Wearing A MAGA Hat Is More Dangerous Than Being The Whistleblower

If President Trump’s supporters and defenders truly wanted to put Eric Ciaramella at risk for physical harm, we’d demand he wear a MAGA hat literally anywhere in public that isn’t a Trump rally.

That’s the environment we live in right now, and it’s one that the media is 100% responsible for creating.

I’m not talking about one-off cases like perfectly lucid grown men trying to assassinate elected Republicans while they practice baseball, or brutally assaulting elected Republicans while they’re mowing their lawns.

I’m talking about the entirely ubiquitous reality that if you spend a day out in public wearing a MAGA hat, there’s a legitimately decent chance that you’ll be assaulted either verbally or physically or both.

Don’t believe me?

Go try it. I dare you.

And the same media who claim Eric Ciaramella will be in danger if you find out that he’s the so-called “whistleblower,” are responsible for creating that domestic terror in the lives of every Trump supporter.

The same media who insist that any criticism of their flagrant bias is itself an assault on the First Amendment, are responsible for the unfortunate reality in 2020 where violence has become an acceptable response to speech so long as that speech is a MAGA hat.

No one does more to keep our nation divided socially and politically than the dishonest and corrupt corporate media. They are the single greatest threat to progress and unity that our nation faces today, and for decades they’ve been the only thing keeping the increasingly toothless and laughable Democrat party from evolving in healthy ways that promote freedom and liberty instead of quelling both.

And now, because President Trump is successfully draining the swamp wherein the media has long survived as parasites living off its We The People host, they’re desperately doing everything they can to destroy Trump and his supporters while empowering and protecting the futile Resistance. They’ve spent nearly 4 solid years propagandizing against President Trump while celebrating his adversaries both foreign and domestic, and putting targets on the backs of anyone who dares to support him.

And just because they’ve utterly disgraced themselves and sadly discredited virtually the entire Fourth Estate for generations to come, doesn’t mean we can stand down and let them continue meddling in our elections and terrorizing our citizenry.

They don’t want you to know Eric Ciaramella’s name because they don’t want you to find out that he’s an easily identifiable deep state hack who worked for Joe Biden and pals around with the Comey / Clapper / Brennan wing of the Resistance. And they don’t want you to know he’s a Resistance hack because then you’re liable to realize that the last 5 months of media-driven attacks on President Trump’s dealings with Ukraine were leveled with every bit of bad faith and dishonesty as were the previous 3 years of media-driven attacks on President Trump’s victory in 2016.

The only danger that will erupt when it’s revealed that Eric Ciaramella is the so-called “whistleblower” will be to the media’s entire pro-impeachment narrative. And so they will fight that public disclosure with every shred of power they have, while continuing to put you in danger for exercising your free speech and insisting that if you call them out it’s an attack on theirs.

Photo Credit: Arthur Schwart’z Twitter Feed


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