Following Trump’s Good Example, Many Trump Supporters Should Refuse $1K Stimulus Check

Acting as so many are today out of an abundance of caution, President Trump wants every American to get a $1,000.00 check to simultaneously help individuals and the economy we all rely on. It’s a move that many will call hasty but one that is nevertheless in perfect alignment with so many other drastic measures we’re seeing amid the Wuhan Virus hysteria.

Praised today for his tone even by Fake News CNN’s Dana Bash, President Trump continues to take extraordinary measures to lead our nation through what everyone with any kind of meaningful platform assures us all is a catastrophic disaster of Biblical proportions just waiting for our inaction to happen.

Does the moment truly merit the meltdown?

I’m highly skeptical and the media’s persistent dishonesty, flagrant partisanship, total lack of integrity, and exploitation of their power is the single reason for that skepticism.

Still, I know that President Trump has to respond with seriousness and action, and as one of his earliest and strongest supporters I’m sincerely glad he’s doing so.

But I also know that my family and I don’t need the $1,000.00 stimulus check. And I’m guessing many others who will qualify for and get one don’t either. Like many private sector employers, mine has made every effort to take care of its people and ensure continuity in our financial livelihood. They’ve taken steps to adhere to the cautionary warnings with respect to social distancing etc, but we are still getting paid. And the downturn on Wall Street doesn’t impact my family’s near-term financial well being.

Additionally, many conservatives like me have spent years chastising rich liberals who claim they want to pay more in taxes..

“Fine! Go ahead! DO IT! All you have to do is check that little box on your tax form and designate how much additional money you want to fork over. You think the government is a better steward of your money than you are? You want to pay more taxes? Nobody is stopping you Matt Damon, Stephen King, Jimmy Kimmel, George Clooney etc. Go ahead and do it!”

Now consider that many of us are also inspired by President Trump charitably donating his salary to various initiatives every quarter. Many Americans don’t know about that because the anti-Trump and often America-hating corporate media are too busy trying to convince you that he’s AKSHUALLY broke in real life — and a morally bankrupt, evil man — so the fact that he gives up his $400,000 per year salary and charitably donates it instead of keeping it for himself, hurts both of those narratives.

But it’s true. He does.

So with all of that in mind, I’m writing now to offer a suggestion to Trump supporters and any other patriotic Americans who want to do a little more to help out right now.

If you don’t need the check, find a way to give it back. I had initially hoped for there to be some kind of opt-out mechanism because the simple act of cutting checks actually costs a decent amount of money, and it would be great if those of us who don’t truly need it right now could spare our government that expense entirely. But that’s likely a logistical nightmare so the better option might just be to find a charity, or even give it right back to the government when you do your taxes this year.

If most of you are being honest, what our nation is going through — whether it’s being sensationalized and weaponized by the media or not — isn’t hurting you financially at a personal level in the near-term. If you’re heavily invested in the stock market then yes you’ve seen your investments and/or 401Ks take serious hits. But that will all come back. And the more positive and united we can be through this thing, especially since the dishonest and disgraceful corporate media 100% will weaponize it and try to use it against Trump once the smoke settles, the better we’ll all come out of it at every level.

So take a stand with me, Trump supporters who can legitimately afford to.

Thank President Trump for his swift action. Thank his team of health experts for their dedication to putting America First and helping see us through this thing. Thank your neighbors for not being idiots and doing their part to help stem the spread of this virus, just like they should and hopefully do with every virus as well. (Wash hour hands. Don’t cough on people. Don’t lick doorknobs. Stay home if you’re sick so you don’t get others sick. Give particular deference and care and compassion to the elderly and otherwise immunocompromised.) Thank all of them. Thank everyone. Come together and be grateful. But also, if you can afford it — and I know many of you can — do one better.

Put your money where your mouth is just like we watch President Trump do with his salary, and just like we tell liberals to do when they’re mouthing off about how awful our country is and how greedy everyone is except for them.

Many of you don’t make a ton of money. Many of you have little or no savings at all. Most of us would rather see a more judicious expenditure schedule instead of the one-size-fits-all approach that’s apparently being considered. And all of us would welcome a $1,000.00 check (or whatever it will be if it’s taxed as a bonus or something). But how great would it be if a large group of Trump supporters all banded together and sent a message to the media and everyone else about who we are. It would be good for our movement, it would be good for President Trump, and it would be good for our country at a time when we clearly could use some good news and good will.

I don’t have the plan for how to promote and track this. I’m floating the idea hoping those with bigger platforms than I will help carry and amplify it. But I will tell you this: If this individual stimulus check plan comes to fruition, I will 100% at least do my own part and will meet you right back here after the checks go out to show you those receipts.


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  1. I was thinking of leaving extra big tips when we are allowed to eat out again, and hire house work and yard work.


  2. Not sure what the qualifications are going to be to get the $1000, but I certainly don’t need it and will turn it back or either go to my favorite restaurants and divide it up among the wait staff.


  3. I’m in. Tell me how to refuse in a way that is scam-proof. Or how to return it to the treasury and designate a department. As a veteran, I’d like mine to go to less fortunate vets.


  4. What is needed is everyone to spend the money as soon as possible to stimulate the economy. There has been stimulus deals for a least a 100 years. So which would you rather have, give money to the central bank to buy bonds, or directly to the people?


  5. Here is an even better addition to this idea. How about we demand that all democrats do NOT get a check as they oppose Trump on everything he has done? Then if we do not need it, give it to a charity, or wait staff, or donate it to Re-elect you favorite Conservative candidate. After all there is only two ways to obtain this extra money by government. One is raise taxes, and the other is by printing money which harms its value. Just a thought.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I don’t know. I think the ONLY people that should be receiving the $1,000.00 in the first place, are people who make less than say $40,000.00 per year, married or single, but who work for a living, especially those who are stuck in more or less unpleasant, low-wage jobs, where they depend on TIPS or even a second or third part-time income, just to pay the rent every month !


    • Problem with your $40K limit, is this is at the federal level. Someone in New York City, would find it very difficult to survive if they only made $40K a year to where in other parts of the country, that can be a decent wage. If either were having a tough time though, it could help either one, just probably stretch further for some than others.


  7. What the F! I’m a millionaire and I say if the government’s dumb and corrupted enough to toss you back a thousand of your taxes (which you’re sure to have to cover one way or another) you’d be an idealistic fool to toss it back for them to waste.


    • Idealistic or not, why add to the national debt? Yes, I would probably put it right back into the economy but it is still fiat money.


  8. Just pray about it. Pray about what to do with that money if / when it is received. It’s not my intention to sound preachy. Not at all. But these are crazy times and if you are a believer, then ask Him for wisdom in this and in all things.

    As an aside, I decided to play Christian music from YouTube throughout the house this afternoon. It’s amazing the difference it makes. My senses have been so flooded over these past few weeks with secular things from non-stop news on the tv about the pandemic, that introducing spiritual perspective via Christian music is most welcomed.


  9. I’m a true Trump supporter but at the same time I got multiple sclerosis I was getting disability I sold a home on contract and they took it away from me I like to get it back when the people finish paying off the house because they counted as income and 3 days after that I got a letter stating I owe them $7,500 which I do not and they can’t give me a reason why before that I was a funeral director and mortician I work very hard at my job an was very proud of my job . It will take a couple years to restart this whole disability process I have lesions on my brain and a bad back I desperately need the money I don’t know if I’m going to get it I hope I do God bless everyone and God bless mr. President Trump thank you for all your hard work and caring about America


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