Media’s WuFlu Hysteria Will End Just Like Their Russia Hysteria Did

The same rules apply today that did a month ago: There are germs out there and some people are more vulnerable than others, so don’t be an idiot and do your part to protect yourself and those around you. Wash your hands. Don’t cough on people. If you’re sick, it’s better to stay home than to go out and infect everyone else.

This is all day one stuff.

But because the corporate media see an opportunity to weaponize the Wuhan Virus / COVID-19 as a blunt political instrument they can use to bludgeon President Trump, they’ve successfully whipped our nation into a wildly overblown frenzy wherein the average American now believes that these age-old common sense measures are brand new guidelines that if not followed will almost certainly lead to our extinction.

I’ll have my detractors, no doubt. There will be plenty who say everything from the threat of the virus to the incompetence of the executive branch responding to it merits the 5 alarm panic that the media and their towel boys (the Democrat party) have been eagerly inducing every second of every day for the last several weeks.

But when the smoke settles in a few months and we all realize that the freakout was completely overblown, I won’t hold my breath waiting for their apologies and admissions they were wrong.

This entire thing will play out just like the media’s Russia, Mueller and Ukraine stories did…

The media will spend every waking second breathlessly hyping its every twist and turn. And every step of the way will spell disaster for President Trump and everyone around him. Because every step of the way the media will promise audiences that the sky is falling, and that everything Trump did or is doing or wants to do is just more evidence of how terrible things are and how badly our nation needs to get rid of him so everything can be good again. And everyone who agrees with the media’s flagrantly partisan characterizations and narratives will be hailed as a hero. And everyone who dissents will be deemed a traitor to our nation and wholly undeserving of dignity or respect. And when it’s all said and done, and it’s proven to be a wildly overblown sea of propaganda that was almost entirely manufactured and perpetuated by the media, and all that’s left is the destruction caused by the media’s carelessness and desperation to destroy President Trump, they’ll simply move on as though it never happened. And the only remnants of the entire months-long meltdown will be the media patting each other on the back for what they’ll say was their stellar coverage of the thing they used to hurt our nation that didn’t happen in any way close to what they promised, and a few lingering voices still banging the drum that it’s a really big deal and literally tens of people are still suffering to this day because of President Trump’s alleged incompetence and self-interest.

The media will hype every shred of this story they get their hands on and promise the worst is constantly yet to come and they’ll say it’s all Trump’s fault and when we realize it’s not anything close to what they promised, they’ll pat each other on the back for their great reporting and take zero accountability for the damage they inflicted on our nation.

I guarantee you that’s exactly how this will go down.

The difference is while the media’s Russia, Mueller and Ukraine narratives left mostly intangible destruction in their wakes (a few ruined lives but mostly just a lot of national disunity and calcified partisanship), their Wuhan Virus hysteria will leave far more palpable pain as they’ve actually managed to decimate the stock market and the financial security of tens of millions of Americans who relied on its durability.

Will the markets come roaring back once the Wuhan Virus doesn’t do even a fraction of the damage that the media have tried to terrorize our nation into believing it will? I don’t know. There’s a decent chance, tail between its legs, that it will only come crawling back while suffering under the weight of both shame and public humiliation for so pathetically reacting to the media’s disgusting scare tactics. When I’m proven right, our nation won’t breathe a sigh of relief. We’ll be ashamed and tacit in our ability or willingness to celebrate the fresh breath of life that awaits us after this season of terror and fear. It’s not like the promise of a snowstorm that never came. This will be much different. The media has stoked fears and panic that eclipse any lows we’ve seen them hit ever before in our history, and it won’t feel good for anyone when it’s over.

If I’m wrong, I’ll gladly eat crow. But I guarantee you I won’t be. This thing will get only as bad as the media are able to make it, and fear — not fevers or coughing — will be the most prominent symptom of the sickness. Because the real disease that’s infecting our nation is fear itself. Fear that’s constantly being pushed by the corporate political news media, which has tried to destroy President Trump since day one. The Wuhan Virus is just the latest and most effective delivery mechanism used by the media to spread that fear.

Still, as noted, the same rules apply today that did just a few weeks ago: Be mindful of the germs that exist all around you, wash your hands, give particular deference to the elderly and immunocompromised, and if you’re sick don’t try to be a hero but stay home and get well instead of infecting everyone else.

And when it’s all over, please don’t let the media off the hook for their role inspiring the terror and panic and palpable pain that they’re inflicting on our nation all in an effort to hurt President Trump. When this all passes and is proven to merit only a tiny fraction of the fear-mongering it got, my hope is that you’ll take a breath and be grateful, but don’t forget that this wasn’t the media acting in good faith to help everyone. They had one goal and that was to hurt our nation so they could hurt President Trump. And when our whole nation awakens from the media’s most recent molestation of our trust and perversion of the power they wield over us, I hope it won’t just be Trump supporters who remember that.


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  1. How does anyone really know. Today as I sit here I FEEL like this is all baloney being drummed up to hurt Trump/us, but how do we really know. I don’t really trust the government as they have to try and keep us from panicking however the media wants us to panic to drive clicks and hurt Trump. Meanwhile and here we all are trying to figure out what is really the truth and what we should be doing to protect ourselves and our family. This kind of garbage and lack of trust will be our downfall.


  2. Hope you don’t have your heart set on crow, because I pretty much guarantee you won’t be eating any. Nice piece.


  3. This article displays a level of ignorance that is truly breathtaking. It’s all hysteria? Try and tell that to the people of China, Italy, and Iran. This virus is more infectious and more deadly than the 1918 flu that killed 50 million people.
    Wake up, foolish child…


    • I’m the author of this piece. And your good friends at the New York Times disagree with your hilariously pathetic fear mongering. But don’t let that stop you from hiding out in your basement until it’s “safe” to come out. We’ll let you know when that time comes. I promise.


  4. This article is right on point.

    Corona viruses of any kind cannot be stopped in this modern world of universal travel.

    Part of the problem is that these viruses mutate quickly, making vaccines quickly ineffective. Otherwise, we would have long ago found a cure for the common cold.

    Current efforts can only slow down the spread of the virus, but ultimately, will not halt it from spreading globally.

    We don’t shut down the world for the common cold or the flu, and this virus should be no different.

    In 2017 over 80,000 people died from the flu–mostly elderly and those with preexisting medical conditions. Since October 2019, an estimated 46,000 people have died from the flu.

    Did you see any article on that? Mass panic? Didn’t think so.

    So why is this sickness different than the flu? The media has magnified the danger ten fold, and seems to enjoy the clicks and ad revenue which panic brings. In addition, the Demonrats are politicizing this outbreak shamelessly, along with their lapdogs in the MSM.

    Mortality rates for this novel corona virus are sketchy at best. That’s because it is always easy to count those who died, but much more difficult to count those who were infected. Many do not even realize they have had this virus. Many do not report it. Most never get tested. So mortality rates are best guesses, and it appears this new virus is about the same or less deadly than the common flu.

    What seems to be impossible for the media to realize is that there is NO STOPPING THIS VIRUS. Just as there is no stopping the flu or the common cold.

    I thought the Democrat Party and the Main Stream Media could not sink lower than dirt, but I was wrong.


  5. Very good analysis – I posted this morning on an SEC Sports site that when this blows over as not much there are going to be a LOT of pissed off people who lost the opportunity to participate in a lot of events – oh, and the ones who lost a lot of MONEY! I’m sure if nothing much happens and this dies out PRESIDENT TRUMP will not be given any credit, he’ll be chastised by the left for making a mountain out of a molehill – the left will NEVER give him credit for anything!!


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