ABC’s Post-Debate Analysis: No Dem Showed They Can Beat Trump [VIDEO]

While the drunks at CNN were pretending to be as giddy as teenagers after a boy band concert, the mood after Friday night’s Democrat debate was much more somber on ABC’s set as one analyst after another conceded that no candidate showed the strength or grit to go head-to-head with President Trump in the general election.

Granted, whoever the Democrat nominee is, the media will work as hard to make you believe he/she is formidable as they did to convince you that Trump is actually a Russian spy. They will work as hard to make the Democrat nominee lovable as they did to convince you that anyone who wants to investigate offshore corruption by Democrats should be impeached and removed from office.

No matter who ends up getting the Democrat nomination, the media will do everything in their power to bolster that person’s standing while continuing their years-long effort to destroy President Trump and put targets on the backs of anyone who dares to support or defend him.

But in a rare moment of intellectual honesty immediately following the Democratic debate, ABC News’ best and brightest were forced to concede that none of their candidates appeared anywhere near capable of battling it out with President Trump.

As a Trump supporter, the best part for me was a dejected Cecilia Vega reading directly from the Trump Team’s response to the debate…

President Trump will crush whichever Democrat is unlucky enough to face him in November.


Vega’s sad reading of the foreboding Trump campaign reply was followed by equally depressed analyses from Chief National Correspondent Byron Pitts, and Chief White House Correspondent Jonathan Karl.


You may have even noticed Martha Raddatz do what Democrat-propagandists like her, who pretend to be impartial journalists, do best: characterize the questions in a way that solicits desired responses, instead of purely factual and/or honest responses.

Raddatz first asked Vega, “Did, in your mind, anyone prove they could beat Donald Trump?”

When Vega couldn’t muster the dishonesty to say “Yes,” Raddatz changed course. She asked the same question of both Pitts and Karl but changed the wording to frame it so that “Yes” was the foregone conclusion.

To Pitts: “And Byron, do you think anybody — or who did it best, in that way, to prove to voters that they could beat Donald Trump?”

Did you catch that? She started with a yes / no question (“Do you think anybody”), but then corrected herself so that he’d have to give at least some kind of affirmative answer (“Who did it best?”).

Pitts’ response: “Frankly, I don’t think anyone did a great job of it.”

Oof again.

And finally, Raddatz again started with a “Do you” question for Jonathan Karl but then caught herself again and lowered the bar even more in pursuit of even just a shred of hope for this utterly hopeless clown car that is the 2020 Democratic field: “And Jon Karl just very quickly, I’ve got about 30 seconds here: Who do you think stood out in terms of going after Donald Trump?”

Got that? Now it’s not “Did anyone prove they could beat Trump” and it’s not even “Who did the best job proving it?”

Now it’s just plain old “Who showed even a marginal ability to take on Trump?”

Karl’s response: “I don’t think there was anybody based on tonight’s performance that has the Trump campaign quaking in their boots.”

Oof for the third time!

Again — by Monday the media will be in lockstep celebrating the debate and the Democratic primary on a whole as a triumph of patriotism and hopefulness and progress and bold leadership in the crucial to fight to destroy Orange Man Bad and any rubes who dare support or defend him. But tonight, right in the immediate aftermath, before Resistance Jake Tapper and NeverTrump Chuck Todd have a chance to set the tone for their entire chattering class of inside-the-swamp snobs, the truth was clear…

There isn’t a single person running against Trump who has even a shred of what it takes to beat him. And the ABC News Team who hosted the debate were so utterly crushed by that reality that they couldn’t even muster the dishonesty they’re so good at to claim otherwise.


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