Liberals Are Fuming Because 55% Of Americans Trust Trump’s Handling Of The Chinese Virus

Right now on Twitter the phrase “55% of Americans” is trending, and the reason for the surge in mentions is that the #AmericaLast crowd are furious over a new poll showing strong support for Trump’s handling of the Chinese Virus, aka COVID-19.

You can scroll through some of the replies by clicking here, but below are a small sampling of what you’ll find…






I would love for any of these people, and the thousands of others with similarly angry responses, to defend their position.

I would love to have them explain why they’re so angry because a small majority of our country trusts its President during a time purported to be a national crisis.

I would love for them to explain how this is a bad thing, and what specifically they want the American people to disapprove of with respect to the actual management that President Trump has asserted. Management that even our country’s most liberal Governors — like Cuomo in New York, and Newsome in California — have expressed both approval for, and appreciation of.

They won’t because, first and foremost, Twitter banned me for life and I can’t communicate with them to ask haha. But they also won’t because they won’t have a good answer. They’ll say things like “He called it a hoax!” (he didn’t) or “He calls it ‘Chinese Virus’ which is racist!” (it isn’t) or “He’s just terrible!” (he’s not). But none of those things actually have to do with the management of this thing. And that’s the measure on which he’s being graded in this poll.

Their ferocity over this poll’s apparently positive marks for President Trump is a somewhat more thinly-veiled revealing of their hope for our nation to endure whatever pain and suffering is necessary, as long as in the end it makes Trump look bad. It’s what the media was going for when they started the hysteria over the Chinese Virus, and it’s what their faithful consumers are wittingly or not revealing in their anger over this poll.


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  1. Don’t expect them to defend their positions. Making ad hominem attacks does not require compassion (which they claim to have in abundance) or thought (another thing that the NPR crowd claims).


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