Cold, Hard Truth: Today’s Media Will Never Let The Right Win, No Matter What

Conservatives and Trump supporters are kidding themselves if they think the media will let any damage come to the Democrats and Left.

I’ll put this as plainly as possible…

No matter how nefarious or evil the behavior is, there isn’t a single chance on God’s green earth that the media will let the Democrats and/or Left pay any meaningful price for any transgression they’re caught doing.

No matter what Barr finds, and no matter what Durham proves — they could bubble up a crystal clear video of Obama, Comey, Clapper, Brennan and a bunch of big wigs from the media all sitting around a room going over every detail of how they want to lie to the American people and frame Donald Trump for crimes he didn’t commit — it could all be on video, plain as day — and the media will make sure the story doesn’t stay in the headlines for more than a few weeks.

And then, after a few weeks, the media will collectively land right about here…

Look, it’s shameful what happened. So many Americans were so let down by the bad actions of people and institutions they had so much faith in. Leaders like former President Barack Obama, who is now awaiting sentencing for his crimes. Heads of our incredibly powerful spy agencies like Jim Comey and John Brennan, who also await well-deserved sentencing for their despicable crimes. These people betrayed our trust, and they betrayed our nation. But we must not…good, patriotic, honest Americans cannot…ignore the difficult position many of these people found themselves in. And we’re not excusing their behavior because there is no excuse for it. But when you’re trying to fight racism and hatred, and you love something — like America — so much that you’ll do anything to protect it, you might not be the only bad actor on the stage. And many Americans still believe, based on his own words and actions, that we still have a President who is a racist and who has openly asked for help from our enemies to meddle in our free and fair elections. The point is, it’s never a “one side” problem. There are always two sides to every story. And at some point we as a nation have to heal and move on from ugly chapters like this one. And having said that, here’s a brand new cast of Democrat characters and deep state operatives that we in the media will now elevate to exactly the same Saintly posture that we created for Obama and Brennan and the rest — and we’ll go right back to what we were doing before: Characterizing every piece of news, all day, every day, in a way that promotes the Left while attacking the Right.

And that’ll be the end of it.

It doesn’t matter what we find out about Obama and Biden and Comey and Brennan and Clapper and the rest.

It doesn’t matter how bad it is.

It doesn’t matter how glaring the evidence is.

The media will make absolutely certain that it’s a short-lived story, and then they’ll go back to supporting and enabling more of the same bad actors on the Left.

Does anyone honestly think that if Barr and/or Durham reveal the most awful, anti-American wrongdoings by Obama and his crew that the media will change their behavior?

I mean do you honestly believe that?

I hope not.

So then ask yourself, “What comes next?”

And that’s the really unfortunate part.

We can get our win. We can get our scalps. We can get our justice. But before we even get to sit back for one minute and feel good about being vindicated, the media will be right back to putting us on perpetual defense while promoting and enabling those who socially and politically oppose us.

Nothing will change.

At this point in our nation’s history, thanks to power and partisanship and influence of the mainstream media, we could watch the greatest political scandal in history unfold right before our eyes, laid to bare squarely at the feet of the Democrat party, and the media would make sure within a month we’d be right back to the same script: they, under the guise of impartiality and blanket of protections intended for a free press, slowly but steadily do the social and cultural bidding of the political left while we bang our heads against the wall begging them to stop being so partisan. And they call us crazy for it and we fail to mount any meaningful offense to actually change anything.

It’s not only wrong but in fact stupid to expect otherwise.

That’s why we need a total sea-change shift in focus. That’s why we need several of the most powerful conservative media organizations to reshape their business models so rather than responding to all the b.s. stories the mainstream media want our nation focused on — we’re instead focused exclusively on the media itself and their role in keeping our nation distracted, divided and misinformed.

I laid out a blueprint for what that model might look like in a previous piece. You can get a look at that model by clicking here. And for what it’s worth, I don’t advertise on this site or anywhere else. (Any ads you see here belong to WordPress. Not me.) I have a day job that has nothing to do with politics, and that’s where I make my living. I don’t make a penny off this. It’s not about getting clicks for me. It’s not about traffic. I’m here solely because I care about this stuff. I’ve written every word at this website and I’ve done it predicated solely on 1) a passion for Liberty, 2) an aversion to identity-based disparity and disunity, and 3) a keen radar for the forces who diminish #1 while perpetuating #2.

And it’s that focus and radar that continue driving me now. And I promise you, the media have earned all of our ferocity and focus. And the Democrats — feckless and toothless and worthless as they would be without the media — deserve none of it.


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  1. Republicans are comatose because all they want to do is reap the benefits of their office. Only a very few are willing to fight the Democrats even though they are tearing the country apart. Time to really vote out the RINOs and get real representation. If we don’t we are doomed.


  2. I’m one of millions of Trump supporters waiting for any legal charges to br brought against those we’ve been told conspired to damage Trump and our current administration. We wait, and see nothing. Either there wasn’t any illegal activity of Trump and the Republicans are content to play an election game rather than an effort to clean out the Deep State politicians we’ve been told exist. No indictments and I’m dropping out.


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