Debunking Media’s Entire Impeachment Narrative In Under 100 Words

The media want you to believe that if someone is running for President as a Democrat then that person must automatically be absolved of any corruption they engaged in with foreign nations while abusing their power as sitting government officials. The media further want you to believe that any politician who wants to investigate that corruption is guilty of something probably criminal and definitely impeachable. This, of course, is total nonsense. And that reality will be clear when Trump wins 2020 in an even bigger landslide than he won in 2016.

It’s as simple as that.

NOTE: I say “media” instead of Democrats because, as I’ve written about for months now and can’t seem to let go of, the bigoted and regressive Democrat party — whose leaders have to lie about literally every policy pursuit they have because the truth is totally unpalatable to the American electorate — would be a distant and ugly memory from our nation’s past if it weren’t for the dishonest and corrupt corporate media that operates as their most effective, persistent and emotional marketing arm.


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