The Dishonest & Destructive Corporate Media Will Be Punished

I have to start with the critical point I’ve been hammering home for months now: The modern Democrat party is a bad joke that would cease to exist entirely if not for the unwavering support of the massively powerful corporate media.

I’ve written about this at length and landed on several important conclusions…

1). First, if you couple these two points — that the media is the Democrat party’s marketing arm, and the media decide what we talk about and how those conversations are characterized — it becomes hard to take “the news” seriously anymore. As evidence I’d point to the sad fact that we spent 3 years dignifying a discussion about whether or not the duly-elected President of the United States was in reality a Russian spy, and we’re about to spend the next 6-12 months dignifying a conversation about whether or not he should be impeached over the opinions of people you never heard of who are presenting hearsay testimony with respect to a phone call we’ve all already read the transcript of. (Read more about that here.)

2). Second, the media as it exists today will never stop being dishonest, partisan hacks. Even if an actual video surfaces of Obama, Biden Comey, Clapper, Brennan and the heads of every major media outlet sitting around table admitting they want to overturn the 2016 election by framing Trump for crimes he didn’t commit — our media today would spend a week or two at the most pretending to be outraged, and then they’d elevate to Sainthood a new crop of Democrats and swamp monsters, and go back to doing the exact same thing they’re doing now: focusing solely on stories that help Democrats and hurt Republicans, while characterizing the reporting around those stories in ways that reinforce their flagrantly partisan endeavors. (Read more about that here.)

3). Third and finally, the biggest story of our time isn’t Russian interference or Ukrainian phone calls or Trump condemning racists in Charlottesville even though the media worked hard to convince our nation that he didn’t. The biggest story of our time isn’t anything the media has spent Trump’s entire presidency breathlessly hyperventilating over. The biggest story of our time is that the media is so easily getting away with their shameless, divisive, destructive, and dishonest hate and fear-mongering all under the guise of impartiality and a laughably disproven pursuit for holding the powerful to account. Everyone on the right should be focused like a laser on that. Stop chasing their narratives. Stop playing their game. Stop fueling their engine by dignifying the ridiculous “news” they want us all focused on and talking about. Make the media themselves the story, all day, every day, at every turn. (Read more about that here.)

We all know they’re biased, and that bias has become even more glaring ever since Trump promised to drain the swamp wherein they live as parasites feeding off their Democrat, NeverTrump, and Deep State hosts. But too few of us realize that every story which consumes us, every narrative we spend days or weeks or months or years focusing on, it’s all fruit of the same poisonous media/Democrat tree.

They literally write the headlines.

They decide what we’re talking about.

So even if we sometimes feel good about “winning” those conversations, the sad reality is that we’re still doing exactly what the media wants us to do.

You and I might really want to talk about rocket science. But the media wants to talk about basic arithmetic. And they come out swinging, insisting that 1+1 = 5. And every headline they write makes the same ridiculous claim. And after several months of discussion, we either win the debate or the public tunes out and nobody cares. (Or, as is the case with increasing frequency: we win the debate and the public immediately tunes out because the media make sure to turn the page that quickly.) But the fact is, we still never got to say a single word about rocket science. We just lost weeks or months or years proving a stupid point that we all knew was stupid on day one. Why? Because we failed to recognize what the media was doing, and we failed to resist their efforts to do it. And now that that conversation is over, the media just rinse and repeat. There’s no chance in hell they’ll admit they were wrong. And there’s no chance in hell they’ll let us talk about rocket science. Instead, the next conversation (trap) will revolve around another ridiculous claim. Like, for example, 1+2 = 5.

And if history is the guide, we’ll again fall right into that trap and spend the next several weeks or months or years having that stupid conversation.

And I’m furious about it. I’m furious watching my friends at The Daily Wire, The Daily Caller, The Federalist,, Fox News, National Review, Newsmax, The Washington Examiner and others fall into these traps. I’m furious watching our country be torn apart by partisan hacks in the media who squee with delight at what they actively hope will be our tortured existence as they put targets on our backs while enabling and inspiring those who wish to do us harm.

And simply “winning” in 2020 or beyond that isn’t enough. Watching them fail and all have to learn how to code isn’t nearly enough. They’ve spent years now insisting that anyone who supports President Trump is either a racist or an idiot or both. They’ve spent years putting targets on our backs while enabling and inspiring the violent modern day left who believe physically assaulting us is their moral duty. The media, in service to their leftist ideals, have spent decades shackling Americans who happen to be black and illegal immigrants who happen to be brown with manufactured grievance that serves only to crush individual liberty while exacerbating disunity, disparity, hatred and fear.

It’s really bad stuff.

Still, I can’t sit here and write that I want to see Resistance Jake Tapper, NeverTrump Chuck Todd, Bad Faith Brooke Baldwin or Sour Don Lemon personally and dramatically suffer for what they’ve done. I can’t sit here and say that they, along with the rest of the corporate media, should have to pay a personal price for the division, disparity and destruction they’ve foist on our nation under the guise of impartiality and in service to the swamp they all depend on. But they absolutely will be punished for what they’ve done and are doing. And I know with total certainty that I won’t lose a wink of sleep when we unapologetically crush them and their hopes and dreams in 2020, or when their outlets continue to topple like dominoes, or when their peers are fired by the hundreds or even thousands, and when the history books record them as being not only the foremost cause for the collapse of the now-disgraced Fourth Estate but also the greatest blights on progress and unity that our nation today would ever face.

They deserve that pain today, and that place in history tomorrow. And they’ll absolutely get both.


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  1. They have likely already lost for a reason that is in plain sight but is unmentionable. The dems only exist as a national party because of block voting by urban blacks. Romney started out the 2012 election night down 17 million votes by default. If Trump takes 20% of the black vote he will carry 40 states and consign the democrats to their coastal and campus enclave. They will never win another national election.


  2. The msm has been the engine of violence and the fountianhead of hate in this nation for decades and if we are to ever again have a free press we must start pulling our airwaves and licenses and award these most valuable franchises on Earth to people who are responsible to ALL Americans not just the far left lunatic fringe. But MOST OF ALL WE MUST PROSECUTE THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS OF THESE COMPANIES!!!


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