Two More Tactics Media Will Use To Meddle In America’s 2020 Election

The disgraced and discredited corporate media (NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, NYT, WaPo, the Jeanne Cummings wing of WSJ, to name a few) have long been exposed as nothing more than Democrat propagandists masquerading as impartial news organizations. And since President Trump is successfully draining the swamp they live in as parasites feeding off their We The People host, the corporate media is working extra hard to destroy him and put targets on the backs of anyone who supports or defends him.

On the pages of this website alone we’ve exposed how the disgraced and discredited corporate media…

And as the 2020 election draws closer, here are two more tactics today’s corporate media will use to meddle in our election and cement their legacy as having discredited the Fourth Estate for generations to come.


When the media are confronted with facts they don’t like they swat them away using a tactic the sales community calls “reducing to the ridiculous.” In sales it means taking your $100 per day bill and putting it in much smaller terms that are easier to swallow: “It’s not a hundred dollars per day. It’s actually just 7 cents per minute.” The media play the game differently, but “reduce to the ridiculous” all the same. A sample exchange:

Corporate Media Hack: Roger Stone and Michael Flynn lied to federal investigators and that’s hugely problematic because it implies they have a lot to hide. Why is that okay?

Trump Defender: Okay but McCabe did the same thing, only more of it. And he was weaponizing the FBI to go after political opponents. And he got nothing. And you guys in the media don’t even pay attention to that or talk about it.

Corporate Media Hack: Totally one-sided characterization that has nothing to do with the larger point which is that Donald Trump, critics say, clearly thinks he’s a dictator and is leveling authoritarian tactics to force the DOJ to do his own political bidding. Why are you complicit in this dastardly effort?

Trump Defender: I’ve ceded that Stone and Flynn lied, and now they’re paying for it. But see you won’t even touch the McCabe thing. I mean he and his ilk in the FBI are guilty of everything you’re accusing Trump of and yet you…

Corporate Media Hack: I understand you’re using Trump team talking points to dodge the issue but our viewers expect more and I’ll ask again: Why do you think it’s okay for the President of the United States to behave like a dictator and turn the DOJ into his own personal hit squad?


Corporate Media Hack: AG Barr is clearly trying to be President Trump’s wingman by investigating activities that Trump wants investigated. Why do you think it’s okay for President Trump to treat the DOJ like his own personal gestapo?

Trump Defender: That’s a preposterous overshoot of an allegation, characterized in clearly partisan terms that ignore any shred of intellectual honesty or fairness. But where were you when Holder literally bragged about being Obama’s wingman?!

Corporate Media Hack: We covered that when it happened but the real threat to America and the free world more broadly is Trump and Barr colluding to weaponize the DOJ for their own personal and political and some sources say financial interests as well. How can you sit here and defend such shredding of the Constitution and flagrant homicide of long established and freedom-perpetuating norms?

Not only do the corporate media hacks focus only on stories that they hope will hurt Trump and put targets on the backs of those who support him, and not only do they characterize those stories in dishonest and entirely partisan terms to fit their anti-Trump narrative(s), but when they’re confronted with conflicting facts or stories they simply swat them away — reducing them to ridiculously insignificant quotients.

And nine times out of ten when you hear a corporate media stooge defensively insist “We covered that,” what they mean is “We mentioned that one time in a 10-second segment that didn’t include even a modicum of analysis or follow-up and the only reason we did that 10-second segment was so that I could tell you ‘We covered that.'”

As critics of media bias and Trump defenders and supporters become more confident calling the media out, the media’s “reduce to the ridiculous” tactic of swatting away facts and stories they don’t like is worth being aware of.


There was a great sketch show back in the 90s called “Kids In The Hall” and they had an ongoing bit called “30 Helens Agree.” It was nothing more than a group of 30 women, all named Helen, who all agreed on any number of mundane topics.

The media in 2020 have replaced “mundane” with “partisan” and “Helen” with “Trump hater,” and turned this into a best practice to assert their anti-Trump, pro-swamp narratives. At least once a month until the election this November you can expect to see the media all breathlessly report headlines like the following…

“Over 2,000 Legal Experts Agree That Donald Trump Broke The Law”

“These 5,000 Doctors All Agree That Republicans Want People To Die Quickly”

“More Than 3,000 Teachers Sign Petition Demanding Trump Apologize For [blank]”

“75 Newspapers & Counting Take Stand Against Trump’s Dangerous Attacks On Free Press”

These are hypothetical but if Resistance Jake Tapper and his co-captain NeverTrump Chuck Todd are reading, I probably just gave them some great ideas.

This was a tactic they used throughout the 2016 campaign, and several times during President Trump’s first glorious term. It’s supposed to convince voters that they don’t need to form their own opinions because there’s this big list of allegedly credible people who have already banded together with an opinion that only Trump-supporting idiots would refute.

There’s just one problem: virtually every signatory had committed to hating Trump long before the list was a twinkle in the eye of media hacks like Dean Baquet (NYT Executive Editor) or Marty Baron (WaPo Executive Editor), making the admonishments of Trump far more predictable and partisan than they are interesting or credible.

And you’re about to see the tactic kick back into high gear for the 2020 campaign. It’s starting today with a piece from The New York Times eagerly touting “more than 1,100 former prosecutors” who are calling on Attorney General Bill Barr to resign. Who are these allegedly credible former prosecutors, you ask? Such great minds as Renato Mariotti and Elie Honig — who have both spent the last 3 years on CNN angrily insisting day after day that the sky is literally falling and Trump is the reason why…

There are plenty of grifters and parasites who are threatened by Trump’s successful draining of their swamp, and the media will never have a hard time getting hundreds or thousands of them to band together in a united front against Trump and the millions of Americans who will re-elect him in November.

So get ready to start seeing a lot more of it, because: “Every Last Corporate Media Hack Agrees: Trump Is A Threat To The Swamp They Depend On For Survival.”

AUTHOR’S NOTE: I lost a dear friend last week and am trying however unsuccessfully to keep my head above water by getting on with life. But it makes me feel terrible and somewhere in this piece I have to say his name: Rest In Peace, Ethan Rox. You were loved wildly and will be missed even more.


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  1. Unwilling to wait until just a month before the election, they trotted out the “30 Helens Agree” treatment and applied it to AG Barr in the past twenty-four hours: “1100 Ex-Justice Department Officials Call for Barr to Resign.” If they truly were able to round up 1100 ex-Justice Department officials that all agree on any one thing in less than a week’s time, that would be impressive; but, who’s to prove it is fake news? Is it possible that 1100 Obama plants over his two terms have actually left the Justice Department? How many former political appointees managed to become careerists and remain burrowed in at the DOJ?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Another tactic they like to use is to take a popular tv show, (or create one for the purpose), and put a liberal politician in a similar situation of one in the real political arena. They then have a villain whom is invariably republican and racist thus the liberal hero has to fight against all odds to do what’s right for the victim, (there always is one or more), and the country. Madam Secretary came out conveniently timed for Hilliary and her transition from Secretary of State to Presidential candidate.


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