PREDICTION: Journos Will Credit Themselves When WuFlu They Attacked Us With Fails To Inflict The Pain They Promised

Go look at the Twitter feed of any member of the corporate political news media and you’ll see the cyber equivalent of full grown adults licking handrails in an overcrowded public space while spitting on each other and everyone around them. Only the disease they’re desperately trying to catch and spread isn’t the Wuhan Virus.

It’s fear.

And they’re trying to spread that fear because they want to hurt our nation.

And they want to hurt our nation because it’s their last chance to hurt President Trump before he pulverizes Cognitive Decline Joe and sails to a landslide re-election with 4 more glorious years of #DrainTheSwamp and #AmericaFirst leadership.

That’s why the media has spent the last several weeks terrorizing our nation and world with promises of extinction-level infection. And they’re chomping at the bit to spend the next 6 months continuing their assault on our social, political and economic order. Even Fox News’ Tucker Carlson got sucked in, and is out there wholly ignoring the admitted idiocy of Ohio’s Department of Health Director, Amy Acton, when she starts her interview with him by hedging that she “was tired” when she spoke and did not mean to imply that she has any sound data to back up her claim that 100,000 Ohioans are walking around with the WuFlu. No. Instead, Carlson with his trademark “I’m an idiot” resting face, thanks her for her hysteria and says we need more people like her prematurely hitting the panic button without evidence.

The WuFlu panic has infected every corridor of public life and even normally sober, smart and thoughtful commentators like Carlson are lined up to virtue signal their appreciation for the seriousness of the bug.

But as was the case with the media’s Russia, Mueller and Ukraine narratives — the public is growing wary of the promised terror and destruction with each passing day.

And pretty soon, meaning within 2-3 months at the most, the public will turn its back on the panic and the media will be forced to admit that the death and destruction they promised will not actually come to pass.

But at that point the media won’t admit their culpability in decimating our stock markets and costing communities billions in lost revenue and jobs and the health and livelihoods of so many who lost so much during this panic.


The media will instead take credit and claim that it was their hall monitoring that prevented the mass calamity they always insisted would definitely arrive. And as they did with the Russia and Mueller hoaxes, they will congratulate each other and present awards among themselves for their coverage of a story they created that didn’t turn out to be anything close to what they constantly promised it was or would be.

They won’t be held accountable or pay for even a shred of the division and destruction they foist on our nation.

And a quick reminder:

The Democrats and establishment Republicans are the swamp’s breadwinners. The corrupted and politicized wing of the intelligence community is its security force. And the media is its marketing arm.

They’re all parasites in the swamp, and America is the host they feed off of.

President Trump promised to drain the swamp and, like so many others he made, he’s keeping that promise. So stopping President Trump and crushing anyone who supports him isn’t a matter of principle for the media and other swamp monsters.

It’s a matter of survival.

This is why — as Cognitive Decline Joe Biden assumes the role of presumptive nominee while failing to demonstrate that he even knows his own name let alone the enormity of the task that lies ahead of him — the media have stooped to this disgusting new low. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Your doctor and your dentist and all the rest always urge your abundance of caution…

“Exercise more.”

“Floss more.”

“Mainline more kale.”

Sure thing, Doc. Can I go now?

The medical community and the markets and the businesses and the schools and the government and everyone else are all responding to the hysteria that was induced by the media. Hysteria over COVID-19 that the media inspired all because they wanted to hurt our country and blame President Trump for any damage they managed to inflict.

So as noted in a previous piece:

The same rules apply today that did a month ago: There are germs out there and some people are more vulnerable than others, so don’t be an idiot and do your part to protect yourself and those around you. Wash your hands. Don’t cough on people. If you’re sick, it’s better to stay home than to go out and infect everyone else.

This is all day one stuff.

Do your diligence and if you have loved ones who are older or otherwise immunocompromised, encourage them to take extra precautions and do the same with particular care while in their presence.

But this terror won’t reach even a fraction of what the media has whipped our nation into a panicked frenzy believing it will. And when it fails to meet the expectations set by the media sooner than later (because it will), watch for that same media to pat themselves on the back and act as though they are the reason things didn’t get worse — while simultaneously claiming that they prevented total catastrophe in the face of what they’re already claiming is incompetence from President Trump and his team.

And when you catch the media doing this, walk up to them and spit right in their faces. (Metaphorically, of course.) Because that’s what they’ve been doing to you and our entire nation ever since President Trump promised to drain the swamp that they rely on for survival, and refused to lie down for them no matter how dishonestly or dangerously they attacked him and put targets on the backs of every American who supports him.

BY THE WAY: Fox News’ Melissa Francis gave a strong analysis of what makes President Trump different from virtually every other elected Republican in modern memory. And it’s worth a quick watch and listen.


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  1. Can there be any doubt that the Left are enemies of America? They hope that people die, and they hope that trillions are lost, all so they can push tranny bathrooms and expansive bureaucratic wealth transfers. I know the term gets thrown around a lot but I really wish that this second Civil War would go hot. The working poor are going to suffer the most and as usual the Democrats are happy to sacrifice them for power. They are utterly evil.


  2. Objection! Trump was already closing the borders to China travel and taking preventative measures when the media and democrats were accusing him of creating a distraction to impeachment and being a racist. The media is simply the attack dog arm of the radical leftist democrat party.


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