I’m A Trump Supporter And Fox News Is Becoming Unwatchable

I understand the distinction between their news and opinion hosts, and I’m not one of those people who thinks it’s their job to defend Trump, but I’m starting to find Fox News — even their opinion people at night — completely unwatchable.

I’ll start with Laura Ingraham because I just switched her program off to write this piece, which had been brewing for several days now. I never really paid her much attention but always assumed, based on the small doses I got before they gave her her own show, that she was whip smart and honest and direct and strong. But having seen quite a bit of her lately, the host of a program with an array of guests is no place for her Type A personality. And watching her try to navigate between pretending to be a gracious host while still bulldozing through any thought she has and any segment she wants to wrap up, is just grating. And I’m sorry — but what’s her obsession with that fancy Raymond Arroyo guy? They’re like a wannabe CNN New Year’s Eve duo, and it doesn’t work any better for them than it does for the idiots at CNN. Ingraham was probably good at one time. I’m pretty certain of it. But as the steward of a full hour of Fox News’ prime time real estate, she’s become a complete slouch. This is my opinion. Some of you love her, no doubt. I see things a little differently and usually a few layers deeper than what’s on the surface, and I’m telling you with great confidence that she’s starting to hate what she does and she’s losing the patience to do it well and she’s getting desperate for gimmicky fillers like she gets with the hours and hours she cedes to that Arroyo guy. And it’s hard for me to watch.

Providing he writes his own monologues, Tucker Carlson is a brilliant mind. And I personally owe him a great deal because he was one of the very first people to ever respond to me in email. (He actually introduced me over email to the then Editor in Chief at The Daily Caller, and that’s how I was able to start writing professionally a while back.) But watching him virtue signal his way through this Wuhan Virus stuff is really tough to sit through. It was particularly rough back when he had Ohio’s Director of Public Health, Amy Acton, on. It was a day after she claimed without evidence that 100,000 Ohioans were definitely walking around with the virus. She started the interview ready to walk that back, hedging that she “was tired” when she made her terrifying and uninformed implication. But Tucker didn’t want to hear it. Instead he leaned squarely into calling her a hero for making the claim, and saying we need more people like her doing the same. It was tough to watch. And I think Tucker, to a certain degree like Laura, is just tired. I can’t imagine doing what they do day in and day out. The pressure, the exhaustion, the criticisms from peanut gallery audience members like myself…it’s a rough life and however much money they make, they earn every penny and then some.

But as an audience member who is watching Laura start to hate her job and Tucker start to let off the gas in terms of intellectual honesty and curiosity, I’m not going to not mention these things.

Hannity…he’s always been bittersweet for me. In addition to Michelle Malkin, Mollie Hemingway and Rush Limbaugh, he rounds out the extremely short list of conservative commentators I both like and respect. And for Hannity, it’s all about him truly believing in what he does. I’ve lamented for years that most amplified conservative media and political figures come to do good, stay to do well, and in the end do nothing but help themselves and each other. But Hannity cares more than most of us grassroots warriors do. The guy is as authentic as they come. But he’s also been “unwatchable” for me for some years. I can always just predict and expect the exact same stuff out of him. And it’s great! We need cheerleaders and people who rally the faithful! But I’m a different kind of media consumer. And in fact I mostly tune into CNN and MSNBC because I’m a big fan of hearing what my opposition is saying. (I only switch away from CNN or MSNBC when things are getting really bad for “my side” politically. And I hadn’t done it for more than a few hours at a time in the last several years. But to give you an idea of just how bad things are for Trump supporters and our movement right now, thanks to the liberal media’s dishonesty and the conservative media’s inability to fight back, I haven’t switched off of Fox News in the last two weeks!) So watching Hannity has never been easy for me unless things are particularly bad and I need someone to vent for me or remind me that I’m not alone. And he’s excellent for that.

Of Fox News’ prime time line-up, Hannity is the most durably likable and respectable. But it’s just always the same stuff and while for millions of people it’s pitch perfect, for me personally — it’s just not something I consistently want to tune in to.

Then you get to the straight news people.

Bill Hemmer and Brian Kilmeade seem like two of the purely nicest people you’ll ever meet. Hemmer in more of a boy scout way and Kilmeade more along the lines of a class clown, but both just straight up good dudes if you peel back all the layers.

And you won’t get a better hour of news in any 24-hour period than Bret Baier delivers on Special Report. Absolutely excellent with tremendous reporting from stars like Jennifer Griffin and Kevin Corke. Shannon Bream is a very, very close second to Baier. Her ability to moderate productive panels consisting of vastly opposing viewpoints is a true testament to her grace and quiet but strong leadership. Baier and Bream, together, make Fox News the absolute best news medium — televised or otherwise — that you’ll find anywhere on the planet.

But the rest — honestly — I just can’t stand.

Sandra Smith at some point in the last year or so started doing her best to make Shep Smith and Chris Wallace blush with pride. Martha MacCallum wants so badly to be liked by the left that she refuses to do anything but fawn over them when they appear as guests on her show. Watching her interview Symone Sanders from the Biden campaign the day after he literally threatened a voter with violence while getting 5 out of 5 facts wrong during the same exchange with that voter, and never mention a single word of any of it but use up valuable time to compliment Sanders for her bodyguard duties, was the last straw. I’ll never look at MacCallum the same again. And there’s nothing she can do about it because she was so good at being so bad, that I know any ground she tries to make up is just a product of pandering.

The weekend people try too hard to impress their liberal media peers.

Chris Stirewalt has never been quite so happy with himself as he is when he’s regurgitating NeverTrump / Conserving Conservatism Inc. talking points, and Marc Thiessen shares the exact same character flaw only he has the added negative bonus of that creepy smile like he just got done flashing a roomful of nuns and completely got away with it.

I have to throw props at Harris Faulkner who is reliably strong and smart and would probably kick butt and take names in a prime time slot of they ever gave her one. She can and does do straight news but also brings intellectual honesty and fairness to her opinionated commentary and analysis in ways that make people like me who have long longed for both, stand up and cheer. There’s a lot to like about her and if we all got to see more of her in more valuable real estate, I bet she’d impress in once-in-a-generation ways.

Cavuto, like MacCallum, proved himself irredeemably bad when he failed to apologize or walk back his much celebrated (by Trump haters) mischaracterization of comments Trump made.

Chris Wallace is one of the most insufferable people on television. Full stop. End of story. The guy is a total disaster and he wouldn’t be here at all if it weren’t for his father. He’d be a broken down middle manager in some business-to-business sales organization with a single story of pure genius that happened once in his lifetime and has carried him every step of the way since.

It’s just like every time I look up and Fox News is on, I get annoyed with them. And that’s especially true during this Wuhan Virus hysteria which — full disclosure, if it’s not already obvious — has me kind of fuming at everyone because I think they’ve all fed into the larger media’s promotion of panic, which I know with absolute certainty was and is intended solely to do long term political damage to President Trump.

So it’s a frustrating time. And as noted in a piece from earlier today, there are very few heavy hitters anywhere around conservative or other media who I can really look at right now and commend for the work they’re doing.

I should also note that Gutfeld is a genius. He’s a little quirky and for the love of all that’s holy someone needs to help Tom Shillue write some better material. But Gutfeld is one of the key players on the right who’s helping us win where I’ve always said it matters most: in the culture, socially. (Because that’s what leads to actual mandates for real and lasting change in the legislature, politically.)

Jesse Waters? Meh. Like Ingraham, his Type A authority jumps off the screen in a grating way. A lot of these Type A people just don’t have the patience to really do a consistently good job in these roles, and that’s becoming really clear for both Ingraham and Waters every time I watch either of them. Both have their good moments. Sure. But generally, they’re not people I’d ever want to DVR or consider in any way “can’t miss.”

(Side note about what I do actually record, and why: I DVR 4 shows during the week. Baier and Bream because, as noted, they’re the best anywhere. And also Chuck Todd’s MTP Daily and Jake Tapper’s The Lead because, on the other side of the coin, they’re the worst and most egregiously detrimental to the integrity of the Fourth Estate and the public’s trust in it. I also DVR virtually every Sunday show and typically, somehow, manage to watch every second of every one: Meet The Press, Face The Nation, This Week, State Of The Union, Fox News Sunday, Sunday Morning Futures and Media Buzz. I DVR’d Reliable Sources for years but honestly…and remember, this is coming from someone who thrives hearing what the opposition says…I just can’t take Stelter in any way even remotely seriously anymore. He’s so terrible in so many ways that he’s fallen off the radar as even being worthy of my criticisms!)

Oh…and poor Judge Jeanine. She’s like Hannity. She really means it and she really cares. But she doesn’t have nearly his interpersonal stride or work ethic, and it shows. I can’t even count how many times it was blatantly obvious that she either just tuned out when a person she was interviewing was talking (including President Trump himself), or she couldn’t multi-task pretending to listen to the guest while also managing the producer’s voice in her ear. She’s a good egg. And I know a lot of you adore her. But to me, I just can’t even get through a few minutes of her show.

So that’s it.

Venting here a bit because again, as noted, I’m frustrated with the entire conservative media landscape.

I’ve argued for months that rather than play into the liberal media’s hands and continue responding to the storylines and corresponding characterizations that they put out there exclusively to damage President Trump and put targets on the backs of his supporters, we should be flipping the script hard and making the liberal media itself the main story. So watching everyone on “our side” now virtue signal as hard as they can right alongside the liberal media as they gin up panic and tank our economy all in a last ditch effort to hurt Trump before the election, it’s a soul-crushingly painful time for ultimately voiceless grassroots warriors like myself.

Credit where it’s due to Fox News’ straight news all stars Baier and Bream. And to Hannity who’s been doing this forever because the guy cares more than even most of us in the grassroots whose voicelessness gives way to greater passion and at times ferocity.

The rest of them, amid my immediate frustrations, kind of suck to the point that I find the network mostly unwatchable at this point.


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  1. Fox News is awful . . . until you watch any of the other networks. Bret Baier? Please. He is awful. What a stuffed shirt Never Trumper. Shannon Bream? What’s not to like? I used to like Tucker until he crashed on the shores of Wuhan. I consistently like Fox Business News people better than Fox people. Well, just two. Trish Regan and Maria Bartiromo. Maria, I suspect is the best straight news person on either station. That said . . . ten minutes of FOX a day. Zero of the rest.


    • If not for Fox news, we would never hear the facts. Getting to many liberal anchors, Chris Wallace Afraid to take a stand If I wanted to hear fake news I would listen to CNN , MSNBC


  2. I watch Newsmax and shift to Dobbs and Tucker later–though I cringe at Dobbs’ often rudeness and hostility to guests and Tucker’s silly “overtalk each other” debates with leftist fools who he pretends to win by laughing.


  3. Then there’s us regular people out here who don’t pay over a $100.00 a month for cable, and aren’t news junkies. I for one, got dizzy just reading the list of names in this article. What really affects people, which the media is going to learn real quick, is restriction of freedoms and a crushing economic burden. China has reached out and touched us hard. They shot a ballistic missile from one of their submarines off Los Angeles as a warning to us a few years ago (don’t remember that story in the news? It was only around for three days before it was scrubbed from the news). News is there to inform. The “star power” of news people and Washington elites doesn’t do much for the average Joe.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. What is insufferable is your opinions. What is insufferable is ………..

    -Sean Hannity
    -Meet the Press
    -Face the Nation


  5. I see the points you make about the Fox Opinion shows and have had the same feelings in the last several years. I stopped watching altogether and only see video clips of shows on the internet. That’s enough for me. Could it be that the shows you have lost interest in (Ingraham, Carlson, Hannity) have more to do with the format than the host? I simply can’t watch three hours of yelling and screaming between two people who won’t budge from their starting point on an issue. My favorite shows of these three would be when Hannity has Mark Levin on and he spends 10 minutes (non-stop) teaching us about the constitutional position on a controversial issue. I have always appreciated that kind of educational programming versus the opposing guest arguments.


    • The format is everything. 5-10 minutes is simply not enough time for a thorough discussion on any subject before moving on to another topic or guest. I find that to be extremely frustrating. Some guests are fortunate to utter 2 or 3 sentences during a segment, especially with Type-A hosts who, apparently, think their opinions are the only reason viewers tune in. Give me Levin having an actual discussion for the better part of an hour on an interesting subject, and a knowledgeable guest, and I’m an informed, happy viewer. The format is everything.


    • The focus was on the network’s conservative (and allegedly conservative) talking heads. I think we can safely assume what the author’s thoughts on Juan are.


    • I try not to broadcast it because I can’t afford to have the liberal mob track me down and get me fired from my job. I do this — writing, this website — for passion and duty. Not for income. But I still have to feed my family which is why, unfortunately in today’s world, that means having to protect my identity from the leftists who would love to hurt me. But I’ve shared my name a few times and in a few places across this website and since you asked, I’ll gladly do so here again. My name is Hrand Tookman.


      • tip. You don’t need to leave your full name or even your real name. I think you can even leave an old e-mail address.


  6. I love Gutfeld and Carlson, but I agree that Tucker overplays his hand. I liked when Gutfeld hosted his own show, Red Eye. Man that was good prognostication. I really miss Tony Snow, God Rest his Soul. I pretty much dislike the entire modern news media idea of these quick, three minute, soundbite guests. Then you move to the next hour, rinse and repeat- sometimes with the same guests. It’s annoying.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. I stopped watching Fox News back in 2012 because it had me convinced that Mitt Romney was a good likable candidate and that there was no way that Barack Obama’s failed economic policies would get him a second term.

    I recognized, that Fox was simply propaganda that I liked, rather than the opposing propaganda of CNN and the networks.

    Dedicating oneself to trying to read carefully and follow facts is very difficult these days. But the opposite, seeing the cheerleading and the agendas, the Journolist buzz words and memes, and the lies is pretty easy because it is everywhere on both sides. There is no such a thing as Journalism anymore.


  8. I’m a little surprised that Maria Bartiromo gets only a passing commentary. I find Sunday Morning Futures to be the best and most honest of any of the shows/personalities you mention.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. FBN is definitely better but their talking heads interrupt as much as Fox does. FOX’s problem is they can generally only interact with those on the right because the left will not come back if challenged too much. They have to create flack within the right.


  10. I get that this subject is an interest of yours, and so you focus on nuances of the media world. But to me, watching news is all about trying to discern and locate TRUTH. The Fox primetime opinion people find truth more often than the other networks, who simply trot out every liar and deep stater they can find. I LIKE Carlson, Hannity, and Ingraham, and your criticisms of them strike me as saying a supermodel’s minor blemish makes her ugly. Wrong.


  11. I have had it with Fox I used to never miss Dobbs but he really pissed me off about the wong dong flu the way he bullied some of Trumps people think I’m done with him and I CAN NOT stand Baier ever since he and Blondie went after Trump that time that was just bad.Hannity is the only one I watch and sometimes that is hard especially now that the wong dong flu is all he talks about .I would just like to see on really honest news net work but that probably is not going to happen even fox news on the radio is tough to listen to.


  12. You are a bit late to the party, but glad you are finally coming around. I stopped watching faux news during the election.


  13. I’ve stopped watching Baer he keeps putting on commies like Jonah Goldturd. Fox Business is better.
    Im not watching anything Corona, so Im listening to music instead.

    Liked by 1 person

  14. How did the author seem to pass over Dana Perino and her best-loved friend, her overly friendly dog, Jasper. Dana is totally empty between the ears, much like the dog, appears to be on drugs often, and has opinions no one cares for. Usually the best part of ‘The Five’ is the individual sitting on the extreme left as a visitor.

    Rupert wanted to move FOX ‘Left’, he did. However, Shep was encouraged to leave for his blatant Trump-hating just became too obvious. I think that is because Sehp thinks Trump is anti-gay.



  15. Helllloooooo! The Fox Network was parted out in March of 2019: Entertainment and news branches were bought by Disney (owners of ABC and ESPN) while Fox Sports was sold to Sinclair Broadcasting. The conversion of Fox News to resemble CNN should be complete in a two to five years. And Disney can cancel Tim Allen’s “Last Man Standing” again.


  16. I really thought I was alone in my criticism of some of the anchors over at Fox News, but you really captured it in your piece. Thank you for giving voice to this for me and, as I am now noticing, many like me.

    I found your blog quite by accident, as I was tired of feeling this way and searched the net to find out who else felt the same about Chris Stirewalt, Marc Thiessen and others.

    So I ask you, to please continue your work. Please do not stop writing. Even if your footprint be small? Be that ‘still small voice’ we all desperately need.

    And as for Twitter censoring you, as I noticed on your contact page? How about my ‘Et tu, Brutus’ moment with a Fox anchor… yes, a Fox anchor who blocked me on Twitter for simply pointing out that her colleague, Gillian Turner, was a leftist-op and was often rude to ‘black conservatives’ while smiling and winking to ‘white dems.’

    So who was that anchor, you’re asking? Dana Perino. I was blocked by Dana Perino and yes that became a laughable moment for me too. That Dana (who has become a part time obsessive compulsive dog fawner and full time conspicuous ingénue) would block a person for saying the obvious. What delicate egos. What losers. The whole bunch of those Fox ‘never trumpers.’ Ya hear that Chris? Marc? Oh and W.H. correspondent John Roberts? I betcha that we, in the ‘conservative digerati’ class will eventually do to you what we did to Shep. And don’t look now Fox, Disney, Twitter, et al. your stocks will be taking a significant loss in the next four years.

    PS – yes Greg Gutfeld is an absolute gem. Priceless. And as for Tom Shillue? He grows on you… I dunno, like a bad tan. While Jesse Waters is great when he’s really angry and isn’t distracted. But the man of the hour, for me these days, is Dan Bongino.


  17. Yes I agree Fox is going in the toilet fast . Everyday I change the channel once fox and friends is over to fox business , PERIOD . Fox has changed and is not worth watching the Trump haters like Chris Wallace , Stirewalt , Juan Williams , the weekend news is terrible , they just bash Trump all day long it is disgusting . I love Maria Bartiroma , Lou Dobbs , and charles Paine all the fox business folks .


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