CNN & NBC Support Brutal Violence Against 14-Year Old Trump Supporter [VIDEO]

The corporate media’s greatest sin isn’t that they refuse to cover violent assaults on Americans who support President Trump. The corporate media’s greatest sin is that they are the reason so many of these violent attacks are happening.

The most recent example is especially unsettling. The tweets below are from the mother of a 14-year old boy who was beaten to a pulp because he previously wore a MAGA hat to school and had become a target as a result. The first tweet was sent from the hospital immediately after the attack. The second tweet includes graphic video of the attack.

Because the media and Democrats work so diligently to keep black people segregated, enslaved, and constantly in the headlines simply based on their skin color, people on both sides of the conversation might zero in on race.

People on the left will say the black girl felt threatened by racist connotations implied by the MAGA hat and was thus acting in self defense, even nobly perhaps in the face of her supposedly white privilege-enabled “aggressor.”

People on the right will say the media and schools have taught the black girl to hate and fear Trump supporters, and that her own racism and hatred are virtues if asserted against white people, and that statistics suggest she comes from a home where a father was replaced by hopelessness and failure.

We don’t know the background of the girl and won’t speculate about her home life, but it’s simply a fact that more than 70% of black kids grow up in single parent homes compared to 23% and 17% of their white and Asian peers, respectively. But we do know that the media and schools are teaching your children that all black kids are victims, and all white kids are the reason why. They dress it up in more palatable language around “social justice,” but that’s the overarching message: All black people are victims, and all white people — witting or not — are their perpetual tormentors.

The unfortunate reality about the Democrat party is that they’ve never derived a shred of power that wasn’t predicated on racial hatred.

The Democrat party was started on the power of inspiring whites to hate blacks, and it survives today on the power of inspiring blacks to hate whites.

And their single weapon of any meaningful import in 2019 — the corporate media — eagerly helps promote and enable that new source of culturally destructive power.

And as noted in the past, the media is why violence against Trump supporters has become not only normalized in American life, but openly celebrated in many corridors. They’ve spent nearly 4 years insisting that anyone who supports President Trump is either a racist or an idiot, and the fallout from that divisive and destructive hate-mongering falls squarely at the media’s feet.

So in a story like this one the media are doubly incentivized to ignore it. They dare not report on violence against a Trump supporter because it would distract from their narrative that all Trump supporters are bad people who deserve hatred and violence. And they dare not report on a black person attacking a white person because it would distract from their narrative that all black people are victims and all white people are the reason why.

The political news media in America has become a singular instrument of leftist hatred, violence, bigotry and regress. We must stop crediting the feckless and otherwise toothless Democrat party with the social and political carnage their powerful media masters are responsible for. And most importantly, we must stop obliging the media as they drive our news cycles with the stories they want us talking about, while ignoring those that hurt their preferred narratives and/or damage their credibility. We have to say out loud that we now recognize the media, not the Democrat party, is the greatest threat to our nation’s progress and unity. And when we share stories and videos like the one of a young boy being brutally beaten because he wore a MAGA hat to school, we have to direct our accompanying hatred and ferocity not at racial issues caused by Democrat bigotry, and not at the young girl who statistics suggest has already been shackled for life by Democrats with failure and hatred and hopelessness. We must resist those obvious instincts and purposefully direct all of our ferocity at the incredibly powerful media who support and market the Democrats’ bigoted and regressive interests far more effectively than Democrat party leaders could ever dream of. And we must tell them out loud that we’re doing it. We’ll never win the fight against the media until the whole world knows it’s the only one we’re focused on, because the Democrat party wouldn’t have a leg to stand on if not for the media propping them up. Then and only then will the media be so publicly marginalized that they’re forced to either reckon with their destructive and hateful failures, or admit that they stopped being “journalists” long ago and have officially become willing and eager marketing professionals for the bigoted and regressive American left.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: I included CNN and NBC in the headline of this piece because I view them as the most valuable targets for critics of medias bias. CNN due to the flagrancy of their hatred for Trump and his supporters, and NBC due to its storied reputation in the news media despite the activist turn they’ve taken in recent decades. I stand by my assertion that they support the violent assault because, as you hear so often on their networks, “silence is consent.” And I named them specifically because they deserve to have their brands attached to this type of story whenever possible.

UPDATE: It appears that Rex Mitchell, the Superintendent of the Hamilton County School District, is a racist Democrat and happy to victimize this boy and his family again by dismissing their claim that the bullying began when the boy wore his MAGA hat to school. The mother said that the boy stopped wearing the hat because he was immediately bullied for it, but the damage was already done. He had become a target for ongoing abuse from his classmates who are taught by Mitchell’s teachers that hating Trump and his supporters is a good thing. The bullying continued and the attack in the video was just one more example of it that happened to be caught on video. By dismissing this claim as he does in his statement, Rex Mitchell is a) calling the mother and the boy liars b) protecting the boy’s attackers from full accountability for their violent rage, and c) diluting the ugly reality that the media…with help from “educators” like Rex Mitchell…have made it perfectly okay to use violence as a response to speech, as long as that speech is in any way supportive of President Trump. Mitchell deserves to be named and sued by the boy’s family for his egregiously irresponsible statement, and he deserves all the other hatred and pain that comes his way. You can read Mitchell’s statement here.


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