Rex Mitchell: America’s Dirtiest & Most Anti-Trump Public School Superintendent?

Not long ago I wrote about the 14-year old boy in Hamilton County, FL who was brutalized by his classmates for supporting the duly-elected President of the United States, and the school superintendent who further victimized the boy while simultaneously enabling his attackers.

Here’s what happened, in a nutshell: A young boy wore apparel to school in support of President Trump. For doing so, he was immediately bullied by his classmates. He never wore the apparel again, but it was too late: he had become a persistent target for bullying, harassment, and violence. One of the attacks, which took place on the school bus, was caught on camera. The video was posted online and the story took off in conservative circles. The boy’s mother made it clear that the boy had become a regular target at the hands of several of his classmates, and it all started when, and because, the boy showed his support for President Trump. To all intellectually honest onlookers, this is a story that’s become all too common in our country thanks to anti-Trump propagandists in the media and Democrat hack educators in public schools and academia. But because he’s a Democrat whose bigotry has him lowering the bar for people he sees as ‘”diverse,” and whose hatred for President Trump has him believing that violence is an acceptable response to speech, Rex Mitchell (the Hamilton County School Superintendent) put out a statement calling the boy and his mother liars, ultimately insisting that the violent attacks had nothing to do with the boy’s support for President Trump.

It’s well known among many Americans that public school educators are often joyless scolds who hate their lives and incorrectly believe they’re God’s gift to humanity. In reality: Education starts and ends at home. School is just the middleman. And kids who fail more often than not have parents who are failing them. So while there are some incredible teachers out there, the truth is they are mostly just moderators tasked with telling kids what they need to learn, then walking them through the material in an instructive way while fielding questions in an effort to ensure the students have an opportunity to learn the material. That so many teachers in America have such a difficult time with that is a reflection on the failure of parents, not the social Godliness of teachers.

Of course we’ve all slipped into a comfortable group hug wherein we celebrate teachers as the manifestation of Christ himself, ultimately because doing so feels a lot better and is a lot easier than addressing the real problem. And for those who are new to this website, here’s the real problem…

Americans who happen to be black don’t endure disproportionate disparity because of racism, but because more than 70% of them grow up in single parent homes where resources are uniquely thin and the absence of two, committed, lead-by-example, loving parents fails to breed commensurate accountability as those kids become adults. (It’s why this website is called Love Breeds Accountability.) Now compare that with Americans who happen to be Asian, who outperform all other races and ethnicities in every meaningful metric, and among whom a mere 17% grow up in single parent homes.

America’s schools are fine. The failures therein and beyond are the product of broken homes where hopelessness abounds and resources — from food and heat, to time and love — are spread way too thin. And it’s notable that those failures are colorblind but disproportionately affect Americans who happen to be black because Democrats like Rex Mitchell pity them and then exploit the subsequent suffering that bigotry of low expectations creates, ultimately refusing to address the root of the problem head on, typically misappropriating “RACISM!” as the culprit, thus ignoring the real problem and inflaming several new ones.

But because Democrats like Mitchell have been metaphorically segregating and enslaving brown people for so many generations, it’s become generally accepted gospel that brown people will fail and racism is the reason why. And we see it across so many schools where black kids disproportionately fall behind their peers. And the teachers have long since given up and have largely become nothing more than entitled union hacks now doing as little as possible to collect as much as they can along the way. And they almost uniformly hate Republicans and worship Democrats. So it’s no surprise that in Mitchell’s school system, like so many others, hatred of President Trump and the targeting of those who support him, is completely acceptable and never held to any meaningful account.

It makes my blood boil. So around the same time I wrote about this story, I fired off a strongly worded letter to Mitchell. The contents of that letter are below…

Hey Rex,

So because you’re a racist Democrat who pities black people and hates President Trump, you’re going to victimize that young boy AGAIN by lying about the predication for the targeting and attack?

His mother made it clear: The boy wore the hat, was bullied for it, and had to put it away but the damage was already done. He had become a target for his political support of the duly-elected President.

And now you’re gonna say that’s a lie? You’re gonna deny what we all know is happening all over our nation? You’re gonna victimize that boy and his family AGAIN by calling them liars, and dismissing the crux of their pain and suffering?

You deserve every bit of hatred and pain that’s coming your way. It’s racist Democrats like you who have segregated and enslaved black and brown people throughout our nation’s history, including today under the bigoted guise of “social justice.” There’s a special place in hell for assholes like you, and seeing your outright evil response and victim-shaming makes me want to do terrible things just to ensure I can meet you there and continue making you miserable even in the afterlife.

Yes, asshole. It’s THAT bad. And you earned every ounce of it.

Watch yourself.

Hrand Tookman

I followed that email up with another…

I hope to God they name you in the lawsuit and sue the shit out of you for your egregiously irresponsible public statement. You deserve to be fired and disgraced for your pathetic, racist attacks on this boy and his mother. Added this “UPDATE” to my piece on the story…

UPDATE: It appears that Rex Mitchell, the Superintendent of the Hamilton County School District, is happy to victimize this boy and his family again by dismissing their claim that the bullying began when the boy wore his MAGA hat to school. The mother said that the boy stopped wearing the hat because he was immediately bullied for it, but the damage was already done. He had become a target for ongoing abuse from his classmates who are taught by Mitchell’s teachers that hating Trump and his supporters is a good thing. The bullying continued and the attack in the video was just one more example of it that happened to be caught on video. By dismissing this claim as he does in his statement, Rex Mitchell is a) calling the mother and the boy liars b) protecting the boy’s attackers from full accountability for their violent rage, and c) diluting the ugly reality that the media…with help from “educators” like Rex Mitchell…have made it perfectly okay to use violence as a response to speech, as long as that speech is in any way supportive of President Trump. Mitchell deserves to be named and sued by the boy’s family for his egregiously irresponsible statement, and he deserves all the other hatred and pain that comes his way. You can read Mitchell’s statement here.

And that was it. Granted, when I write strongly worded letters, they’re intended to sting. I’m as good at making people feel the hurt with my writing, as I am at making them feel the love when I want to praise someone. That is to say, I’m excellent at both.

But I never threaten anyone and I certainly never cross any legal lines. With the help of some legal experts, the closest thing we could find to a threat in my emails was “Watch yourself.” But it’s so ambiguous and couldn’t in any way justify opening a criminal investigation and invading my privacy.

For the record, my intent with “Watch yourself” was to say “You’re creating more division, disparity and destruction than you’ll ever in your life mitigate, and you should knock it tf off because it’s causing tremendous destruction to our nation and its people. So watch yourself, a-hole.” That was my thinking at the time. But others I ran it by said their impression of it was “Be careful because you’re earning yourself a lot of unsavory attention and with it could very well come some very unsavory characters.” Nobody took it as “I’m coming to you physically and intend to cause you bodily harm,” or anything close to it.

Still, that didn’t stop Rex Mitchell and whatever crony cops and/or prosecutors he’s friends with from launching a criminal investigation with me at the heart of it and invading my privacy so they can dig around and try to find ways to destroy my life.

In the last few weeks I began getting notifications from Google’s legal department that the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) had sent them a subpoena for my email records. (And before you suggest it’s a phishing scam, all of the correspondence has been authenticated and is coming directly and legitimately from Google.) I checked with the FDLE personally and was told they have no record of my name and that the case number was merely a catch-all for things like lost and found items. This struck me as dubious. As the notices kept coming, it occurred to me that they are undoubtedly still doing their best to make a case against me, now armed with access to my email records, and don’t want to reveal any other details to me because they want to limit my ability to protect myself.

And that’s where we are right now. They’re currently rooting around in my email, at the behest of Rex Mitchell, to try to hurt me.

It’s a dirty operation launched by a miserable excuse for a man named Rex Mitchell, who after being called out for supporting violence and abusing innocent victims of that violence, got in touch with his crooked friends in the legal system and convinced them to treat me like a criminal all for calling him out and hurting his delicate little Democrat feels.

I thought about standing down and just letting this thing run its course. But I’m increasingly appalled by the bigotry and hatred and violence hurled at Trump supporters. And having just watched Rex Mitchell support and enable each of those anti free speech mechanisms, I decided I couldn’t sit by and let him continue doing it without speaking up. So I decided, despite having planned not to write anymore for a while (a decision which long predated my knowledge of this and the notices I got from Google), to pen this piece and call Mitchell out, along with anyone else he has in his pocket who’s helping him with this invasion of privacy and application of corrupt abuses of power.

You can find Mitchell’s contact information at this site if you’d like to give him a piece of your own mind.

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