The Media Is An Abusive Spouse That Manipulates & Batters Its Democrat Base Girlfriend

The relationship between the media and Democrat base has become an abusive one, with one side constantly lying to, manipulating and ultimately tormenting the desperately needy other.

The mainstream media in America has been living in sin with the Democrat base for several decades, and has recently become undeniably abusive as they manipulate and prey upon their vulnerable and trusting partner.

The Democrat base lies in bed, night after night, wondering and waiting and worrying about what will come next. They are thoroughly convinced that their lover, the media, has their best interests in mind and will make things right for them. The anxious and endless questions remain: when and how?

They’re thoroughly convinced that their lover, the media, is honest with them.

They’re thoroughly convinced that their lover, the media, is committed to a healthy and strong, mutually-rewarding relationship.

But contrary to their deluded hopes and dreams, the Democrat base — committed to their love affair with the media and unable to end the relationship — is being led astray, used, exploited, tormented, manipulated and psychologically battered.


After years of auditing and documenting flagrant media bias by outlets that claim to be impartial (NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, NYT, WaPo, the Jeanne Cummings wing of the Wall Street Journal, Associated Press, etc), I landed on an important perspective that’s always been there but took some time to see clearly…

The mainstream media lies about the right to make us look bad, while lying to the left to make them feel good.

If you check out any major media vehicle with the exception of AM talk radio and a few voices on Fox News, all of their reporting and packaging will be designed to do just that: make the right look bad, and make the left feel good.

Some of it’s subtle while other times it’s glaring, but that’s always the formula.

And as I watch the media yet again fall all over themselves promising their girlfriend, the Democrat base, that this time they mean it and will make all their hopes and dreams come true by undoing the results of the 2016 election — I can’t help but notice the unrelenting abuse and beating the girlfriend in this relationship is taking.

These people honestly believed the media when they were told that President Trump is actually a Russian spy who worked with Vladimir Putin to steal the 2016 election.

They legitimately believed that Stormy Daniels and her dirtbag, ambulance chaser attorney were going to get Trump removed from office.

They were truly bought into the idea that if they just lie about Trump enough then the entire nation will fall in line and he’ll run from the White House as fast as he can with his tail between his legs, unable to any longer withstand the shame and embarrassment that the media promised their base was being heaped on him.

They truly thought that thanks to Stephen Colbert, Seth Myers, the unfunny team at Saturday Night Live and enough tough talk from Robert “I’ve Never Been In A Fight That Wasn’t Choreographed” DeNiro, they were winning and everyone would come around to their way of fascist, regressive, intolerant do-baddery.

And now they’re convinced that the innocuous phone call we’ve all read word-for-word will be enough to impeach President Trump once a few randos who heard the phone call, or at least heard about it from other randos, can share their entirely inconsequential opinions about it.


When you really stop to think about it, it’s one of the saddest and most sadistic relationships you’ll ever lay eyes on.

These people, the Democrat base, are desperate for some kind of hope. Many of them haven’t left their shame closets and crying corners since November 2016. Others remain huddled in crisis support circles at non-religious pseudo churches where they call upon the Goddess Of Harvest Lunar’s Autumn Crystal Gratitude Feast to spare them the torture any longer. Still many others have begun responding to free speech with violence (e.g. attacking anyone in a MAGA hat), dragging themselves down with such personally ugly hatred and toxicity that they’re mere shadows of their once-somewhat-grounded former selves.

They are collectively a singular, enormous disaster. They’re a wreck. And the media is just stringing them along, day after day, with manufactured controversy after manufactured controversy, making promises they can’t keep spurred by efforts that only cement their long-running losing streak.

Because not only will Trump win in 2020, but he’ll win by an exceedingly larger margin than he did in 2016.

And because I have a brain and it works, I know better than to trust what the media’s precious polls say. As noted previously, the media have spent a solid 4 years insisting that anyone who supports Trump is either a racist or an idiot — so it doesn’t surprise me at all that people may not excitedly broadcast their support to pollsters or anyone else.

But the media have also spent 4 solid years lying to their base (Democrats, socialists, progressives, SJWs, communists, liberals, etc) about how great things are in their world and how bad things are for Trump and his supporters — and it’s just a little sad to watch at this point. Few if any of the Democrat base are even aware of this. I’d like to think many are waking up, but it’s just not likely. So when President Trump isn’t impeached, and does win 2020 in a crushing landslide that stretches down ballot and hands the GOP majorities in both congressional chambers, the scene between the media and their badly-beaten spouse will be a shocking and bloody one to witness.

If they hadn’t both worked so hard to lie about and attack me (physically and otherwise) along with anyone else who supports President Trump, I might even have a hard time enjoying the view as it plays out. But that’s just not the world we live in.

So here I sit, watching the smarmy media abuse their Democrat base girlfriend, while feeling only marginally bad about loving every minute of it. Maybe someday they’ll know what a healthy relationship with the truth, and reality, looks and feels like. But clearly that time won’t come any time soon, and it’s all because they’re dating the manipulative dirtbags in the media who couldn’t care less about lying to and hurting them.


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