Best Candidate To Carry Trump’s Torch In 2024: Sarah Huckabee Sanders

I’ve been meaning to write this piece for several months and it brings me great joy this Saturday evening to sit down and organize some thoughts around why Sarah Huckabee Sanders is currently the most attractive candidate to keep President Trump’s #AmericaFirst and #DrainTheSwamp agendas going after he leaves office in January 2025.

One of the reasons it brings me so much joy is because this Wuhan Virus hysteria is killing me. I’ve written twice in two days about it and even the people I can normally count on to avoid falling prey to media manipulation are letting me down. The first piece was about how the WuFlu story would end just like the media’s Russia and Ukraine stories did (it would turn out to be nothing close to what they promised, and ultimately a weapon they used to bludgeon President Trump), and the second piece was about how rather than be held accountable for the pain they’ve foist on our nation, the media will actually take credit for the Wuhan Virus not doing even a fraction of the damage they promised us it would.

And when neither piece got any meaningful traction, I sent an email to a few on my distribution list describing my frustrations this way…

Do you not believe me, not care, or have you not had time to yet really consider the heft of my last two pieces which correctly indict the media as being the genesis of the panic from which all other entities — from government to healthcare to the market to small businesses — were forced to take their cues?!

I’m just furious right now over this. It’s so painful to watch. And the fallout will be so much worse. We need to get ahead of it now. Someone has to have the guts to get ahead of it. The “the media did this” narrative needs to hit the ethos NOW before their “the media is what saved us” narrative begins to.

So I’m annoyed by the Wuhan Virus coverage we are getting, and doubly annoyed by the coverage we’re not getting by way of indictments of the media for stoking the panic and fear.

And I’m glad to be writing about something else…

It’s been about 18 months since I first wrote that we Trump supporters must start talking now about who should follow his lead once his two terms are up. At the time, Don Jr. and Lindsey Graham were the best considerations I could think of.


Because both appear to have the courage to stand up to the media. And that, more than anything else, is what we needed before Trump came along. And it’s what made and makes him so powerful now that he’s here. And it’s what we’ll need plenty more of after he leaves office in 2025. And it might sound like a pretty low bar but if you’re a true Trump supporter, then you know what I’m talking about. You know that we’ve spent our entire lives watching feckless Republican whipping boys and girls thank the media for their service while ducking the constant slings and arrows of the media’s flagrantly partisan and one-sided attacks. So I noted and am noting again that we need someone who has the courage and toughness to stand up to the media.

The second important component is that we need someone who won’t be corrupted by the office or the opportunities for personal enrichment that come with the power.

I liked Don Jr. because he just has an incredible knack for swinging back on the media without any shred of fear or hesitation. And he’s excellent at it. And he’s whip smart. And I liked Graham because he’s among a very short list of Republican standard bearers who seemed to learn anything from Trump’s ascent and ability to drive our agendas forward.

Graham, obviously, is a risky choice given his history and ability to turn on us on a dime and blame us while he’s doing it. But I must note that literally the day after I wrote a piece praising him as a strong candidate to replace Trump, he leveled his famously tough defense of Brett Kavanaugh and virtually everyone on our side of the aisle stood up and cheered for him. (I sent that piece to my distribution list at 3:13AM on 9/27/18 and Graham’s beat down of his Democrat peers on the Senate Judiciary Committee happened later that afternoon.) I felt pretty vindicated that day, especially considering the negative feedback I’d gotten initially when I floated the idea of running him in 2024.

But he is risky.

And so is Don Jr. He just doesn’t have all the life experience that his dad does. Granted, Trump raised his kids (by all accounts that I’ve seen) to be hard workers who don’t act in any way like most children of filthy rich people. So Don Jr. is still very much a real consideration, but it just feels like it could be a pretty tough sell. And I’d love to have him stand by our movement and continue helping even if he’s not the person who gets to carry its torch most prominently in 2024. I’d love to see him kick butt for us even if he’s not the one who gets the nod. And after 8 years of helping President Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Don Jr. could be an excellent choice for 2032.

A lot of people are excitedly talking about Nikki Haley. I hate that idea. She’s nothing but an opportunist from my seat. You know that picture of Mitt Romney and Trump having dinner when Trump was supposedly interviewing him for the Secretary of State job? Well to me, Nikki Haley is nothing more than Mitt Romney who got that job. And she started to appreciate what the power of the Trump movement felt like. And now she’s riding that wave but I don’t believe for a second that she’s actually committed to it, or us. And I don’t think she’d last 5 minutes taking the slings and arrows of the media and establishment Republican circles if she became President and had to stand up to all of them. So I’m not a big fan of that idea. (I’m also old enough to remember when Haley eagerly used the GOP’s response to Obama’s State Of The Union to — wait for it — attack then-candidate Trump! I wrote about it at the time. Take a walk down memory lane in case you forgot what kind of advocate Haley was for #AmericaFirst and #DrainTheSwamp before it started suiting her personal interests.)

Then it hit me a solid year or so ago: Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Nobody is as battle-tested as she is, having stood at that podium day in and day out for so long. Nobody has the integrity that she does — the humble wife and mother, steadfast and sincere in her Christian faith, a hard worker who surprised me in every way with her toughness, tenacity, smarts, fearlessness, aptitude, authenticity and honor.

We should be so lucky as to have Mrs. Sanders throw her hat in the ring and commit her life, and her family’s lives, to the rigors of the campaign and the presidency that would follow it. But I tell you now as one of the most painfully analytic and careful and critical Trump supporters out there, there is no better candidate anywhere near the radar today than she is. And I want her to know that we’re thinking about her in this way so she can start giving it some real consideration as well. She’ll think about it, she’ll talk to her family, and she’ll pray on it for weeks or months on end. But if she does all of those things then the path forward will become very clear: She is the best option by a mile to keep our critical #AmericaFirst and #DrainTheSwamp agendas going. She has the toughness to stand up to the media, the work ethic for the rigors of the job, the aptitude to maintain a strong command of the issues and details, and the integrity to not be swayed by temptation into serving herself instead of serving our nation.

I think it’s important that we start talking about 2024 now before the media and NeverTrump / Conserving Conservatism grifters hijack that conversation. And while we have a few good options out there to lean into, from my seat we also have one excellent option: Sarah Huckabee Sanders, 2024.


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  1. Sarah H Sanders is a perfect choice, as well as Don Jr. Lindsey Graham is a joke who would lead us to disaster. You pegged Nikki Haley spot on, she being the very one to turn us right back over to the elitists we are so finally glad to be distanced from. But you might give one other a long look, someone who can take it, someone who absolutely has proven she is/was in politics for all the right reasons; Sarah Palin. She is the only politician whom I absolutely trust to do the right things for America. Oh, and she’s a woman.


  2. Just think of the joy of having a president who sits in a diner having lunch while wearing a 357.
    She’d be surrounded by many hunters craving a stroll between snowbanks looking for a moose
    to take home for dinner.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. That is a fabulous article, and I agree with you wholeheartedly. She is the TRULY Godly candidate for the position. Plus, she can make their heads explode!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I like Sanders, but I think Jim Jordan is the man to follow Trump. He’s the #1 fighter in the Congress. He does not back away and stands his ground. Sanders is like that too, but I think Jordan has more experience in Congress which would serve him well.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Thank you for pointing out that Nikki Haley is a poor choice. She’s an opportunist, just as you point out. Graham failed us every time he thought about making the right step next, and he’ll do more of that than do the right thing. Don’t trust him for integrity. Heart will be the most important thing in our next president. Sarah, as you point out, is an excellent choice. Jr. was truly amazing vs. The View. I saw it only through the press and his g.f. would be a most excellent 1st Lady, if things go that way. They’re both sharp, capable of taking the heat and, I feel, not likely to fall to temptation under the power of the position. Also though, there’s Trump Sr. to be near for advice, just as Jr. is now.
    Americans all worry about the day we lose DJT and our leader and president. Your article is a great idea to help us begin to discus it. Thanks for writing this.

    Liked by 1 person

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