As Data Becomes More Informed, The Chinese Virus Threat Becomes Less Dire

Many of us warned them from the beginning but the elites in conservative media and the Republican Party didn’t want to listen.

It increasingly appears clear that the entire Chinese Virus hysteria was manufactured by the corporate media as part of a last ditch effort to damage President Trump before the November elections. They wanted to create economic and social carnage because they knew they could blame it all on President Trump and further weaponize it to create political carnage.

The logical response from detractors: “Yeah but even the integrity-rich healthcare community is sounding the alarm. And so is your boy Trump!” As noted in a previous post (I’ve written many this past week on the subject)…

I hear you. But what you don’t appreciate, from my seat, is that the massively powerful and influential media is more than capable of creating levels of hysteria that a) empower the health community to assert its worst-case-scenario authority and b) create such panic and havoc that virtually everyone including President Trump have to respond in kind or the damage — caused by fear, not the virus itself — will only get worse.

And that’s what we’ve seen. And now everyone is completely bought in. Even the conservative media heavy hitters who I liked and/or respected the most were scared in to assuming the posture of finger-wagging virtue signalers, and out of amplifying even a shred of skepticism for the hysteria the media purposefully manufactured.

And now millions of people who don’t work in the media and who don’t have LinkedIn accounts, and who relied on their service industry and other small business jobs, are financially devastated.

President Trump is putting his trademarked “It’ll be great, maybe the greatest ever” spin on the comeback our nation will supposedly enjoy once this is over. But I’m not nearly as optimistic. And I don’t think he truly is either. This was so disgusting by the media. And so many bought in to it so shamefully and pathetically. I just don’t think there’s any chance for anything close to a happy ending. From another piece this past week…

Will the markets come roaring back once the Wuhan Virus doesn’t do even a fraction of the damage that the media have tried to terrorize our nation into believing it will? I don’t know. There’s a decent chance, tail between its legs, that it will only come crawling back while suffering under the weight of both shame and public humiliation for so pathetically reacting to the media’s disgusting scare tactics. When I’m proven right, our nation won’t breathe a sigh of relief. We’ll be ashamed and tacit in our ability or willingness to celebrate the fresh breath of life that awaits us after this season of terror and fear. It’s not like the promise of a snowstorm that never came. This will be much different. The media has stoked fears and panic that eclipse any lows we’ve seen them hit ever before in our history, and it won’t feel good for anyone when it’s over.

But now the data-driven analysis is coming in. And the more informed the numbers get, the exponentially less dire they become.

This piece is exhaustive but I encourage you to read it in its entirety. I’ll prime you with a few key conclusions, but you really should read the entire body of this man’s analysis because it’s strong and uniquely educational at a time when our nation needs far more science and far less virtue signaling from reactionaries in the government and media who don’t know any better.


UPDATE, 3/22/20 at 11:35AM ET: Apparently the link above is broken because the hosting site, Medium, deleted Aaron’s post. I republished it moments ago in its entirety and you can find it by clicking here and scrolling to the bottom.

Open schools
Closing schools is counterproductive. The economic cost for closing schools in the U.S. for four weeks could cost between $10 and $47 billion dollars (0.1–0.3% of GDP) and lead to a reduction of 6% to 19% in key health care personnel.

Based on transmission evidence children are more likely to catch COVID-19 in the home than at school. As well, they are more likely to expose older vulnerable adults as multi-generational homes are more common. As well, the school provides a single point of testing a large population for a possible infection in the home to prevent community spread.

Open up public spaces
With such little evidence of prolific community spread and our guiding healthcare institutions reporting the same results, shuttering the local economy is a distraction and arbitrary with limited accretive gain outside of greatly annoying millions and bankrupting hundreds of businesses. The data is overwhelming at this point that community-based spread and airborne transmission is not a threat. We don’t have significant examples of spreading through restaurants or gyms. When you consider the environment COVID-19 prefers, isolating every family in their home is a perfect situation for infection and transmission among other family members. Evidence from South Korea and Singapore shows that it is completely possible and preferred to continue on with life while making accommodations that are data-driven, such as social distancing and regular temperature checks.

Support business and productivity
The data shows that the overwhelming majority of the working population will not be personally impacted, both individually or their children. This is an unnecessary burden that is distracting resources and energy away from those who need it the most. By preventing Americans from being productive and specializing at what they do best (their vocation), we are pulling resources towards unproductive tasks and damaging the economy. We will need money for this fight.

Americans won’t have the freedom to go help those who get sick, volunteer their time at a hospital, or give generously to a charity. Instead, big government came barrelling in like a bull in a china shop claiming they could solve COVID-19. The same government that continued to not test incoming passengers from Europe and who couldn’t manufacture enough test kits with two months’ notice.
Let Americans be free to be a part of the solution, calling us to a higher civic duty to help those most in need and protect the vulnerable. Not sitting in isolation like losers.

Please read and share Mr. Ginn’s data analysis, observations and findings far and wide. Help arm President Trump with the social sanity and political strength he needs to start resisting the media’s insistence on economic terror as being the only means we have to “defeat” this likely entirely unimpressive seasonal bug.

Someone close to me recently suggested (paraphrasing), “Why don’t we just quarantine all the older people and those who are already immunocompromised? Our small business just laid off nearly 50 people. There are 100,000 new unemployment claims filed in Ohio last week. We won’t come roaring back from this. Lives are being destroyed right now and business and being shuttered and it will in many cases take years to recover from these few weeks worth of devastation. And stimulus and debt aren’t the answer. They have to empower us to do this ourselves; to get back to work.”

It’s a dire observation and a potentially far more sound alternative solution to the total shutdown of America that the media empowered the medical community to assert and scared our government into adopting.

It’s time to get away from the virtue signaling and fear, and lean into the increasingly informed data and common sense.

We’ve spent 4 years watching the corporate political news media sink lower and lower trying to destroy President Trump and put targets on the backs of any American who supports or defends him. For the corporate media and the rest of swamp (Democrats, dirty wing of the intelligence community, establishment Republicans) stopping President Trump isn’t a matter of principle. It’s a matter of survival. They are parasites in the swamp and America is the host off of which they feed. And President Trump promised to drain their swamp. And anyone who is shocked or surprised that the media would incite terror and panic to destroy our economy so they could use the carnage to bludgeon President Trump, are either stupid or just not paying attention. Neither was a good look through this national humiliation, and every one of them should be ashamed.

The time to start doing better was a week ago. Now it may be too late but for the love of all that’s holy please wake up and start trying with the rest of us.


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  1. Thank you for the breath of fresh air and a side of common sense.
    Have we had a restaurant or become an epicenter to the rise in the Wuhan virus infections?
    I’m waiting??
    Uh, no.
    So let’s put the service industry out of business.
    My Wife’s a senior accountant for 27 successful restaurants,
    She has been with the company 25 years, she started when she was 23.
    Last Wednesday, the New York backed business laid off 3,000 employee’s the day the Governor closed all the restaurants. Yes all of them including my wife.
    They are still in business, they have the money to keep key personel, but they didn’t.
    The Congress will give all these rich easy money brokers, more money than they need, to open the stores back. More people’s lives will be forever ruined, than the all of the victims of the Wuhan virus, for the entire state.
    Just 1 company.
    How many more?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. We’re not there yet. Another week and we’ll have a good idea about what to do next. Evidence out of China can’t be believed. No one thought Trump would actually be fighting for the little guy, except his supporters.
    Now media overwhelmed and can’t contradict him.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ya think? Notice how Tom Hanks has not been in the news? Did he die? Why haven’t we heard anything? Because he and his wife have already recovered. We can’t be reporting on people getting better or the panic might die out!!

    China has not tested how many millions? If the number of cases doubles, a definite possibility, then the mortality rate halves. This is nothing more than a Deep State test run. I expect them to go to this again next year during flu season it has been so successful.

    Liked by 1 person

    • No actually unproductive feedback like yours is a much bigger problem so I’m assuming you are actually the idiot offering nothing substantial to the conversation other than to be nasty.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Sorry. I was really interested and somewhat agree. But when you say the “Data shows…” and don’t provide the Data than you actually have zero credibility. You make mention of data and statistics a couple of times and fail every time to provide that supporting data. That would indicate that this is your opinion which has no data to actually support it. It’s a great concept and I hope it’s true but at this time it’s just an opinion piece with zero data to support it while claiming that the data is there. It’s not. If it was, it would have been provided so this is a very dangerous article.


    • Hi Doug. This is the author of the above piece. I’m not sure how much good data will you do when it appears you struggle tremendously with simple words. As noted in the above piece, what I provided was just a primer with Aaron’s key conclusions. I encouraged readers to click through and see THE DATA for themselves. Yes, I provide opinion, commentary and analysis. That’s what I do. But I made it clear multiple times in this piece that you needed to click through to his piece and read it for yourself to get the entire analysis he provided, data and all. Again, that you missed those plain as day citations doesn’t reflect well on your ability to process the data you so sanctimoniously desire. Maybe you can take another stab at it. (And it would be a good idea because, on a related note, the link I provided actually broke because the people at Medium didn’t like the data Mr. Ginn provided. But I republished it here at my own site while you were busy in the comments complaining about your own inability to read and comprehend. My stuff isn’t “dangerous.” But for stooping to that level, I’m happy to call you a flailing f**king idiot.


  5. To begin with this brand, “coronavirus 19” is just a cold virus. nastier than most. But wake me up when it matches the 2017-2018 influenza death rates of 80,000 dead, 390,000 hospitalized, 180 child deaths. these are numbers from the CDC. The cdc estimates influenza kills between 300,000 to 600,000 annually.


  6. Aaron’s article is no longer at the link. Post Suspended. it seemed to have a lot of good data. wanted to show to a friend, but they memory-holed it.


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