After Promoting Anti-Trump FBI For 3 Years, Media Will Spend 5-6 Hours Today Feigning Outrage Over It

The media will take a small chunk of time out of their regularly scheduled attacks on Trump and his supporters to feign outrage over revelations that come from the Horowitz and eventually Durham reports.

I’m seeing it already just a few hours into the Horowitz hearing as leaders of the Resistance — like CNN’s Jake Tapper and NBC’s Ken Dilanian — are on Twitter pretending to care about some of the damning news coming out of that hearing.

Meanwhile, during the few delayed and carefully screened minutes they’re actually showing from the hearing, CNN’s chyron won’t budge from the most sterile and academic observation they can muster…


Compare that with the kind of colorful and emotionally-charged chyrons they blared during the impeachment hearings, for example (paraphrasing)…


But as anyone who’s paying attention could’ve easily predicted, the corporate media will eventually have to pretend to lament at least some of the sobering revelations about the disgraceful and discrediting behavior of St. James Comey’s FBI with respect to the Trump investigation.

And, offset still by any anti-Trump themes they can simultaneously talk about, that will last for maybe a few hours at the most.

And then they’ll find a way to excuse the earth-shattering injustices asserted by Comey’s clearly partisan FBI, or insist that it’s time to “move on” as a nation.

The corporate media exponentially more than Democrats or “the Deep State” are responsible for everything our nation has been through these past three years, including and especially hobbling us with more disunity and disinformation than Putin and his anti-American ilk could ever dream of inflicting on us.

The media exponentially more than Democrats or “the Deep State” enabled the bad behavior.

The media exponentially more than Democrats or “the Deep State” promoted the bad behavior.

The media exponentially more than Democrats or “the Deep State” celebrated the bad behavior.

And covered for it.

And cultivated it.

And harvested it.

And packaged it so that the vast majority of Americans who tuned in would only get that poisonous fruit as uncritically accepted and dishonestly presented by the media.

The media more than anyone or anything else are responsible for the cringeworthy and easily debunked conspiracy theories that have gripped, ripped and divided much of our nation since late 2016.

But today is one of those uniquely terrible days where rather than being held accountable for it, they get to pretend they’re outraged by it.

And then go right back to doing what they always do: Selecting only stories they think will hurt Trump, characterizing every aspect of those stories in partisan terms that will do the most damage to Trump, putting targets on the backs of anyone who dares to publicly support Trump, and calling anyone who questions their honesty or impartiality a “Russian asset” incapable of competing in a world where high-minded rules like “facts matter” and “words matter” carry such integrity-rich heft.

And all that will be left for those of us who value intellectual honesty and don’t hate President Trump will be a lot of frustration and sniping about how unfair the media are and how dangerous the Democrats, Deep State and their whipping boys in the NeverTrump GOP are.

It’s not the Democrats or even the clearly corrupted “Deep State” we need to worry about. It’s certainly not the impotent NeverTrump wing of the GOP. It’s the media. And it’s worth pointing that out on a day like today when rather than be held accountable for the bad behavior they protected, enabled, celebrated and amplified — they instead get to evade all culpability and pretend however briefly and disingenuously to be just as outraged as you are.

We on the right can and should start doing better when it comes to holding the media accountable.


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