Trump Supporters Only Need To Worry About These Two Things

While the corporate media invest all of their time and resources into trying to attack, terrorize and disenfranchise us, the truth is there are only two things Trump supporters really need to be concerned about…

The first is the ugly truth that the corporate media as we know it today will never change. They will never let us win. They will never relent. No matter what the facts are and no matter what revelations surface, they will always do everything they can to promote and defend the left while targeting and attacking the right. That means it’s not enough to merely lament “media bias,” and we must instead find a way to truly recalibrate our focus and more effectively combat the corporate media superpower.

The second is 2024. As it stands now, the establishment / NeverTrump wing of the GOP stands at-the-ready to make sure we never again get a chance to usurp their power. And equally problematic: few if any potential candidates have shown the strength and integrity to resist the powerful, partisan media while steadfastly pursuing our America First and Drain The Swamp agendas.

And that’s it.

If you’re a Trump supporter, don’t let the media or anyone else fool you.

Any other garbage of the day they throw at us lacks any semblance of potency. Whatever “bombshell” they’re hyperventilating about, whatever “unprecedented breach of norms” they’re clutching their pearls over, whatever “clearly impeachable offense” they’re melting down over that this time means for sure “the walls are closing in” on Trump and everyone around him — it’s all laughably hollow and pathetically impotent.

But if you watch it enough (and you should, because you must know your enemy to defeat them), you’re bound to forget that from time to time.

For example — raise your hand if for even a brief moment you thought Stormy Daniels and Michael Avenatti might bring him down.

Many of you will deny it but if we’re being honest, a lot of hands might’ve gone up. Because for a good stretch that was a pretty sensational and seemingly lasting storyline. None of us knew how they might bring him down. But our media’s breathless and uncritical Chads and Stans made it all seem very dire and very durable. Same goes for nearly every twist and turn in the Mueller saga. And every other “bombshell” they’ve thrown at us while convincing each other that this time it really could, and probably will, spell disaster for President Trump.

The sad fact is that if you’re an engaged Trump supporter and you study your opposition (ie, the corporate media), then for a long time you may have been frequently concerned that we’re losing. But after nearly four years of hearing the media and their allegedly reliable sources promise us that we’re witnessing “the beginning of the end for the Trump presidency” — our skin has become impenetrably thick, and we know better than to believe their massively hysterical hype.

Right now it’s the Ukraine phone call and the anemic impeachment inquiry attached to it. Or, even more recently and somehow even more laughably, the “witness intimidation” the media is trying to stitch together because President Trump exercised his right to free speech and did exactly what everyone expected him to do: live-tweeted the impeaching hearings.

But it’s all the same weak, entirely hopeless game plan designed for the media to 1) make themselves feel better thanks to an endless stream of inside-the-beltway confirmation bias, and 2) dilute Trump’s base support while exhausting Independents and Democrats who left the media/Democrat plantation and started supporting Trump.

And while at times it’s effectively disruptive, it will never work to the degree they need.

The swamp parasites (media, Democrats, establishment Republicans, corrupted Deep Staters, etc) will still cry themselves to sleep every night, and Trump will still win 2020 in a crushing landslide and will spend his second glorious term doing exactly what he’s done in his first: Beating the hell out of them with one hand, while keeping his promises with the other.

So we don’t have to worry about any of the stuff the media try so desperately and persistently to terrorize us with.

The only things we truly have to worry about — the only things which truly merit not only our focus and energy, but our concern — are what I mentioned above.

First, the media as we know them today will never change unless we force them to. And that’s a potentially huge problem in part because…

…Second, we don’t have another Donald J. Trump waiting in the wings who has the guts, toughness and battle-tested America First tenacity to actually fight back against the media in an effective way without getting distracted by personal enrichment and/or acceptance from the ruling class of elitist DC snobs.

Those are the two things we need to be talking, thinking and frankly worrying about. Nothing else matters until we address those two items. Trump and the rock-ribbed House and Senate support we afford him, in the meantime, will take care of everything else. And I can hear some of you now: “What about the wall and illegal immigration??” Or “What about resisting globalism??” Or “What about continuing to strengthen our military, not apologizing for putting our country first, negotiating better trade deals on behalf of our workers, and desocializing our entitlement and healthcare systems??” All valid and by all means, stay vigilant and engaged on whatever issues you care about the most. But the truth is, Trump and the congressional support we give him will cover all of that on our behalf. “Okay, but what about the Deep  State and the Horowitz and Durham reports?! Shouldn’t we be working to make sure heads roll and accountability is assured??” Folks, it doesn’t matter if Durham reveals evidence that lands Barack Obama himself in prison for crimes against Trump and our nation. As long as the media exist in their current form, they’ll make sure that’s a 1-2 week story at best and then go right back to doing what they always do: promoting the left while attacking the right. I’m telling you…nothing that we’re focused on really matters all that much, except defeating the media and getting ahead of 2024 before the grifting NeverTrump forces beat us to it.

So right now we just have to show up to vote in 2020 thus ensuring he gets that second term with plenty of House and Senate support. And after that we have about 2 years to start bubbling up candidates to take the helm in 2024 before Mitt Romney and Jonah Goldberg decide for us. And we have about 2 years to further weaken and expose the media every chance we get in the run-up to that 2024 election.

So that’s it. That’s all I wanted to say. Do not worry about all the garbage the media want us to worry about. But do be thinking about those two important and inevitable elements that lie ahead of us. And having already spent a good chunk of time thinking about both of them, in closing, I’ll invite you to check out some of my preliminary thoughts/ideas below and share your own thoughts/feedback along the way in the comments or on social media. (By the way: I don’t advertise here or make any money off this, so it’s not about “clicks” for me. Any ads you see on these pages belong to WordPress, not me. I have a day job where I earn my living and since it only costs me about $30/yr to keep this website running, I’m happy to pick that cost up myself. I’m here because, like you, I care about this stuff. And I don’t make a penny off it. So click away. It’s not a ploy! And these really are the only two things we need to worry about, and should be putting our energy toward.)


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  1. No. 1 – Turn off the corporate “Lame-Stream Media” and turn to sources such as Whatfinger. We must be very selective and use the Left’s tactics against them – BOYCOTT!

    No. 2 – VOTE THEM OUT NOW! Flush out the RINOs and get rid of them ASAP.

    Problems solved.


  2. The communist agenda, with Soros at the helm has been marching forward relentlessly since Trump took office. Trump is merely a minor setback in the longer game. This IS a communist takeover, and “WE” better get seriously ready to take matters into our own hands, because they will NOT stop until they have fully implemented a communist world government. Anyone denying this today, is not simply uninformed, they ARE the enemy. The founders put in place the 2nd amendment for a day they dead would come. That day is today. Peaceful options cease to exist. The establishment has allowed this behavior to the point where it has become a “justified entitlement” and reversing it will take bloodshed. The proper way to address it is to make sure that the bloodshed is of those responsible, not their useful idiots. Anyone who suffers a lost loved one because of the insane policies of those in charge, should eliminate those in charge.


  3. You say the media has thick skin, but President Trump has stayed the course, and has not in any way screwed his voters. President Trump has amazing stamina, and does not crumble like the media attempts to make him do. President Trump has stood by his voters without wobbling while under continual attack from the lying, leftist media. The media has far surpassed their ‘permission,’ to lie to the public during elections. They are evil globalists who have zero heart for these United States. They are serving those who couldn’t give a crap about this nation. The so called supreme court/Roberts own all the lies that have been permitted, when truth is what matters most. Their decision must be overturned.


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