The Hostile Response This Taxpayer-Funded ‘Journalist’ (PBS) Deserved Today

As I listen to these press conferences I often wish I was there to give my own answers, and one stood out today that felt worth getting down on paper.

A few moments ago taxypayer-funded swamp propagandist Yamiche Alcindor of PBS said (paraphrasing)…

There are Americans out there who say they have symptoms but can’t get tested. What would you tell people who feel let down by your incompetence?

President Trump replied (again, paraphrasing)…

We don’t want everyone to get tested. We don’t think everyone needs to get tested.

That’s a fine answer. And it’s true. The media want to focus on testing because they see it as an area they can exploit to inflict as much damage as possible on Trump and his team. But as His Highness Dr. Fauci noted a few moments later, the media are way too focused on COVID-19 “testing” and as such they’re missing the treatment and action forest for the testing trees.

But all the media do all day, every day, is characterize their questions and narratives in the most damaging ways possible for President Trump and anyone who dares to support or defend him.

So if I were there and able to answer a question like Alcindor’s, my reply would sound something like this…

You say there are some Americans who say they have symptoms and can’t get tested? Okay. I say there are some Americans who think you make things up. And you blow things way out of proportion to make your political points. And there are some Americans who say you’re doing everything you can to incite panic and fear. And to make the president and his team look like they’re incompetent and uncaring. And there are some Americans who say you’re doing everything you can to stoke division and uncertainty because you want to weaponize this crisis in pursuit of your flagrantly political and partisan pursuits. Okay? So you have your ‘some Americans’ observation, and I have my ‘some Americans’ observation. At the end of the day the American people, and the president, and his team, they’re all doing a great job. The only people dropping the ball are flagrantly partisan propagandists like you who don’t really want to see our country come through this. And you don’t really want to see this administration succeed in managing this crisis. And you’re eager to see as much pain and division and social and economic carnage as you can possibly whip up. And I promise you this: The vast majority of Americans, in light of the media’s behavior during this entire thing, are waking up to that reality. And it’s not good for you. And it’s not good for our nation. Because we need a robust and durable press in this country. And frankly, if you don’t improve, then your entire industry is going to sink and then we’re going to have to find a bailout for you and everyone else in this room. And I don’t think the country will support that. So I guess some Americans might say, if you don’t start doing better, there’s a good chance you’re going to have find a new line of work. Maybe you should consider learning to code. Next?

That’s the dressing down I’d love to deliver, or see delivered.

And that’s why I hope this idea from yesterday makes it to President Trump and he seriously considers it: President Trump Should Have Someone Grill Every Reporter Who Asks A Stupid Question

And because the joke of a media we have today no longer deserve the seriousness we waste way too much time giving them, I further hope this additional idea from today makes it to the grassroots Trump supporters, and you all seriously consider it: We Should Start Mocking The Media More; Two Suggestions They’d Hate

That’s all.

Off my high horse…for now.


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  1. Or, since these briefings are occurring daily, limit the questions to a finite few, call on the least offensive so-called journalists, announce “that’s all for today, see you tomorrow,” and get back to crisis management and other issues of importance to the country.


  2. Near the close of the March 21, 2020 CBS Weekend “News” with Doug Dunbar, came instructions for the ignorant masses to use only pharmaceutical industry approved and patented drugs for the Flu. Followed by a warning to us to not use chloroquine because there’s no evidence that it works and may not be safe.
    Hey, Doug, how many dead Americans is enough?


  3. Trump should have a bag of things hidden from view of the media. When he gets a combative question, he should simply pull one item from the bag, and quietly walk over to the questioner, and hand him a Snickers bar.


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