s still playing the game right alongside them.


Because even though he knows now, and maybe even knew all along like many of us did, that this will never be as bad as the media wanted everyone to believe — even though he knows that, he sees an opportunity to claim that he was the hero who stopped it.

And frankly if anyone deserves that credit, it truly is him. Because the travel ban(s) he instituted, starting way back in January, were gutsy and tough and may have done more to thwart a domestic spread than anything else. And there’s no way other presidents would’ve acted so decisively and unapologetically.

But I also don’t think the Chinese Virus was ever going to do near the damage that the media terrorized our nation into believing it would. And I think if President Trump didn’t know that before, he does now. And I think he’s still playing the game because he plans to use the mess the media created to elevate himself as the real savior.

And if that’s really what he’s doing, and having thought about it I can’t imagine him going about this thing any other way, then he’s yet again proven to be a much more agile and shrewd leader and fighter than I could ever hope to be in my wildest dreams.

I’d be yelling from the rooftops — as I have been — that the media deserve to be called out for their dishonesty and carelessness, and for the damage they caused. But President Trump, several steps ahead either by genius or divine intervention that’s repeatedly afforded him fantastic political fortune, isn’t attacking the media any more or less than he ever did before. He’s leveraging the panic they created, perhaps even knowing full well it will never manifest with the severity that the media said it would, for his own political gain. He’s going to just let their lies and deceptions stand, because in the end he can exploit it to make himself the hero who thwarted “what promised to be a once in a hundred year catastrophe.”

This doesn’t have to all be some grand plot. To put it all more simply: The media ginned this up to hurt him, and rather than call them out for it he — wittingly or not — leaned into their hysteria to his own benefit. And now that the carnage the media promised will never come, Trump will take credit for thwarting it.

I believe that’s exactly what we’re about to see.

Meanwhile, I was worried that…

1. The media would crush the economy that millions of Americans depended on and that President Trump was going to run on in November

2. The media would use the Chinese Virus “crisis” as a means of bludgeoning Trump for incompetence, unseriousness, and of course (yet again) RACISM!

3. Just like they all claimed to be heroes for their Russia reporting even though their outlandish conspiracy theories all blew up in their faces, they’d again claim to be the heroes of the Chinese Virus hysteria by insisting that it was their great reporting that helped stave off death for millions if not billions of people

4. While celebrating themselves as heroes, they would continue bludgeoning a nearly helpless President Trump in every way possible to inflict as much damage as possible before the November election

That’s what I was worried about. But it appears, instead, that…

1. President Trump got way ahead of them yet again by playing their game instead of pulling the curtain back on it, and thus none of their hopes and dreams for this thing will come to pass. Just like he did with the Ukraine call when he completely destroyed their planned narrative by releasing the transcript right away, he’ll have completely upended their disgraceful and dishonest attempts to use this virus to damage him and disenfranchise the millions of Americans who voted for him. It’s like, whether it’s a very public fight or a completely silent one, his ability to “punch back” and win while doing it simply knows no bounds.

It just seems like the guy is always several steps ahead. And again, I don’t know if it’s genius or divine intervention. But I’ve spent the last week really sweating that the media had him/us dead to rights this time. And it occurred to me tonight as I heard the phrase “once in a hundred year crisis” said several times on CNN, that President Trump is actually going to capitalize on the hysteria the media created by — instead of calling them out for over hyping this whole thing — going right along with their narrative and claiming that he’s the leader who thwarted what they promised would almost assuredly spell disaster.

That’s the good news.

The bad news, aside from the economic damage and millions of lost jobs that the media created with this disgusting ploy: The media won’t change and when they realize their plan failed and Trump is taking the credit instead screaming into the void that the media “did this on purpose,” they’ll just change the story again. They’ll pretend none of this ever happened. And they’ll just go back to their normal script: he’s a racist, he’a a rapist, he’s a Russian spy and/or he’s literally insane.

Good thing he has four solid years of experience crushing them in the face of those lies, too.

Still not tired of winning.


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    The current circumstances nationwide in our country called America are a whole new paradigm for all of us Americans. All the rules of yesterday flew out the window this last few weeks!

    Our country has been under direct and indirect attack for quite some time.

    With very few exceptions our leader ship is more confused at the moment than ever before.

    One major tell tale of how government confusions affect each of us Americans has been exposed this last week.

    I have personally reviewed the so-called executive orders from the state of Washington and Arizona governors officers concerning closing down our whole societal structure. What I found was shocking. I called the secretary of states offices. They did not have the orders on file even though they admitted that they had placed the Seal of the State on the paper as required and then they sent it back to the governors office rather than follow the law.

    The highest officers of both Arizona and Washington executive branches have simply failed to follow their own rules and put all of us at risk, particularly business owners.

    The state statutes require the governors statement of emergency powers being applied to the public to be backed up with an official writing, with an official identifier and date, and then present it to the Secretary of State for the placing of the state seal and archiving as the public record held by the Secretary of State. This is the official mandatory function for a legal, lawful and legitimate, executive order affecting the people.

    When these elements are not met as required by law, the statements by the governor closing down any business or the peoples access to those businesses particularly while using the public highways and roads, are void on their face.

    The simple way to understand this is that if you have a weakness or a fraud, or a lie, or a failure to comply with the law, at the base of a public act, that act can-not be considered valid.

    What this means in the context of compensation to the businesses and people damaged is that all of our claims for compensation or damages could be considered invalid. The point is, how many times have we all seen the Government refuse or fail to follow their own rules, regulations, laws and keep their promises.

    Why take a chance now in these very confusing times?

    The simple fact is the law allows you to establish a pre-existing claim based on the statements issued by the government in any context whatsoever.

    If you voluntarily close your business who is the responsible party you or someone

    How do you hold the government accountable for compensation or damages for an act that you take on your own.?

    Closing your business with out a valid lawful act by government is a personal choice. The only one responsible for losses are the owners.

    I agree to close my business and stay off the public highway accessing business under valid duly filed Emergency Orders. This is what honest real Americans do during a real emergency. We Americans pull together when the chips are down.

    In the event the Emergency Executive Orders are defective in any manner how does the government be come responsible for the business losses.

    The solution is very simple. File a pre-claim to the Governor and notice the Attorney General and the Secretary of State that there are fatal defects in their procedures. The letter needs to do man the proof positive that the current China virus is more dangerous to the public than all of the other flu viruses in the flu season over the last 20 years. Included in the letter should be the reference to the online reports provided by the CDC that show the real numbers.

    When the real facts of what really caused the whole country move into panic and the facts show the panic was a based on misleading information, then the pre-claim will have real power.

    What better insurance against damage could be had?

    Holding the individual public employees limiting business or access to life’s necessities personally liable is the American way. This is also what real standup Americans do.

    Being that every American in particular business owners have the absolute right to protect their property and property interest, a pre-claim for damages or compensation is absolutely in order.

    Our businesses, our cash flow from those businesses, are our private properties!

    Our customers have the absolute right to have access to our business via the public highways and roads is a right due every American. That right is a property right in liberty and the right to travel and do business with who you choose.

    Property and property rights are protected by the state constitution and statutes.
    When the government takes property it is absolutely required to compensate those they take from. That’s the law!

    Our property rights are supposed to be protected by the law and those public servants operating the peoples governments.

    Filing a pre-claim establishing our position in relation to the so-called executive orders closing our country down is the only way for the people to protect ourselves.

    A simple Google search to CDC for the virus and flu season reports beginning in 2010 are available online. Reading the numbers and comparing them to the reports concerning the China Virus exposes something is wrong and smells really bad.
    LINK: https://www.cdc.gov/flu/about/burden/2018-2019.html
    LINK: World wide stats3/21/2020. https://www.statista.com/statistics/1043366/novel-coronavirus-2019ncov-cases-worldwide-by-country/
    NOTE: 277,000 China Virus world wide now.
    Last year in US 490,561 influenza hospitalizations and 34,157 deaths.

    If we the people do not protect ourselves,are we responsible for happens to us.

    Under what set of current circumstances is there a good reason to believe the government will provide compensation or damages given the current failures to simply file the Executive orders properly.

    We the people have a right to know what the law is and what valid executive orders are and have them available to us as required by law.

    Any one failing to act to protect their business, a private property, allows government to steal their property and future.

    Are we facing a new form of socialism leveling the playing field to the lowest common denominator where most of have nothing to support our selves and our families?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Nice to find one who understands the folly of what has happened, and good to see from the “The Once Again” article a great SWAG on how President Trump will come out of this.


  2. I agree with most you have stated. The cases numbers will continue to mount as more tests are given so I am focusing on the death rate. Pres. Trump is quite able to run a crisis mgmt. team. Can you imagine where we would be if Bengazi CLinton were in charge? Lastly, the countries hardest hit were in deals with China. See http://www.chinagoabroad.com/en


    • If Benghazi Clinton was in charge this entire Woo Flu would not be anything more than a small paragraph on page three. The entire circus is the socialist democrats, and by extension the Deep State, grasping at one last chance to take back power. Nothing more.
      We have one last chance to kill the monster this November. Failing that, be prepared to fight.


    • You are correct, the mayors in NYC, New Orleans, Seattle, Baltimore, SF, so many of them are doing exactly what you are saying.


  3. As of today, the U.S. has 32,000 cases and 400 deaths. Doubling time is under 7 days. So by June 1 we’ll have had 10 doublings (1024 x current number of cases) which will get us to about 32 million cases and maybe 320,000 deaths.all

    There are several footnotes for that but they go in both directions and none of them is likely to change the basic picture.

    Best wishes to all those who still see the economics and personal inconvenience as the main concerns.


    • Jesus you’re stupid. You can’t predict a virus’s spread in a population by estimating some made up “doubling” time” and multiplying. Epidemiologists use complicated algorithms to sort this out even they would never claim the kind of certainty at this stage of the game that you are.

      But even if you’re idiotic amateur epidemiology were accurate, 320,000 is bad but it’s not an unheard of human catastrophe with completely unpredictable consequences that the experiment imbeciles like you want to perform on the economy is. The vast majority of the fatalities would be very old or sick people. It’s awful if so many of the die but societies have carried on from being catastrophe’s without much effort,

      The effects of putting the breaks on the entire economy for several months, on the other hand, are completely unknown as no one was stupid enough to ever try it until now. The depression was around 3 consecutive years of a 10% drop in growth. If virtually every single brick and mortar small business in America closes down in the space of a few months — which is going to be what happens if this keeps going — we might have a catastrophic economic downturn that it will be impossible to quickly recover from causing all kinds of unforeseen shortages. We could wind up with more people dead from this virus as a result of a scarcity of medical supplies. Nobody knows what the effects of the madness your advocating will be but we know, as bad as it is, we can handle 320,000 people dying of a virus.

      But there aren’t going to be 320,000 deaths since that number was created by a moron who thinks he can model the spread of an infectious disease with near 100% accuracy with an algorithm that uses no other operations except multiplying by two. And, of course, when your ludicrous voodoo proves to be wrong, you won’t even remember the preposterous error you made, let alone acknowledge it. You’ll just move on to pontificate on something else you’ve neither the brains nor training to acquire even the most minimal understanding.

      Liked by 2 people

    • …In fact, all you have to do is look at death rates in other countries to see they don’t obey you’re made up “doubling time” calculation. Next time, before you inflict the drivel running through your poor excuse for half a brain on others, find someone who knows how to do a web search and get them to explain to you why you have no idea what you’re talking about.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Actually the steps taken have been tardy and minimal–following the contagion rather than heading it off. Every time the enemy gets well past a gate the ‘authorities’ close it. Even at this stage the vast majority still aren’t donning masks. Naturally you’re hearing and seeing a racket in the media: that’s what they always do, nitpicking for something to criticize or an inflammatory angle (just as we’re seeing in this article). Strangely, Corona will prove a boon for Trump. Stocks were too high and might very likely have collapsed during the runup to the election but now nobody can blame him and people will anticipate a resurgence when he’s reelected. He has that most valuable of presidential attributes–dumb luck–though he’d better be careful since his personal idiosyncrasies put him at higher than normal risk.


  5. The fake communist news and the dem/communist party have tried every thing and they still have not got Trump thank God .What will they try next?You can bet your sweet bippy they will try something I bet they have it all figured out if this wong dong flu don’t pan out there will be something new they will never give up right out of the communist play book.


  6. Late reply. I hope you are correct. I appreciate that you can support the ‘Orange Man’ and yet see his flaws in context. I think as a fellow ‘sales person’ you ‘get’ the man. I’ve got to think you’ve followed Scott Adams Periscopes and know what the tools of a Master Persuader. I appreciate that you spent time in California and got to know the place. Here’s a shout out to encourage you to keep going despite the ‘cancel’ culture of the Left. Admire the courage from my vantage point of being surrounded by the other side in Northern California. Keep safe.


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