Wolf Blitzer Admits CNN Helped Russia Divide America [VIDEO]

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer admitted on Wednesday evening that his network has spent the last 4 years helping Russia accomplish its goal of meddling in the 2016 election to sow division among our own people. This, in response to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s failed attempt at disgracing and degrading President Trump’s historically positive and uplifting State of the Union speech the night before.

As is the case with most honest admissions made by CNN’s aggressively dishonest hosts and reporters, the truthful revelation was an accidental one. But it was an important one all the same, and deserved to be documented so more than just the 15-20 people who were actually watching could see it.


After spending the last four years being useful idiots for Putin and Russia by pushing the insane conspiracy theory that President Donald J. Trump was in fact a Russian spy who colluded with our massive international adversary to cheat the U.S. people and steal a presidential election, no news organization is more guilty of helping stoke division and discord in America than CNN.

And when they weren’t pushing that debunked conspiracy theory, they were lying to viewers by insisting dishonestly that Russia’s foremost goal in meddling in our elections was to help Trump win.

And when they weren’t pushing that debunked conspiracy theory, they were telling countless other lies in an attempt to discredit the duly-elected President, put targets on the backs of anyone who dares to support or defend him, absolve the violent behavior of their Resistance audience, and generally create massive division and distrust all across our nation.

Indeed, Blitzer himself had been caught on multiple occasions explicitly lying to viewers to further CNN’s clearly-defined objective of stoking division and discord in America. (Check out Wolf Blitzer Caught Red-Handed Creating Fake News.)

Thus, his lament tonight over our nation’s division at the hands of the Russians is among the most idiotic things this well-documented useful idiot has uttered in recent memory.

Russia may have planted the seeds for division, distrust and discord — but CNN spent the last 4 years applying all the sunlight, water, and oxygen that they could possibly string together literally 24×7 in an utterly desperate attempt to ensure those Russian seeds yielded fruit.

Blitzer is right about one thing: Vladimir Putin and the Russians are undoubtedly quite proud of their work at this point. But what Blitzer and the rest of his CNN Comrades will never admit but always be guilty of, is that nobody did more to help the Russians than they did.


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  1. Epic post is chock full of EPIC Win. The clown news network only plays in doctor’s office waiting rooms and airport lounges where no one has access to the clicker.


  2. CNN is a disgrace to the networks but who watches them ? Just hotels and airports.We dropped all our cable wish we had done it years ago besides saving money we don’t have to listen to liars.


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