Conservative Media Has Become MSM’s Most Useful Idiot

One difference between the NeverTrump right and conservative media is that the NeverTrump right at least knows they’re the mainstream media’s whipping boy. Conservative media, well-intended and integrity-rich as so many among them may be, are completely unaware of how much they help the mainstream media amplify a preferred dialogue and cultivate a preferred narrative.

While some are exponentially better than others — Byron York, Mollie Hemingway, Derek Hunter, Michelle Malkin, and to an angrier and grittier degree, John Nolte (to name a few) — the vast majority eagerly await each new marching order from the mainstream media with respect to the direction the national conversation should go.

The barrage of hit pieces, election meddling, and culture wars manufactured by the mainstream media are never the true stories of our time.

That the partisan and overtly political mainstream media makes decisions for our nation about which stories are elevated and how they’re perceived by our largely recreationally-engaged electorate, is the only story that truly matters.

And it’s been that way for decades.

And because virtually no one on the right of any meaningful import seems to understand this, it will likely remain that way for many decades to come.

Every time the mainstream media puts out another one of its ridiculous conspiracy theories and conservative media responds by clamoring to get in on the action with their own version of events, they are doing the MSM’s bidding. They are dignifying the laughably corrupt narrative that the media want our nation to focus on.

Donald Trump is not a Russian spy. But because conservative media dignified accusations to the contrary, our entire nation spent 3 years fixated on the possible veracity of those accusations. Had we responded in a smarter, more thoughtful, more important and more honest way (ie, rejecting the premise wholesale and focusing instead solely on the media who were pushing it) — then Mueller or no Mueller, the story would’ve never gained the gravity it ultimately did.

A sitting United States President is allowed to ask foreign powers for help rooting out corruption, and to assist ongoing U.S. investigations with respect to meddling in our elections or anything else on the docket. But because conservative media is dignifying accusations to the contrary, our entire nation will likely spend the next year fixated on those otherwise laughable accusations.

It’s not the Democrats.

It’s not the Russians.

It’s not bad actors like Comey, Brennan and Clapper.

It’s not any of these dishonest, desperate, and largely-defeated America haters who do the most damage.

It’s the incredibly powerful mainstream media who invest all of their dead-serious time and energy into making the dishonest policy pursuits and insane conspiracy theories seem palatable. That’s who we should be focused on. That’s what we should be focused on. We should stop chasing the shiny objects. We should stop lending credence to the stories and narratives that the media — the swamp’s propaganda arm — want us focused on.

If we did that, then maybe people like Senator Ron Johnson would be armed with something more effective than raw outrage when he shows up on NBC News to pick a fight with Chuck Todd.

Maybe he and others would be better prepared to articulate the media’s role in keeping our nation divided, distracted, and ill-informed.

But we simply aren’t there because conservative media continue playing the mainstream media’s game. And it’s not because the people who comprise conservative media are stupid, or corrupt, or insincere. They simply have not yet woken up to the reality about how strong the mainstream media is, how weak the Democrat party would be without them, and how critical that intersectionality is when it comes to reshaping how national conversations manifest, and also capitalizing on a real opportunity (thanks to President Trump) to start winning culturally, socially, politically and legislatively.

They should read three pieces to get started…

To Defeat The Media, Stop Playing Their Game

Convincing The Trump Train’s Dead Weight To Start Fueling It

Critics Of Media Bias Must Get Better At Defining & Exposing It

And for any who have read those pieces, please start acting on them. Otherwise we’ll just keep getting pummeled by the mainstream media who couldn’t care less about who’s right or who’s wrong. Because as long as you’re covering the stories they want our nation talking about, they’re winning.

They are the story.

That is the story.

Stop chasing their shiny objects and wagging your finger at them about this article or that correction, and start making them and their bias the story.

Ignore everything else.

The media is the story. And it’s high time you in conservative media got better at telling it.

NOTE: The people at Newsbusters are halfwits. Those in their leadership who aren’t NeverTrump’rs, are themselves MSM acolytes who defend their big media brethren with far more passion than they attack them. And don’t get me started on that Curtis Houck dolt. I don’t know who his mommy or daddy is that he got the job he has there, but I’ve seen people at the very bottom rankings of comments sections with far more efficacy, wit and firepower than Curtis has. So please spare me the “Newsbusters does this!’ feedback. I’m sick of hearing it. They’re a joke and not nearly strong or smart enough to do what I’m proposing.


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