Beat The Press: President Trump Should Have Someone Grill Every Reporter Who Asks A Stupid Question

With the flagrantly partisan corporate political news media doing everything they can to terrorize our nation, destroy President Trump and put targets on the backs of every American who supports him, it’s time he and his team take “fighting back” a step further.

I’d love to see President Trump’s weapon of blunt rhetorical force, Stephanie Grisham, next to him at every press conference he gives.

And every time some idiot like Yamiche Alcindor (PBS) or Jim Acosta (CNN) or Cecilia Vega (ABC) or Kristen Welker (NBC) ask one of their aggressively partisan, divisive, unhelpful, intellectually dishonest and unfair questions — President Trump defers to Stephanie before he answers the question.


“Mr. President, your critics all say you’re a racist and that you’re doing everything you can to protect yourself and your friends in Russia instead of trying to protect the American people. What assurances can you provide us right now, today, that these accusations aren’t true?”


“Ms. Grisham, did you have something you wanted to ask Jim before I answer his question?”


“Yes, Mr. President, in fact I did. Jim, last night your network dishonestly claimed on several occasions that President Trump called the virus a hoax. That never happened. Almost as if to prove his point for him, you purposefully ignored the fact that he called the dishonest reporting and politicization around it a hoax designed to damage his team and their efforts to quell this crisis. Additionally, 6 different anchors on your network – not guests or panelists, but allegedly impartial anchors — on several occasions yesterday said that it’s ‘racist’ to refer to the origin of the virus. You yourself went on social media to promote the same unhelpful, divisive, dishonest accusation. This, despite you and your network on multiple occasions also being on the record calling it the quote ‘Chinese’ and quote ‘Wuhan’ virus. My question, Jim, is what are you going to do and what are you going to ask your colleagues at CNN to do in an effort to stop pushing so much unhelpful, divisive, dishonest, purposefully partisan and unfair politicization and deceitful characterizations in your reporting? Please answer with specifics so that our nation can be assured that when you’re in these briefings asking your questions, you’re not doing so with entirely bad faith intentions meant to damage and divide our country.”


“Well I disagree with your characterizations but we’ll look into that.”


“This is important, Jim. So let me show you the evidence which I have ready right here on the screen. You and your network, empowered by free speech and entrusted by our nation to operate honestly and in good faith, are doing more to divide and destroy than you are to unite and inform. And your dishonesty and purposefully partisan, dishonest characterizations are responsible for that damage. So if you aren’t prepared with specifics now, please plan to bring some with you next time you’re here asking questions. And we’ll be watching in the meantime with the hopes that there will be some improvement.”

Rinse and repeat, every time they do a press conference.

How beautiful, and frankly helpful, would this be? Just beat them down over and over again with specific evidence all teed up to highlight their partisan characterizations and humiliate them for calling that “journalism.”

I wrote not long ago that conservative media is dropping the ball by every time — literally every. single. time. — playing right into the media’s hands. Conservative media and the GOP itself have effectively become useful idiots for the corporate media, because we let them write the headlines and drive the narratives, and all we’re ever doing is responding to what they put out there. Instead, I’ve argued for months, we should be making the corporate the media the story and indicting them for their flagrantly partisan efforts to damage President Trump and put targets on the backs of any American who supports or defends him.

But since conservative media won’t do it, and since the corporate media are now kicking our butt and nobody on our side has the guts to stand up and stop them, maybe it’s time President Trump yet again saves the day and does what the halfwits on “our side” don’t have the guts, strength or intelligence to do.

Maybe he should bring Stephanie Girsham or someone who commands similar strength up there with him, and that person can level the playing field that the corporate media has become way too comfortable exploiting for purely partisan, political gain.

Call out each individual and/or their network for their bad behavior on air, in print, on social media, etc.

Make them answer for it with questions that explicitly assert the hardest truth: The dishonest and partisan corporate political news media, more than anyone or anything else, is today’s greatest blight on our nation’s progress and unity. And they’re the most useful idiots that foes like Russia could possibly hope to have while fighting to keep our nation divided and distracted with negatively weaponized political messaging.

I’d love to see it. And I think it would do our nation a tremendous amount of good. And if it can help the media start thinking a little more judiciously about the levels of partisanship, intellectual dishonesty and unfairness that they so carelessly blanket virtually all of their coverage with, that would be a really helpful and healthy thing, too.

If you’re with me, then share this piece on Facebook and Twitter and tag a few high profile Trump supporters along the way. Let’s try to get this idea out there. Because it’s a long time coming and having watched “our side” drop the ball during this whole Wuhan Virus hysteria, it’s obvious that President Trump is still the only one who has the guts and smarts to actually fight back against the dishonest corporate media.


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    • THANK YOU! I thought so too and was really hoping this piece would get more traction than it did so if you’re on social media, please share it if you’re able to. Thanks again for the comment.


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