Debunking The Media’s Latest Lie With A Story Everybody Can Relate To

Let’s play a fun game.

Pretend I told the world you violently attacked me while I was walking down the street. I said you kicked and punched me until I was beaten bloody and unconscious, then you laughed and spit on me and walked away.

The media, without evidence, uncritically accepts my version of events and the whole world accuses you of being a terrible person.

Then you release a video that shows the day in question.

In the video I’m seen walking down the street. Then you approach me, we chat for a bit, shake hands, and go our separate ways.

You’re in the clear, right?


Rather than embrace the clearly exculpatory evidence you provided, the media instead try to convince audiences that the handshake was actually a violent act of aggression on your part. They trot out dozens of allegedly impartial journalists, reporters, “experts” and analysts who all say the same thing…

Don’t be fooled. What you just witnessed wasn’t a friendly chat and a handshake. It was a violent assault after which the bloodied victim was spit upon before his aggressor heartlessly steps over his lifeless body and continues down the street as if nothing happened.

That’s the media’s story and they’re sticking to it, rock-solid evidence to the contrary be damned.

And then the media spend the next 6-12 months pretending there is no videotape. And they trot out a string of people who said they witnessed the event and agree with everything I claim happened: You attacked me, beat me unconscious, then spit on me and walked away.

Can you imagine how crazy, hilarious, pathetic…but still eventually dangerous that entire clown show would look and feel like?

If so — you just imagined exactly what’s happening with the media and Democrats’ “investigation” into  President Trump’s phone call with the Ukrainian President.

The transcript is already released. (You can read it here.) And it doesn’t show anything close to what they originally claimed. But they’re pretending it’s not released and instead trotting out “witnesses” who they apparently already had lined up to tell their dishonest side of the story.

It’s me telling everyone you attacked me, you releasing a video showing that’s a lie, then the media ignoring the actual video and instead relying on “witnesses” who say they watched it all happen and agree that you violently attacked me.

It’s fantastically insane that they can get away with it but here they are trying their best to do just that.

Needless to say, it won’t work. And Trump will 2020 in a landslide. And all the idiot Trump haters who honestly take this stuff seriously will just cry that much harder into their pillows when yet another “bombshell” proves to be nothing more than a lie meant to have made them feel a little better about all the losing they have and will continue to endure.

Fun Fact About The Image For This Post

It’s a screenshot from a psychotic anti-Trump media follower who literally sat screaming at the sky while President Trump was being inaugurated. Below is the actual video.


Author’s Note

I’ve basically stopped writing about one-off stories like this one because I hate the fact that we actually play the media’s game. There’s simply no reason on God’s green earth that our nation should’ve spent 3 years speculating that President Trump is actually a Russian spy. And there’s no reason on God’s green earth that we should spend the next 6-12 months focused on this phone call with Ukraine’s President Zelensky, and an alleged blackmail or shakedown that occurred during it despite immediately available evidence to the contrary. But that’s exactly what we’re going to do. And do you know why? It’s because the corporate media — who are parasites in the swamp that Trump promised to drain — want us to talk about that. I think we on the right, from well-amplified conservative media voices to those of us in the grassroots, should stop focusing on these things and instead turn all of our ferocity and firepower on the media who push this stuff. We should stop pretending that the feckless and psychotic Democrat party would even still exist, if not for the support they get from the massively powerful media. But I needed to do this piece because I felt there needed to be something simple out there explaining what’s really happening, hopefully in terms just about anyone can understand, even if they don’t follow all the news super closely.

The pieces I’m linking in the “RELATED” section below, however, are more in line with what I’ve been focused on lately. Please take a look at one or some of those. Thanks as always for dropping by. As noted in the past, I don’t advertise or make a dime off any of this. (Any ads you see belong to WordPress, not me.) And I don’t have a “patreon” or other account where I’m begging readers to fund me. I have a day job where I make my living. I do this stuff simply because it’s important to me, just like it is to most of you.


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