We Should Start Mocking The Media More; Two Suggestions They’d Hate

The corporate political news media in America is an absolute disgrace that deserves something far less respectful than criticism. They deserve mockery.

If you’re paying attention and I don’t blame you one bit if you’re not, then you know that our nation just watched the corporate media in America 1) create a national panic meant to inflict economic and social destruction that they could weaponize and use against President Trump, and 2) further bolster that attempted domestic terrorism by siding with the Chinese Communist Party’s every lie and attack on our nation and the Trump administration.

As if the last four years of being useful idiots for Russia and doing everything they can to stoke division, distrust and discord in America weren’t bad enough — the corporate media in America, aka the swamp’s marketing arm, are now actively trying to create economic and social carnage in America while literally cheering on the Chinese Communist Party’s attacks on our President and nation.

It’s disgusting.

For months I argued that the rest of us, especially our heavy hitters in conservative media and politics, should stop playing into the media’s hands. Because all we really do every minute of every day is let them write the headlines, and let them push the narratives and characterizations attached to those headlines, and then spend all of our time and energy playing defense trying to disprove the media’s lies and distortions. But at the end of the day, they’re still driving the conversations. So I argued, and still maintain, that we should stop playing along and should instead spend every waking minute making the corporate media’s bias itself the main story that we focus on — and exercise the discipline not to dignify any of the b.s. “news” they manufacture in pursuit of their flagrantly partisan and political ends.

And then yesterday I offered up a new suggestion: President Trump should have Stephanie Grisham or someone as strong and smart as she is next to him at every press conference. And every time one of these idiot corporate media propagandists asks a clearly partisan and dishonestly characterized question, that person standing next to President Trump should fire back with receipts demanding they explain the most recent instances of bad faith behavior from that “journalist” and/or their employers on T.V., in print and/or on social media. It would be outstanding if President Trump did that and since our heavy hitters in conservative media clearly aren’t going to get any better at their own jobs, then maybe Trump will once again have to save the day by doing it all his damn self.

Today I’m offering up one more fresh idea…


Andrew Breitbart noted somewhere along the way that politics are downstream from culture. And he was 100% correct. Any lasting change we hope to affect politically and legislatively must have buy-in socially and culturally. Otherwise anything we do will be flimsy and won’t last any longer than the next shift in political or electoral winds.

The good news is that for the first time in my life I’m seeing the right finally start winning culturally. No thanks to the legacy Republican grifters who were just happy to have a seat at the media’s table. Or to the conservative media who for the most part came to do good but stayed to do well and in the end do nothing but sit around in their little cliques finding ways to help themselves and each other.

Donald Trump is the reason we started winning culturally, and his total lack of capitulation to the media coupled with his brash and often comedic candor were the core reasons why.

And since his ascent and eventual election, we’re starting to see more good comedy on the right. Greg Gutfeld is a great example from a consistency standpoint, but there are plenty of others also.

Our meme game on the Trump-supporting right is just unstoppable. And that’s huge.

That Allie Beth Stuckey girl’s hilarious mock interview with AOC was a riot. (A handful of you might appreciate the timing, awkward pauses, empty stares etc as being reminiscent of Beth Littleford-era Daily Show.)

The Babylon Bee is pushing out some of the best satire in the political humor business, and theirs is decidedly Christian and conservative from a values standpoint.

And there are countless other examples out there and for any of you who are plugged in, you know what I’m talking about. We’re getting funny! And that’s a function of winning — or at least showing the ability to compete — culturally.

It’s along those lines that I suggest we start leaning more heavily into mocking the absolutely disgraceful abomination that is the corporate political news media in 2020 America.


I wrote about this one in the past and it’s a quick piece that you can read it here.

The gist of it:

In reaction to every new media nothingburger, every critique of President Trump, every promotion and/or celebration of his opposition — no matter what, all the time, every time, just reply or rally with “Space Force.”

And then when people ask what the heck you’re talking about, just keep going.

Me: “I said ‘Space Force.’”

Them: “Huh? I asked you about the proven fact that he’s a Russian spy. It’s proven. PROVEN!”

Me: “Space Force, I said.”

Them: “He’s a rapist/racist/literally insane. FACT!”

Me: “You’re crazy. Space Force. Case closed. Full stop. Facts matter. Space Force.”

Them: “He’s literally setting up concentration camps for infants and toddlers.”

Me: “I believe, that you believe, that what you’re saying is important. But hear me out on this: Space Force.”

If we could pull it off, it’d be the greatest trolling in the history of the world.

Make sense? Good.


Pretty simply, no matter what new “outrage” the media is trying to push or stoke, we just say “IMPEACH!”

Every. Single. Time.

The idea hit me when I saw this tweet from one of the Washington Post’s most persistently sad little clowns…

I wanted so badly to reply with “IMPEACH!” but I wasn’t able to because Twitter banned me for life and I do all my browsing from a suspended account. But it occurred to me in that moment just how effective mockery is. And that we should be doing a lot more of it in response to the media.

We should be doing it in part because they deserve the mockery. And in part because being light and making people laugh and being able to have fun along the way demonstrates an ability to win culturally. But mostly, we should be mocking the corporate media more because their endless pearl-clutching and incitement of terror and outrage doesn’t deserve to be dignified with nearly the volume of serious responses we give them.

So it’s time we start mocking them more.

And as we learned from President Trump, consistent messaging has a tendency to stick. So I think “SPACE FORCE!” and “IMPEACH!”, if we did enough of it for long enough, would send a pretty clear message to the media and the rest of the world just how seriously we don’t take them. And how we’re having enough fun winning that we plan to be here and doing more of it for a very, very long time.


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  1. Democrat Propaganda Factories, like all leftists, attack freedom (individual rights) and its proponents with defamatory propaganda because freedom blocks worldwide dictatorial control envisioned by communists. [1]

    [1] Manifesto of the Communist Party, by Karl Marx & Friedrich Engels:
    “Communis[m] may be summed up [as] Abolition of private property. . . . the family . . . your education . . . countries and nationality. . . . Freedom, Justice, etc. . . all religion, and all morality. . . . [plus] A heavy progressive or graduated income tax. . . . [and] Centralisation of [everything] in the . . . State.”


  2. None better, or more entertaining for mocking the Left than Chris Plante. I never miss a show. Daily 9-12 on WMAL Listen via Iheart radio. Podcasts on WMAL.


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