Top Two Reasons Trump Won’t Be Impeached — Stop Playing Media’s Game!

Even the loudest voices calling for impeachment know they’re wildly overplaying their hand, that President Trump will not get impeached, that his supporters will chalk up yet another boring win, and that everyone will pretend none of this happened once it’s all over.

But that doesn’t mean we still won’t be forced to spend the next 6-12 months hearing about it and pretending it’s a legitimate battle.

So just to get on paper what most of us already know to be true, below are the two most obvious reasons the media will lose this battle and President Trump won’t be impeached.

He Did Nothing Wrong

First and most obviously, he did absolutely nothing wrong. The media want you to believe that…

It’s wrong to ask a taxpayer-funded foreign nation for assurances that they’re not rife with corruption

It’s wrong for a US politician to explore potential transgressions by another US politician

It’s wrong for US politicians to defend themselves against attacks on their credibility

Obviously, none of those are in any way wrong. But the media is pretending — just for President Trump, mind you — that each one is a flagrantly impeachable offense.

And just like the media did with the Mueller report, once they realized there was no collusion (ie, the phone call was perfectly innocent) they swiftly moved straight to obstruction (ie, how the phone call was classified by the White House).

And that’s it.

That’s why Anderson Cooper and Resistance Jake Tapper are breathlessly co-hosting a nightly special on CNN with “WHITE HOUSE IN CRISIS” splashed across the screen every 9 seconds.

That’s why every top trend on Twitter for foreseeable future will be tied to whatever the “breaking news” of the day is related to this laughable story.

That’s the media’s entire laundry list of supposedly terrible, awful, evil things that justify their collective panic attack over the fact that President Trump did those things and is still in office. And it’s a pathetic list that will never in a million years lead to impeachment or anything even remotely close to it.

The Media Has No Credibility

The second reason President Trump won’t be impeached is that those most responsible for making the allegations and pursuing impeachment, have zero credibility.

I’m speaking of course about the media.

The only people who still trust the media are die-hard liberals, and even most of them do so with several grains of salt. Conservatives have known for decades that the media persistently lie about us to make us look bad. Liberals are starting to wake up to the fact that the media lie to them to make them feel good. And after the media’s years-long promise that the president is actually a Russian spy was revealed to be nothing more than a badly-contrived conspiracy theory, many of the useful idiots in the media’s liberal base became a little less idiotic.

Not much less, mind you.

But enough that fewer of them are falling for this equally flimsy and desperate accusation.

Additionally, as was the case with the media’s last pathetic effort to destroy President Trump and disenfranchise any voters who dare support him, only a small section of mentally ill people truly believe the media’s story. Virtually everyone else, including the media themselves, are only pretending to be outraged and thus justified in what promises to be yet another colossal waste of time and resources.

Not Tired Of Winning, But Doing It On The Media’s Terms Is Getting Boring

And for any Trump supporters who didn’t already know these things, let me assure you in no uncertain terms that 1) President Trump will not be impeached, and 2) he will be decisively re-elected in 2020 for another glorious four years.

While the media would love for one of their plots against our country to actually work, all they truly expect from this is 6-12 months of negative headlines meant to exhaust voters and dilute President Trump’s support.

That’s their objective.

They don’t actually believe what they’re saying, nor do they believe they’ll win the battle and get him impeached. They simply want to exhaust Independents, disenfranchise Republicans, and motivate Democrats.

No foreign government today could possibly meddle in our elections with the diligence, bad faith, and efficacy of our own political news media. This is why I’ve recently shifted my thinking and no longer dignify the false suggestion that the Democrat Party is any kind of meaningful threat. They’re not. Nor is the “Deep State” which, while absolutely real, is in its anti-Trump form as big a joke as are the Democrats.

Without the media’s support nobody in a million years would take these allegations seriously. But because the media want our nation talking about this and only this, it is and will indefinitely remain all anyone is talking about.

It’s all the media is talking about. It’s all Democrats are talking about. It’s all Republicans are talking about. It’s all conservative media is talking about. And it’s all that activists on both sides in the grassroots are talking about.

Nancy Pelosi didn’t do that.

The “whistleblower” didn’t do that.

President Trump didn’t do it.

The media are responsible for this. The employees at NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Jeanne Cummings wing of the Wall Street Journal, the Associated Press, etc — they’re the reason this entirely quadriplegic story is presented and treated as though it has both arms and legs.

And rather than fuel that fire and help them salt this nothingburger, I’d love to see all grassroots Trump supporters and good faith conservative media completely ignore the story.

Stop playing the media’s game.

Stop dancing to their beat.

Stop banging your head against the wall furiously trying to convince them that the sky is blue.

Just stop.

Don’t be party to it anymore.

And focus instead not on the Democrats, or the useless grifters on the NeverTrump right — but exclusively on the media who are solely responsible for that otherwise toothless group of delinquents having any power or influence at all over our national dialogue and the narrative attached to it.

Let’s focus our fire where it matters. We don’t need to combat this current story because it’s entirely stupid and nobody actually thinks it will lead to impeachment. They just want us talking about it. And thanks to the partisan and dishonest media, that’s all anyone is doing.


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  1. An eloquent description of endless nothing burgers perpetrated by either an army of extremely ignorant or hopelessly corrupt reporters and pundits.


  2. Well…I’ve changed my mind on impeachment and would support it if Republican Senators would in fact process the impeachment as they should.

    The Senate gets to Try the President. They have the opportunity and duty to call any and all witnessed they want. No one gets a pass. They show and either testify or opt out by leaning on Article 5.


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