After Kicking Him In The Groin For Years, Media Beg Trump To Stop Hitting Them In The Face

It’s a common scenario among the American left…

They attack, disrupt and destroy with enthusiastic rancor all powered by mob incitement that they generously describe in the main as “social justice” and/or “Democrat socialism.” And then the minute someone swings back or impedes them in any meaningful way, they all fall down like a soccer player and start flailing on the ground while demanding your head on a pike for having so grievously injured them.

And as Trump metaphorically curbstomps every single one of them for the millionth time since his stunning and crushing election in 2016, they are all on the ground flailing and crying about how mean and unfair he is.

These people — yes Democrats and Deep Staters, but mostly the media who are far more powerful than the otherwise toothless Democrats could ever dream of being — have spent almost 4 full years abusing every shred of power they have, lying and misrepresenting every story they could find, focusing narrowly only on that which they thought they could weaponize to hurt Trump, and putting targets on the backs of every American who defies them by daring to support the duly elected President of the United States.

I’ll catch flack for this but still must note it because it’s true: These people think what they’re doing is moral and just. They truly believe that only racists and idiots support President Trump, and that their flagrantly dishonest and abusive attacks on him are vital to the longer arc of moral and social progress. Of course they’re dead wrong, but that’s what they believe.

But no matter their good intentions, their willingness to let their wrongly-perceived moral ends be justified by their blatantly dishonest and corrupt means, cannot be whitewashed or forgiven.

The media, and the Democrats they support, have become horrible and disgusting people all predicated on their hatred for President Trump and anyone who supports him.

So when poor little Lisa Page is out there crying about how much Trump’s punching back has hurt her, and the media like Resistance Jake Tapper and NeverTrump Chuck Todd all take a momentary break from their impeachment efforts to tip their 40s for that freak who should’ve never had a job anywhere near the FBI, I have to laugh.

Because they have all the power and all the toys and all the time and resources and latitude to be as dirty and dishonest as they want without any meaningful repercussion at all, while Trump has a Twitter account and base of grassroots supporters who are wholly unrepresented by and in the media, and he still has them all — Democrats and Deep States included — flailing on the ground and complaining about how unfair it is that he’s gotten away with not being the criminal mastermind they manufactured so much evidence to make him out to be.

Still not tired of winning, especially not on this hilarious “Impeachment Eve.”


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