What Makes The Wuhan Virus So Awful Is Most People Won’t Even Know They Have It And OMG Do You Idiots Hear Yourselves?!

Seriously. Do you?! I can’t believe that virtually everyone except for a handful at The Federalist (eg Sean Davis, Twitter here) is either completely terrified as per the media’s prescription, or too cowardly to call the terrorism and fear mongering out. Just unbelievable. Everyone, even normally reliable media watchdogs, are either lined up to virtue signal their dime-store medical expertise — or they’re cowering in the corner too afraid to utter even a shred of skepticism for the hysteria around what may be yet another in a long line of relatively unremarkable new viral strains; COVID-19.

And if you listen closely enough for long enough then eventually you’ll hear these circle jerking idiots all nod in agreement that what makes the virus soooooo scary is that the vast majority of people who get it <checks notes> won’t even know they have it because there will literally be no symptoms.

I had written the other day that when it’s all over and it doesn’t net even a tiny fraction of the terror and death and destruction that the media promised it would, the media would take credit for its dilution instead of being held accountable for its terror-inducing promotion.

Today I look around and see literally the entire conservative and Trump supporting right lining up to do the same damn thing.

What an absolute disgrace.

“Yeah but it might kill a persistently shrinking fraction of elderly and immunocompromised people than the standard flu strain does!!!!1!”

Shaddup. You’re inciting social and economic havoc all predicated on initially garbage numbers that get less and less dire as they become more and more informed.

“Yeah but your hero Trump is also taking it seriously!!!!1!”

He has to at this point. Because the media ensnared literally every one of you and now it’s a race to the bottom for virtue signaling the seriousness of a response to it.

The rest of us don’t. And just like the professionals amid Conservative, Inc. completely missed the public’s ability to nominate and then elect Trump, they’re missing our ability now to weave through this b.s. while simultaneously being cautious and also skeptical of the enormous devastation that allegedly awaits us.

They think we’re idiots. They, just like every well-intended but wildly wrong leftist, think they’re helping.

They’re not.


PREDICTION: Journos Will Credit Themselves When WuFlu They Attacked Us With Fails To Inflict The Pain They Promised

Media’s WuFlu Hysteria Will End Just Like Their Russia Hysteria Did

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  1. I couldn’t agree with what you’re saying in this article more. The love of lies, fear and death are not just astounding, they’re freaking disappointing as well. To see so many people so easily duped is what is truly horrifying. There’s barely a lick of common sense left among the whole of humanity. These same people will show for for work if it’s raining hell fire and brimstone, but the news tells them it’s not serious and happens quite regularly in Siberia because there are Russians there.


  2. This is a very poorly informed opinion.

    Follow along with me fellow conservatives, I’m a molecular biologist and this shouldn’t be hard for anyone to understand: this is a virus that has a prodromal period of 4-14 days. That means it takes that long to show symptoms from the virus as it takes its time reproducing inside your body. For up to five of those days, where you’re not showing symptoms, the virus can leave your body and infect someone else.
    If infection keeps spreading among the unaware, even if they show no symptoms whatsoever, it will lead to greater infection, still.
    Sure, 80% of cases are mild–that sounds great. But 13.7% REQUIRE hospitalization. How prepared are hospitals for that? Not at all–the country averages 3 HOSPITAL BEDS PER 1000 CITIZENS.
    So do you think we can fight this without it being a gigantic strain on our hospitals? Hell no.

    We need to do what we can to limit infections, NOW. This isn’t something to doubt in our media in, even though they are contributing to panic unjustifiably.


    • Sure, you sound just like a ‘conservative’. Either that or a panic mongering Leftist hoping to convince people to panic over the flu. Yeah, that second one.


    • if you are a molecular biologist you should know that frequent washing of your hands, not touching the mucosae areas of your face are the best way to prevent you from contracting this virus, just like all other virus. if people would stop panicking because of their watching or listening to the media and take standard precautions it would be much better. most media outlets are scare bait click mongers.


    • Regardless of their health status, if contact with seniors is necessary to make sure they have what they need, use common sense to protect them. Draw from your knowledge of safety precautions learned from past experiences with flu, colds, etc. Simple common sense will go a long way in dealing with this situation.


  3. The article misses the point, it is not about what the virus does, that is irrelevant. However, to address that first, this is the salient points (I don’t get anything from the MSM):

    1) 4 Chinese scientists, working for Canada’s level 4 bio-hazard lab, made several trips to Wuhan in 2019

    2) The Chinese scientists were then fired and kicked out of the country by the Canadian Govt

    3) No explanation has been offered as to why and the circumstances surrounding the above

    4) One theory is that a virus was stolen, then modified in China’s only level 4 lab, which is in Wuhan

    5) It was released – either by accident or design, from Wuhan’s bio-hazard lab.

    6) The fatality rate is claimed to be 3.4% (10x that of the Flu) influenced by China’s fake low-ball numbers.

    7) The fatality rate in Italy is 7.6%. This is probably more accurate as China is lying

    8) On a bad year 1.55 billion people catch the flu and 486,000 people die (globally)

    9) If the Wuhan virus is more contagious, let us say 2B catch it

    10) Using 3.4% fatality rate = 68 million deaths globally

    11) Using Italy’s fatality rate = 152 million deaths globally

    Happy to be corrected on the above. It is just a clinical, non-hysterical observation and conclusion.

    In any event it is academic. The real story is in the panic. The panic has caused entire industries to collapse. Airlines, tourism, hotels, restaurants, entertainment, sports. Plus there is a component shortage leading to a manufacture collapse.

    People have stopped discretionary spending too.

    So the actual impact of the virus may be something and may be nothing. But the impact on the markets is guaranteed. You cannot press pause on the economy for three months and not expect a crash.

    The Feds spending 1.5 trill then 800 bill of YOUR money is kicking the can down the road. We are in for a crash. There are too many economies already on a knife edge and this tips them over.

    I put my money where my mouth is and got out of the markets 6th March. I am just in cash now plus I have bought some gold. Gold is not rising at the moment, I believe because people are selling for the liquidity to make their margin calls. But it will. I believe this is a 6-12 month ride at least, possibly 18 months.


  4. Just in case nobody says it… Thank you. This whole thing disgusted me from square one. It’s exposed an entire class of people who cannot be trusted. Starting with the chicom government.


  5. Please. Would someone explain the reason for the testing or even the self isolation? The flu is just that FLU. Just like the H1N1 or any other flu. Is it deadly? Yes. To old folks like me and young children. And just like any other flu you should stay home so as not to spread it around. In my 69 years on this wonderful planet I stand amazed at the panic I observed yesterday and the grocery store. Shelves stripped of all sorts of items. No bottled water.
    Nuff said.
    Enjoy the day.


    • This is a test to see how much government can usurp authority based upon claims about a “pandemic”, nothing else. After Trump crushes creepy, sleepy Joe in November, the media will claim that flu is a pandemic, which by comparison, it really is. Totalitarian government due to martial law. It is a Leftard dream come true. The only thing it lacks for them is millions of corpses but they are working on that, as usual.


  6. And in Michigan, our p hat govonor is shutting down bars and restaurants just like her d rat buddy governors elsewhere so they can create more unemployment and force half the bars and restaurants that were already struggling to close permanently. The d rats and rino are attempting to use the virus to destroy America and make US in to the 3rd world s hole they dream of controling


  7. I note you refused to publish my comment, which has been proven correct by the market today.

    I guess you love censorship more than you like free speech and truth. Ban anyone who disagrees with you, how very progressive of you.

    The good news is that Gab now means that totalitarians and free-speech-suppressors like yourselves no longer control the comments section. So I posted over there.


  8. Thank you for one note of sanity in a sea of neuroses. I feel I have been impotently screaming in frustration at brick walls for years now – much like a subdued minority must have felt at the dawn of the Third Reich. Behold, the death throes of the liberty experiment. As in Grecian times, the world will soon wipe their foreheads in relief and say, “Whew! Thank God that’s over,” as they did when Sparta felled Athens. As our constitutional right to free assembly is infringed upon (for “our own good” as is ever the argument), others will invariably follow.

    Further, and more specifically, yes, this is a particularly virulent virus. I am not a medical professional (although I listen and note that the actual medical professionals have continually advised calm and not employed “Black Death plague” level rhetoric), but this is neither the Black Death nor even the Spanish Flu. For one, the disparity between COVID-19’s medical elements and the knowledge and technology available today is nowhere near as wide as in the past. Further arguments are not necessary and would take up too much room (and would be ignored by the vast majority of the population intent on panicking and blindly certain in their own emotionally-motivated, small opinions), but the crux is this: Will people die? Yes ….. however (not to be unfeeling) people always die. Our global population has gotten too large for numbers not to sound terrifyingly high (although using Italy’s numbers – the country with the oldest population in the world – is perhaps fear-mongering in itself), but the “steps” being taken to “address the problem” are undeniably far worse than the problem itself. Other than the aforementioned assault on the last vestiges of democracy, here are some other problems I see.

    The economic catastrophe in progress can not be overstated. The circle of commerce has halted – and the last time it happened it took a world war to really start it again. The educational catastrophe will further our population’s massive ignorance/arrogance combo platter of ineptitude. Online learning (which large universities have been yearning for a reason to push as it maximizes the value of the cannon fodder, i.e. undergraduates in terms of resources) maximizes the human tendency to find an echo chamber and dwell in it while minimizing the ability to adapt and think critically. As this step has already been taken, it is going to be very hard, if at all possible, to return to a challenging and worthwhile educational system.

    Third, there is a decent argument that the quarantine measures and ensuing panic will actually CAUSE more deaths and will certainly cause a run on medical resources thus actively causing the very state of affairs adherents claim the measures are avoiding. Already, I have seen with my own eyes hospitals and doctors begging people not to come in if they are not sick, to call and discuss first any symptoms they are having before coming in. Appointments for other, valid medical concerns and/or the all-important preventative care that actually does save lives are being rescheduled and pushed back indefinitely (personal experience) which will come to a bad end. Further, human beings being human, too much free time plus not enough resources plus stress will invariably equal violence ….. and probably a great deal of it. For a virus that has killed less than 10,000 people worldwide, we may see ramifications in the millions.

    This is to say nothing of the effects, all terrible, of the media stranglehold. They had nothing to lose by inciting panic and can (and will) claim victory regardless of what happens. The paradigm destruction that occurred when the U. S. elected Trump despite everything they said and did was devestating to the true believers and there is nothing they won’t try if it means regaining their self-perceived position as the arbiters of our society. To be sure of this, simply employ a tried and true critical thinking technique – “switch the setting.” Keep the rhetoric and language the same but change the topic. If the core of the argument is sound, the logic will still work. Try it here. I see terrorism – and disaster.


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