My 3-Month-Old Asked, ‘Why Is Weijia Jiang Of CBS News Lying About Racism At A Time When Our Nation Desperately Needs Unity,’ And I Didn’t Have An Answer

Utter disgrace to journalism, her employer and humanity in general, CBS News’ Weijia Jiang made a division-inspiring and socially destructive claim that if true would’ve come with endless receipts. But rather than be humiliated or at least ignored for her blatantly obvious fabrication, she’s being celebrated by her equally disgraceful peers in the American corporate political news media.

Jiang claimed a few days ago, “This morning a White House official referred to #Coronavirus as the ‘Kung-Flu’ to my face. Makes me wonder what they’re calling it behind my back.”

For anyone who’s been in a coma the last 4 years: There isn’t a snowball’s chance in hell that a member of the media would protect the identity of someone in the Trump White House who made this kind of racially insensitive comment. The corporate political news media in its entirety hates President Trump with a passion, and has done everything in their power not only to make it impossible for him and those around him to govern, but also to put actual targets on the backs of any American who supports or defends him.

The idea that someone who works for President Trump actually said this to Jiang, and she decided to protect that person from accountability by not revealing his or her name, is 100% fiction.

It didn’t happen.

What is absolutely believable however is that Jiang heard the phrase “Kung-Flu” and, like so many other leftists love to do because they think the world deserves their socially corrosive performance art, she made the rest up in her mind and decided it was too good to keep to herself.

So she tweeted it out to the world, and her eagerly awaiting anti-Trump handlers pounced offering up nearly 100,000 retweets as of this writing…

And to make matters worse, taxpayer funded Yamiche Alcindor of PBS proudly wasted President Trump’s time and our nation’s collective IQ and EQ by bringing this laughably untrue accusation up during a press conference about the Wuhan Virus.

And then she bragged about it on Twitter…

I’m unfortunately not the least bit surprised that members of the corporate political news media are not only dancing in the streets because they finally found a way to destroy the economy and obliterate social order while blaming President Trump for both calamities of their own making, but they’re even going two steps further now by 1) using their pandemic storyline to yet again scream “RACIST!” at Trump and his supporters and 2) actually promoting Communist Chinese propaganda — that the virus didn’t originate in China– in order to own the Americans.

None of it surprises me one bit. And the reason it doesn’t surprise me is because I’ve sat here for the past 2 weeks watching “our side” capitulate entirely to the media’s hysterical Wuhan Virus narrative without asserting even a modicum of skepticism about the necessity or intent of that hysteria.

Everyone is so damn eager to virtue signal the seriousness with which they’re treating this thing at the behest of His Highness Fauci and the rest — all of whom, like every medical professional always has and will do, are gladly using the moment to assert their worst-case-scenario authority — everyone was and remains so eager to virtue signal their somber appreciation for it that they completely ceded the entire battlefield to the same media who they watched spend the last 4 years sinking lower and lower and lower with unscrupulous, destructive, dishonest behavior all geared toward dooming President Trump and disenfranchising and endangering any voter who ever supported him.

We watched it happen. We spent the last 4 years watching the media burrow themselves amid new lows to try to take this President out. And then along comes a virus that they can weaponize and politicize, and the medical community does what it will always which is insist you do a million times more than you ever actually would unless induced to by panic, and Trump eventually responds in kind because at this point anything less would only lead to yet more economic and social carnage — and all our most capable soldiers can do in response is sit around virtue signaling their appreciation for the media that created this entirely overblown, national humiliation.

And so yes, sadly, I’m unsurprised that the media and its completely discredited and disgraced members are now fabricating both individual stories and broader storylines about how “RACISM!” is yet again at the heart of what they’re covering with respect to President Trump and his supporters.

Perhaps if we were even marginally capable of fighting back the way we should have been long before this story took off, they wouldn’t be so emboldened. But we weren’t. And now we on the right — particularly the more amplified among us who have actual platforms with which to fight back — are so pathetically bent over the barrel just begging the media to do whatever the hell they want as their tail wags the nation’s dog, we’re a lost cause. We’ve completely ceded the ground and now there’s zero that anyone but the good Lord Himself can do about it.

Jesus take the wheel!

The Federalist’s Joy Pullmann had the guts to write about it a few times, although still not with the heft of indictment the media deserves (here and here). And The Federalist’s Sean Davis has shown some guts on Twitter (here). But that’s it. I haven’t seen anyone else with any kind of serious, meaningful platform push back on the media for finding yet an even lower low by which they can obstruct and ultimately unseat this president.

It wouldn’t have meant acting stupidly or irresponsibly in response to the Wuhan Virus. It just would’ve meant tempering some of the responsible suggestions with the entirely obvious observation that the majority of the corporate political news media have always and will continue doing everything they can to make this as painful as possible for everyone, and they’re doing it — as they’ve proven repeatedly over the last 4 years they’re not only capable but eagerly in pursuit of — to destroy President Trump.

But nobody did. Nobody put anything close to it in the ethos. And now idiots like Jiang are out there making up absolutely laughable lies that 100% didn’t happen, and terrorists like Alcindor are doing their best not to hold Jiang accountable for her lies but to elevate them to national story levels, and they’re all calling everyone “RACIST!” for doing exactly what they were doing just a few short weeks ago and what we’ve always done which is to name a virus after the region from which it came…

…and those of us with inquisitive newborns and infants who are asking us tough and impossibly informed questions about why these so-called “journalists” are behaving this way….we’re afraid of breakfast. We don’t have answers. And it’s a national disgrace. And anyone who thinks when the dust settles that we’ll all breathe a happy and healthy sigh of relief, don’t know this media at all. The humiliation and dejection our nation will feel in its walk of shame away from this disaster, coupled with the political piling on the media will continue doing in order to finish what they started before November, will be a continued and perhaps even more depressing drain on our nation that what we’re experiencing right now.

And the amplified right, with the platforms to fight back, let it happen. Just like they always did before Trump came along. And just like, sadly, it appears they’ll always do after he’s gone.

It brings me no joy to report back to the same story I started with almost 4 years ago. I started this website in September 2015 and at the time I noted that the right’s greatest enemies weren’t Democrats or even the massively powerful media. Our greatest enemy, I noted at the time, was our own side because they were professionally inbred and complacent and happy to just keep getting paychecks and preaching to the already faithful while watching us get absolutely crushed socially and culturally and ultimately legislatively and politically. And most of those people are still in charge. And when we needed them most to demonstrate that they learned a thing or two these last few years about courage and honesty and fairness, they showed us yet again just how weak they truly are. And always have been. And it appears, all too clearly to me at this point, always will be.


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AUTHOR’S NOTE: God help us all if anyone really needs this disclaimer, but no I’m not actually claiming a 3-month-old asked me the question in the headline of this piece. One of the left’s favorite new pastimes is making up stories about what young kids, their own or others’, “asked them” — and then lamenting that they didn’t have a good answer. For example…

“A 6 year old on the train asked me why President Trump is scapegoating the Chinese for a virus that scientists and other experts all agree doesn’t care about national origins or race, and a single tear ran down my cheek as I realized I didn’t have a good answer.”

Many of us have started filing those types of stories under “Things That Definitely DIDN’T Happen.” And since Jiang’s claim also belongs in that file, I responded in kind sarcastically in the headline for this piece.


  1. Actually, Kung Flu is pretty funny. Ironically, they are causing more people say these terms by bringing them to light in order to stop them. Lastly, Chinese Americans arent necessarily fans of China. That’s racist to assume, and stupid considering they LEFT China.


  2. It’s time to start pulling our airwaves and licenses and prosecute the board of directors of these companies for their part in the attempted coup. Don’t ya think?


  3. She is lying. I went to college with this girl.. total attention seeking, fame chasing liar. The author is correct!!!


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