Trying To Convince A Healthy America It’s Sick; Media’s Munchausen By Proxy

The discredited and increasingly disgraced corporate political news media has spent 4 years desperately trying to convince Americans that our country is infected with viciously dangerous sicknesses that in reality don’t actually exist.

Of course today I’m primarily thinking about the media’s latest iteration of “Russia! Russia! Russia!” where they claim, having apparently already conceded that President Trump will crush their 2020 nominee, that when he wins in November it will be because Russia meddled to his benefit — specifically wanting Trump to win. (I’ve spent years debunking this widespread media-driven lie, and recently got some help from Resistance Jake Tapper and Catherine Herridge.)

Not unlike the media’s impeachment hoax, their goal isn’t to actually end his presidency. I mean don’t get me wrong: If they could, they would in a heartbeat! But they know that’s not realistic and instead are investing all of their time and energy trying to convince Americans that President Trump is a bad person and that he and his supporters should be resisted and attacked at every turn in perpetuity.

The media is leading this charge because they’re the swamp’s marketing arm.

The Democrats and establishment Republicans are the swamp’s breadwinners. The corrupted and politicized wing of the intelligence community is its security force. And the media is its marketing arm.

They’re all parasites in the swamp, and America is the host they feed off of.

President Trump promised to drain the swamp and, like so many others he made, he’s keeping that promise. So stopping President Trump and crushing anyone who supports him isn’t a matter of principle for the media and other swamp monsters.

It’s a matter of survival.

And since the Democrat party is a feckless, toothless joke that would cease to exist without the media’s unwavering support — and the establishment Republican grifters have virtually all been drained from the swamp and demoted to CNN and MSNBC where their careers will end in spectacular failure — and the corrupt and politicized wing of the intelligence community is in the process of being exposed and drained from the swamp — the media is really the last hope any of them have.

So the media insists that President Trump and all of his supporters are racists, and that our country is in a state of tremendous racial decay and divide. And since the Democrat party has never held a shred of power that wasn’t predicated on skin color (yesterday based on bigoted hate, today based on bigoted pity), they’re doing their best to make that racial decay and division a reality.

The media insists that every domestic, international and political move President Trump makes is an earth-shattering “breach of norms” and that, as a result, the sky is perpetually falling.

The media insists that anyone in the government who doesn’t openly hate President Trump or God forbid supports him and his agenda, is a “loyalist” and thus nothing more than an instrument Trump is using to hasten his dictatorial overthrow of America.

And of course, having conceded that President Trump will sail to victory in November, the media insists that Russia wants him to win and will interfere in our free and fair election to make sure that happens. His second term hasn’t even started yet, and they’re already planting seeds for “resisting” him throughout it.

None of the media’s claims are even remotely true. But because they truly do invest literally 100% of their time, energy and resources into convincing our nation that it’s all perfectly legitimate, a good chunk of our American brothers and sisters actually believe it. It’s particularly damaging to the minority communities who for decades have been hard targets for the media and Democrats’ quest for power and relevance. Americans who happen to be black, Hispanic, female, gay and/or Muslim fall in line by the millions with the media and Democrats’ insistence that our country is a hellhole that promises them nothing more than persistent abuse and injustice.

But there are also millions of Americans who happen to be black, Hispanic, female, gay and/or Muslim who reject the media’s lie and live happy, full, productive, abundant lives unencumbered by the liberty-crushing false promise of persistent victimization.

They’re called conservatives, Republicans and Trump supporters.

The corporate media is trying to make America sick. They’re engaged in a social and political version of Munchausen syndrome by proxy. They’re putting targets on the backs of any American who dares to support President Trump, and ignoring the now normalized violence that we see daily from the years-long reign of terror they’ve imposed on our nation. I defy any employee of NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, the Washington Post, the New York Times, NPR, PBS, the Associated Press and the rest to spend a full day wearing a MAGA hat anywhere in America that isn’t a Trump rally.

They won’t do it because they know they’ll be viciously and possibly violently attacked before lunch.

This is the America they created. They’ve falsely convinced such a large segment of our nation that we’re so sick, those people now think violence is an acceptable response to speech in order to cure our nation of its purported disease: President Trump, and anyone who supports or defends him.

It’s gross and unhealthy and wildly destructive. But it’s also a lie. And while it already has and will continue leaving very real hatred, division and even violence in its wake — it will also continue to steadily be defeated. It’s hard to see if you pay close attention to the corporate media. They’re exceedingly good at making you believe we really are sick and Trump really is evil and his supporters really are a disease that need to be wiped off the face of the earth. But it’s a lie and people in the real world are increasingly waking up to that. This means the media will only get more desperate and, in better times for them, that would’ve meant dangerous too. But their power is actually shrinking at levels commensurate with their desperation, and their latest efforts…

  • Barr must resign because the CNN staff says so
  • Russia will steal the 2020 election for Trump
  • Nobody in the Trump administration is allowed to support him
  • Violence and attempted murder doesn’t count if it’s aimed at Trump supporters
  • Abuse of power and corruption don’t count if they’re done to stop Trump
  • And coming soon: AKSHUALLY socialism isn’t that bad and when you think about it we already are pretty socialist #Bernie2020

…all of those most recent media-driven efforts will fail as badly as all their many prior attempts to meddle in our politics and divide our nation in ways that Putin and Russia could only dream of.

Our nation is very healthy and only getting stronger. And in 2020, President Trump and the brave, patriotic Americans who support him are the reason why. The media’s unhealthy obsession with convincing you that our every organ is dangerously diseased will unfortunately result in some wounds and scabbing.

Those wounds and scabbing are on the media’s hands. Not yours. Not mine. And not President Trump’s. The dishonest and flagrantly partisan corporate news media, eagerly trying to convince us that everything is awful and only getting worse, is responsible more than anything or anyone else for our nation’s division, disparity, destruction and the unfortunate fallout that stems from each.


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  1. In his second term, we’re going to put laws in place. It’s going to become illegal to be a Communist/Socialist/Democrat. Punishment will be severe.


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