It Begins: Chuck Todd Gives Media, Democrats First Lesson On How To Support Sanders

After spending 4 full years trying to create an environment that would cripple President Trump and endanger the safety and freedom of every American who supports him, NBC News’ Chuck Todd on Tuesday signaled to his media and Democrat allies the need to spare Bernie Sanders that same dangerous and unfair treatment.

The signaling came on two separate instances during MTP Daily, as Todd worried aloud that concerns over Sanders’ unelectability “could become a self-fulfilling prophecy.”

So to anyone concerned that a Sanders nomination might spell disaster for the Democrat party more broadly, Todd is sounding the alarm that it’s time to stop admitting it out loud and instead begin creating a new reality where Sanders can be viewed as a winner. He began by sharing concerns raised by Democrat Senator Bob Menendez, and then shifted to his own implied fear that those concerns may lead to a “self-fulfilling prophecy.”


What struck me most as Todd lamented the perils of creating self-fulfilling prophecies, is that he and the entire media truly have spent the last 4 years investing fully 100% of their time, energy and resources into doing just that to the detriment of President Trump and the safety of Trump supporters.

Every minute of every hour of every day, the entirety of the corporate media try to convince our nation that literally everything Trump does is terrible, literally all of his supporters are racists and idiots, and nothing less than good-over-evil is at stake unless Trump and his supporters are stopped.

A few examples of the media altering reality to create self-fulfilling prophecies that would negatively impact President Trump…

  • The media turned “Russia if you’re listening” into “He’s clearly a Russian spy who colluded with Putin to steal the 2016 election!”
  • They turned “We found no evidence of collusion and no actionable obstruction” into “The Mueller report makes clear that Trump needs to be impeached and anyone who refutes that is clearly a Russian agent!”
  • They turned “We don’t want to fund a corrupt Ukraine” into “He’s paying governments to meddle in our free and fair elections!”
  • They turned “Acquitted” into “Impeached for life.”
  • They turned “We kill terrorists” into “Iran has the moral high ground and they’d be right to pick a war with us!”
  • They turned “A tremendous pick who also happens to be the first openly gay Cabinet member in history” into “Any member of Trump’s team who supports his agenda is nothing more than a ‘loyalist’ enabling his dictatorial overthrow of America!”
  • They turned “Violence is never an acceptable response to speech” into “If you’re wearing a MAGA hat then you were asking for it!”
  • They turned “It’s not okay to try to murder voter registration volunteers” into “If you’re trying to register Trump voters then you had it coming!”
  • They turned “This is the best economy our nation has ever seen” into “A recession may be right around the corner so let’s all spend a few weeks crying about it just in case it actually happens.”

The corporate media has persistently tried to create negative self-fulfilling prophecies for Trump and his supporters by selecting stories to hurt and endanger them, and then characterizing those stories in ways that gave audiences only two options.

Start hating Trump and his supporters. Or stop trusting the media.

Thankfully, increasingly, audiences are choosing the latter. But Todd and his media ilk must stay the course because, to use an unsavory but apt analogy, they are parasites in the swamp that President Trump promised to drain and so destroying him is their only chance for survival.

Thus, Todd is signaling to his Resistance peers (media, Democrats, NeverTrump GOP) that it’s time to stop saying Bernie can’t win and that his nomination will be bad for Democrats. Because if you keep saying it, there’s a chance that’s how things will play out. And activists like Chuck Todd know quite a bit about that strategy because it’s the one they’ve spent the last 4 years using in an effort to destroy President Trump.

I predicted over a year ago that if Sanders got the nomination then the media would quickly fall in line around him to make him more palatable to the broader electorate. And today I watched Chuck Todd, arguably the media’s most powerful influencer in his role as NBC News’ Political Director, roll out the first lesson for his media and Democrat allies to begin that effort.


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  1. if you’re taking advice from chucky todd, you are already too far gone to recover sanity. which, incidentally, describes most liberals to a ‘t’.


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