Matthew Dowd Is The Swamp’s Pregnant Stripper Who Works For Cigarettes

Of all the grifting idiots who built careers “helping” the GOP become a cultural laughingstock, none are more useless or pathetic than former George W. Bush “strategist” Matthew Dowd.

He appears on ABC’s “This Week” virtually every Sunday and gets literally every prognostication he makes spectacularly wrong. You will not find someone in the punditry business who more flagrantly or pathetically conflates a thoughtful analysis about reality with that which he desperately wishes existed.

And it truly is the same thing with guy week after week after week.

REALITY: Trump wins the 2016 election.
DOWD: America made a huge mistake and the whole world will come to an end within the month.

REALITY: Economy soars under Trump’s leadership.
DOWD: Somebody rigged something and by the time the facts are known, Trump will be in prison.

REALITY: Mueller is investigating Trump and his campaign for possible collusion with Russia.
DOWD: Closing in? Not even close. The walls have already closed in and now Trump and everyone close to him are being crushed. This one’s over folks.

REALITY: Trump exonerated by Mueller report.
DOWD: This report can’t wash away the reality that we all know Trump colluded with Russia and is actually a Russian spy. The people will all know the truth soon.

Of course I’m paraphrasing, but check him out for yourself sometime. I’m telling you the God’s honest truth…

Every single week like clockwork he takes whatever scraps the anti-Trump corporate media cooked up and literally every time uses unbridled creativity to transform it in to definitely the absolute worst case scenario for Trump and everyone who supports or defends him. And then he claims that anyone who doesn’t see it or agree is just crazy.

And by the next week or month or quarter the exact opposite of Dowd’s promise or prediction will come to pass, and he never gets called on it because he’s already moved on to being spectacularly wrong about whatever the next “story” is.

I’m not making it up. This is Dowd’s entire life as a pundit. He spins literally every story far more creatively than the most angry and dishonest anti-Trump partisans ever could or would, is proven wildly wrong literally every single time, and never gets called on it or slows down to admit he was wrong because he’s too busy doing the exact same thing all over again.

Yes Ana Navarro is racist idiot who thinks Hispanics are too stupid to obey our immigration laws and therefore need a pass. And yes Rick Wilson and Charlie Sykes and Louise Mensch and David Frum are all far gone conspiracy theorists who, struggling to survive now that Trump demoted them from the GOP for their decades of failing, are incredibly sad stories of their own that each deserve pity given the prominence they once held amid the right and their subsequent roles today as towel girls and boys to the left. And yes there’s a long list just like them who all have their own sad stories. In fact there may be as many as 30 of them and I’ve even heard some people say there could be as many as 40 or even 50. (Although to hear the disgraced and failing corporate media tell it, the NeverTrump Conserving Conservatism Brigade is more like 50,000,000.)

But today we’re just talking about ABC’s Matthew Dowd. And the reason we’re talking about him is because he recently claimed that Biden threatening a voter and getting literally every fact wrong during the same exchange, was somehow a win for Biden. And ABC made the mistake of sharing Dowd’s take on Twitter, and the ratio was swift and punishing.

I was so heated after watching Biden’s exchange with the factory worker that I wrote my own piece noting that if Biden ever threatened me the way he did this guy, I’d knock him out. And I stand by that. And part of what got me so hot was not just Biden barely fumbling through his cognitive decline and dementia long enough to threaten the voter for asking him a fair question, but the media’s celebratory reaction to it. So when I saw the Twitter world pummel Dowd for his billionth idiotic “take” since Trump won and started living rent free in Dowd’s ugly, bald head, I had to document some of it. There are close to 700 replies as of this writing, virtually every one trashing Dowd for his idiocy. Below are just a handful that stood out to me as worth sharing…

Just a handful. You can scroll through yourself and read them all by clicking here.

One thing is for sure. If the swamp were a strip club and its parasites were strippers, Matthew Dowd would be the one who’s 8 months pregnant and works Monday afternoons for cigarettes. He’s disgusting in every sense of the word and among the most carelessly self-destructive trainwrecks to himself and those around him that anyone who witnesses him will ever see in their lifetimes. His track record of failure is eclipsed only by the volumous amount of grift attached to it, and if you give him a chance, he’ll prove that assertion to be a deadly accurate one literally every time he opens his mouth.


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  1. Well, since there seems to be a trend of cancelling any event that constitutes a “big group” (outside of Democrat primaries), then maybe they will lock the doors to the studio before he has the chance to enter.


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