Your Biggest Mistake Today: Blaming Democrats Instead Of Media For Impeachment

While there’s virtually nothing that Trump or his supporters can do today that will negate Democrats’ imminent humiliation over their impeachment debacle, there’s still a glaring mistake that our side will inevitably make.

How do I know?

Because we’ve been making the same mistake for several decades.

We all know that the corporate media are in lockstep with their leftist partisanship and political advocacy. We all know that the media has long since abandoned their valuable charter of reporting facts without revealing their own biases, and today exist as political marketing professionals whose sole mission is to promote the left and attack the right. We all know that the media are lying when they claim that they’re being impartial, and/or just doing their jobs, and/or just reporting the facts.

Moreover, we all know that the Democrat party has become entirely feckless. We all know that they can’t even be honest about the vast majority of their policy interests and pursuits because the truth — completely taking over major sectors like healthcare and energy because controlling those means controlling everything, repealing the 2nd Amendment so they can assert their control without fear of ever losing it, shredding the 1st Amendment so anybody who dissents is punished in the public square — are completely unpalatable to the American electorate and would crush the Democrats at the ballot box. So instead of being honest about what they really want, the Democrats are happy to “incrementally” creep toward their mission. And that means lying about virtually every goal they have.

So we know the media are nothing more than marketing professionals for the Democrats. And we know the Democrats are entirely feckless and would never survive if just a few layers of their creepy onion were pulled back.

For anyone who can’t do the math on this yet, I’ve been shouting it from rooftops for several months now: Without the massively powerful media, the feckless and otherwise toothless Democrats would be a distant and ugly memory from our nation’s past. There would still be a Democrat party but, in a healthy and united and progress-minded boon for our nation, it would consist only of what we today call “moderate Democrats” and “NeverTrump Republicans.”  Today’s Democrat party, without the media’s protection and enabling and promoting, would align in a healthy way to balance today’s Republican party with deference to our nation’s overwhelmingly center-right posture.

But that can’t and won’t happen, because we’re yet to really calibrate our focus and ferocity where it belongs: on the media.

So we sat around blaming Democrats for ridiculous episodes like the years-long conspiracy theory that dominated every news cycle and was centered on the laughably insane belief that Donald Trump is actually a Russian spy. And now we’ll sit around blaming Democrats for the equally ridiculous but still inexplicably dominant narrative that Trump’s phone call with Ukraine’s President Zelensky merits impeachment.

And that’s a monumental mistake.

It’s not the Democrats who deserve blame (or credit, as we’ll inevitably conclude after President Trump crushes them again in 2020 and the GOP wins back the House while retaining the Senate).

The Democrats are a feckless joke.

It’s the media who drove the impeachment push. It’s the media who took ridiculous conspiracy theories propped up by laughably thin evidence and saturated the airwaves with promises to lawmakers that Twitter is where actual public sentiment can best be audited, so obviously “#TrumpIsOverParty” and “#TrumpIsLiterallyHitler” — trends manipulated by the liberals who run Twitter and lie about the organic manifestation of so-called top trends — must be true.

It’s the media who drove all of this.

And watching that media today as they bathe in their own joy while pretending a) they had nothing to do with pushing impeachment, b) they’re not actually excited and happy about impeachment, and c) that it won’t actually hurt them and their Democrat peers in the long run, is extremely painful. And it’s painful mostly because I know most of my peers still don’t actually get it.

We all know the media are biased. We all know the Democrats are a joke who need the media to prop them up. But we haven’t yet learned how to stop indulging the media’s preferred daily narratives, and/or hold them truly accountable as the greatest modern threat to our nation’s progress and unity.

And the inability to make that shift particularly on a day like today when the House — pushed and prodded and promoted and enabled by the media — will vote to impeach the President, is the biggest mistake you’ll make all day.

The Democrats didn’t impeach President Trump today.

The media did. And it’s time we start coming to grips with who has the real power among our opposition, or we’ll never be able to strip them of it in any kind of meaningful way. It’s time we start holding them accountable. And the first step in doing so is telling them out loud that we know they — not the Democrats they protect and defend — are the true enemies of a united, honest, and progress-minded America.


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