Tonight’s Debate Will Show Bernie Bros That He Only Stayed In To Manipulate Them

Tucker Carlson had a great monologue last week during which he articulated in a way I’d never considered that Bernie Sanders is a professional loser who doesn’t actually want to win. I’ve personally bobbed and weaved over the years between seeing Sanders as a tremendous threat to individual liberty and America as we know it, and a total joke who could be easily crushed by even the weakest Republican candidate. But I never really thought about what Tucker so clearly communicated, which is that Sanders was born to lose and knows it and is in reality terrified of actually winning.

It’s about 6 minutes long, but worth a look before we go on.


Smart and increasingly clear analysis, no?

While digesting Carlson’s point earlier this week, I had a competing thought.

I’d thought many times about Sanders going after Sleepy Joe’s crystal clear cognitive decline. And I surmised that if he did so in a debate, the audience would boo and hiss and negate all the heft of the very fair and I’d say necessary point of interest not only for Democrat primary voters, but our entire nation as Biden nears “presumptive nominee” status. There’s just no chance the audience would let Sanders get away with such a personal but still obvious and important line of attack. Then it hit me that there won’t be an audience for Sunday night’s debate. And that means, if Bernie wanted to, he could swing for the fences on Biden’s cognitive decline and Sleepy Joe would be a deer in the headlights with no supportive audience doing the heavy lifting for him.

Because we all know it’s a perfectly fair “attack” at this point; Joe Biden has quickly become a cognitive disaster and anyone who says otherwise is desperately lying through their jittery teeth and/or dentures.

I shared that thought with another friend, about Bernie being able to hit Biden hard on the subject since there will be no audience to chastise him for it. And that friend effectively reinforced Tucker’s point, noting that Bernie has a long history of pulling his punches.

And I thought about it. Again. And again I realized it’s just true! It’s like all the guy wants to do is rile people up and then lose so his idiotic governing philosophies never actually get a chance to stand on their own.

So why is he still in the race despite having zero chance of actually winning, and an even smaller desire to actually do so?

Well at first I thought maybe just to keep riling his people up and, as the media have claimed, so he can have some influence over the direction the party goes. But if he truly wanted influence over the direction the party goes, then the guy wouldn’t be such a persistent and eager loser!

I think the reason he’s actually staying in is because if he were to drop out now, his supporters would be left with nothing but aimless anger. But if he stays in, he can actually help carry Biden along a little bit and mesh their shared interests and make Biden seem like not such an awful alternative. He can manipulate the infamously ferocious “Bernie Bros” in a trajectory that’s favorable to Biden’s future and, in turn, Bernie’s own among the establishment.

I never knew what a born and purposeful loser Bernie Sanders was until the last week. But now that it’s so clear that’s exactly who and what he is, his low brow intentions are also much more clear. He’s not still in this race to help shape the direction of the party, and he’s definitely not still in it to actually win it. He’s in it because he’s terrified of the Electoral Frankenstein he created, and is cowering to Biden and the Democratic establishment with promises to help tame the beast and nudge them toward the anti-Trump movement instead of the pro-Bernie movement.

And Bernie’s supporters will get a healthy dose of that reality tonight when they watch what promises to be a disastrously losing effort by a very capable Sanders against a completely incapable Biden in the debate. I can already see it: Biden will be stumbling all over the place wholly incapable of anything close to 90 minutes of one-on-one debate, and Sanders — rather than strike while the iron is scorching hot — will help Biden manage his failed intellectual footing and lost trains of thought and imminent incoherent ramblings.

Millions of us will be watching and on multiple occasions we won’t have a single clue what Biden just said. But Bernie will step in and pretend it made all the sense in the world while offering a much more clearly communicated response.

Bernie supporters are going to watch in agony because their candidate is biting off way more than he can chew. It would be one thing to try to nudge his supporters toward Biden if that’s all he had to. But he’ll also have to actually carry Biden through the vast majority of the rest of their race, and that will make concealing his ulterior motive entirely impossible.

The whole Democratic primary has been a disaster of the tallest order. The media is responsible for this. The media is responsible for the Democrat party itself becoming such an incredible blend of fecklessness, lies and dependence on the media for any shred of durability. As noted in a recent piece…

No one does more to keep our nation divided socially and politically than the dishonest and corrupt corporate media. They are the single greatest threat to progress and unity that our nation faces today, and for decades they’ve been the only thing keeping the increasingly toothless and laughable Democrat party from evolving in healthy ways that promote freedom and liberty instead of quelling both.

When President Trump pulverizes the establishment and spends four more glorious years draining the swamp and putting America first, it’s possible if not likely that the media as we know it will finally swirl down the drain with the rest of the parasites our movement is doing away with. And if that happens and integrity is restored to the Fourth Estate, there’s a decent chance that the NeverTrump / Conserving Conservatism right will band together with (read: take over) the moderate wing of the Democratic left, and we can again have smart and substantive and productive debates in this county. The patriotism and conservatism of the America First right, versus the global-minded progressivism of the America Also left. And that will be a good thing. A robust debate is a good thing because without competition, there can be no improvement. The problem with our debate today is that, thanks to the institutional left (media, academia, Hollywood) the Democratic party has been hijacked by liars and thieves who aren’t allowed to be honest about their true goals and intentions because 90%+ of our electorate would reject it on its face if they ever got an honest look at its ugly mug. And that’s unhealthy and unproductive for everyone involved. So to end that and get back to at least being honest with each other about what we want, will be really good for our nation.

But first things first: The rest of this disastrous Democratic primary has to play out, and it will start tonight (Sunday, 3/15/20) with Bernie supporters watching their loser candidate prop the other wholly incapable idiot up instead of taking him out. And they’re gonna be mad as heck about that! And there isn’t enough popcorn in the world for us Trump supporters — who still aren’t tired of winning — to enjoy everything that’s about to come in the next 8 months.


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One comment

  1. The Ides of March…

    Who thought it was a good idea to have a debate on March 15th?!

    In the Shakespearean tale Caesar is warmed to beware the Ides of March.

    As the off-Broadway play has shown such a day is not a good day for politics. If Joe Biden shows a hint a cognitive decline this debate I have zero doubt the knives will come out.

    Beware the Ides of March indeed.


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