Then: ‘2016 Meddling? Impeach!’ Now: ‘He’s Investigating 2016 Meddling? Impeach!’

I hate writing this piece because I’m convinced that we must stop dignifying the corporate media’s partisan and nefarious determinations about what constitutes “the news,” but this is uniquely galling for the media and I have to say it out loud…

Let’s first define the swamp to make sure we’re on the same page: The swamp is Democrats, establishment Republicans, the politicized wing of the intelligence community, a majority of the “career” bureaucrats and other grifters (consultants, advisers, staffers, etc) who support them all, and the corporate media which serves as the marketing arm for the entire disgusting thing.

Second let’s recall why they all fear Trump so much: It’s because they exist in the swamp as parasites, feeding off We The People who serve as their primary host. And Trump promised to drain their swamp, which would starve most of them out and leave them with nothing. So for the swamp and its many monsters and parasites, stopping Trump isn’t a matter of principle. It’s a matter of survival.

The most powerful element of the swamp is the disgraced corporate media. It wasn’t always like that, but after carrying the Democrats’ water for so long those Democrats have now become anemic laughingstocks wholly incapable of achieving even the smallest of victories without the media doing virtually all the work for them.

But the media, themselves spoiled rotten because they’ve never experienced life outside their bubble, aren’t very good at doing actual work either.

And so you get what we have here today.

For nearly 3 years the media demanded that Trump be discredited, distracted, resisted and ultimately impeached because they said he was corrupt and colluded with the Russians to interfere in the 2016 election.

After that fell flat, they needed a new angle.

And so with the help of some additional swamp parasites — like Alex Vindman who leaked his opinion about a phone call to the alleged “whistleblower” Eric Ciaramella, who then colluded with Adam Schiff and others to make his complaint visible enough for the media to take over and do what they do — a narrative was manufactured that Trump engaged in criminal and/or impeachable behavior stemming from his engagement with Ukraine.

Trump responded by releasing the actual transcript of the call, and he and his defenders went to work telling our side of the story. And that entire time, the media have incessantly cried to each other from the confines of their mildew-coated beltway bubble…

The Republicans and Trump supporters can’t get their story straight. First they say ‘It was a perfect call’ and nothing wrong took place. Then they say ‘Okay a quid pro quo took place but it was no big deal.’ Now they say ‘Trump was right to want Biden and 2016 investigated!’ Their story keeps changing and clearly this time the walls truly are closing in.

Imagine John tells Trina that he loves her. To show his love he buys her roses. Trina isn’t convinced. So John comes back again and gives her chocolate. Trina still isn’t convinced. So next, John comes back with a diamond ring and offers to commit his life to her.

Did John’s story change? Or, rebuffed several times by Trina’s skepticism, was John just trying to reinforce the same point he held from the beginning?

Republican and Trump supporters have one very simple position on this entire thing…

It’s a ridiculous witch hunt and the media pushing it are acting in bad faith for political reasons that all go back to them losing the 2016 election.

That’s our story. It hasn’t and won’t change. That we’re able to provide several elements of evidence for it, or defenses for our belief around it, isn’t “changing our story” or “struggling to defend” or “moving the goal posts.”

We think the call was perfect. We think all negotiations, including those based around foreign policy, rely entirely on quid pro quo (aka “this for that”) discussions. And we think President Trump was right to question Ukraine’s involvement in 2016 election interference, and that Joe Biden being a media darling and Democrat candidate doesn’t absolve him culpability in Ukraine’s history of widespread and well-documented corruption.

The call was perfect.

But after three years of claiming that Trump must be attacked, resisted and ultimately impeached over accusations of corruption and 2016 election interference, they media are now saying he must be attacked, resisted and ultimately impeached because he sought to investigate corruption and 2016 election interference.

Let that sink in.

The best part is, he didn’t ask anyone to manufacture evidence (the way the media did with the Russia collusion hoax). He didn’t ask anyone to lie about their findings, and then promise to promote those findings despite the fact that they were obvious falsehoods (the way the media did with the Russia collusion hoax). He didn’t string together a network of bad actors across media and political machines that spanned the entire globe in order to concoct and then dishonestly push the false narrative (the way the media did with the Russia collusion hoax). If even the worst of the media’s current accusations are true, all he did was ask a taxpayer funded foreign nation to investigate corruption and 2016 election interference.

And here we all are — virtually every conservative media outlet and every Republican and every Trump team member — spending literally all of our time, energy and resources dignifying this insanely ridiculous “fight” that the media/Democrats win just because we’re having the conversation.

We have better things to do. I promise. We really, truly do. But we’re not doing them. Instead we’re playing right into the media’s hand.

So when I said at the beginning of this piece that I hated even writing it, that’s why.


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